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CodeTrigger Code Generator (C#, WCF, WPF, MVC, SQL) for Visual Studio 2013-2017


CodeTrigger - Code Generation (C#, WCF, WPF, MVC, RestApi, WebApi, SQL) for Visual Studio 2013-2017, Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect, and SQL Server/Oracle/MySQL

3.5 Star
Visual Studio
2017, 2015, 2013
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5 Star
by Mattias Modin | November 04 2016

Whats best practice for remove a collection of objects in CodeTrigger? var uSticks = BOParticipantsSticks.ParticipantsSticksCollection().Where(s => s.StickId == cid);

Exotechnic Corporation November 04 2016
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Hi, see response in tech forum:

1 Star
by ndskim | October 30 2016

Uninstall CodeTrigger from Visual Studio 2015.

I had version installed on VS 1025 with Update3.
Attempted multiple times to in-install but fails.
Any suggestions?

Exotechnic Corporation October 31 2016
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Hi, Thank you for your review. I understand the support department are waiting to hear from you regarding the exact details of your issue. Im sure they are eager to work with you, given the chance, to establish whats happened with your installation, and find a solution, Best regards

1 Star
by Clinton Uys | October 07 2016

This is a great product , it generates readable good clean code , however my low rating is because of the following :
1) I am a valid licence holder.
2) You get 2 installs and that's it.
3) The licences are not transferable so if you lose a hard drive etc , you need to repurchase the software. This is ridiculous because thousands of other products also allow you a limited number of activation , however all of them allow you to deactivate licences to install on another machine or when reloading for example Resharper

It is sad that a company that produces good software like this has such a poor licencing model. this has resulted in me starting to look for alternatives such as Codesmith which is not as good but at least you can use it if your machine crashes. I wont be supporting this product any longer unless this changes.

Exotechnic Corporation October 07 2016
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Hi, thank your for your review. Sorry for your negative experience. I've looked into your complaint and our records say your issue was resolved, please contact support if not. The licensing policy is in-line with the price model, and our website has been updated to make this as clear as possible. We are always happy to help so I'm sorry we couldn't do more for you on this particular issue.

1 Star
by brand456 | May 29 2016

Not sure what this does but since I was looking for a code generation tool I tried to check this out. Nope, can't even download. You're redirected to a website and asked to register and then wait for approval. Don't bother.

Exotechnic Corporation June 01 2016
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Hi, yes you are right, you do need to provide a valid/real email address so we can send you a download link. We do try to make this clear on the details page. Once you've downloaded the software, you can easily delete your details at any time if you wish. Sorry for the inconvenience.

5 Star
by SergheiKa | May 03 2016

It is very useful application. Saved me a year of development in one big project in the past.
I'm using it for all of my new projects. I recommend it to all of you.

5 Star
by Raymondo68 | January 28 2016

First class piece of software saved me hours and hours of coding :-) Thanks you

5 Star
by Christer Ekstrom | September 24 2015

I'm currently using CodeTrigger in a Visual Studio 2013, C#, NET 4.0 solution
containing Windows Forms, several WCF Services and SQL Server 2014 database.

The access layer in WCF and SQL are generated by CodeTrigger in a few seconds.

CodeTrigger is very easy to use and does a perfect job.
You do not need to write a single line of code.

/Christer Ekström, developer at CGI, Sweden

5 Star
by fatgeordie | August 06 2015

We have just bought a second licence for this product and upgraded to the latest version.

We've been using it for a couple of years in VS2010 with SQL Server 2008 databases. It's now in use on several projects. We've used it with WinForms and WPF. The applications are all Windows Desktop applications, for a cleaning company, an engineering company, a shop, and ourselves. CodeTrigger is now our standard tool and we wouldn't dream of developing without it.

The product is really easy to use. It integrates well with VS2010 and has been pretty much trouble-free. We would happily recommend it. The "Code only" approach is a great help.

We have found Views to be useful in keeping down the number of queries.

Being a bit dim I had problems getting the CT code to connect to different databases in dev, test and live. I created a local class to override the AppSettingsReader class - works for me.

The nearest I have to a gripe is as follows: when regenerating a project for for a database with a large number of tables, it can be a bit slow to build lists in the UI.

5 Star
by peachyjumpy | July 02 2015

This is a great software that saves a lot of time on specific tasks. I use Visual Studio 2012 with a SQL Server 2008 R2 database. I am developing a web application, wich consumes several webservices, plus i need to save the data from those webservices into the database. I create the database tables using the wsdl file for the webservice, from then on, i can create several objects in my application with codeTrigger, like class objects, stored procedures with parametricized calls, the stored procedures itself, etc. I only concentrate myself on the UI, and some business logic. Also, making changes was tyresome, but now it just takes minutes. From 2-3 days before, now I can have a fully functional webpage in just 1 day.

5 Star
by Fjavimad | August 21 2014

I use:

Visual Studio 2014 Ultimate
SQL Server and MySQL
WebForms and ASP.Net

I'm working in .NET since 2002.
One of the main goals for me is find the perfect data layer generator,
without depend of waste ORM or expensive tools (and how get it not only for SQL Server,
also for MySQL and .NET)

Javier M.

1 Star
by a1099 | November 04 2013

Download appears to require completion of product registration form for 7-day trial.

Exotechnic Corporation November 25 2013
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You need to spend a few seconds to fill in your details, so we can send you the login link to your free copy of CodeTrigger. Sorry for any inconvenience.

5 Star
by Phil Jasper | January 30 2013

nice bit of kit for generating c# sql, mysql and pl-sql. integrates nicely in VS2010 and in VS2012 as well. UI is sweet. Where else would you find a code generator that can cope with multiple data sources in a single project?? Its probably not a common requirement but we had to source data from an Oracle database and a Microsoft Sql Server db simultaneously in a single project with a single front end and this is the only code gen that coped without blinking.

We used it to generate PLSQL packages (for the oracle db), Stored procs for the Sql server, data object layer for both, and combined business objects layer. And all with one click, nice. We didnt use a generated front end as we are building in html5/mvc4 which it doesnt have samples for, but we were going to have to build the custom front end anyway of course, so the generated UI samples just pointed the way.

PROS - multi database support, VS2012 support, v good customer service, sweet ui.
CONS - tutorials are text only, no video, I mean come on :), no code templates (but to be honest, I see that as a plus when you just want to build a serious system, not faff around)

Exotechnic Corporation August 07 2015
| Edit |

We've added a couple of videos. And an MVC(5) sample/tutorial is now available.

5 Star
by CorunJohnson | July 31 2012

We were building a complex FX trading system and wanted a system that would generate all the basic data plumbing/basic multi-tier flexible service-oriented architecture with WinForms front end, so that we could concentrate on the complex business workflow requirements, rather than spending/wasting our time re-inventing the wheel or re-developing basic concepts.

Finally we settled on CodeTrigger and we are very happy with this choice. Its flexibility in fitting in with whatever architecture we choose to use has allowed us to use it on multiple developments, and its '100% Code Only, no vendor assemblies' approach has given us the confidence that we will always be able to build on and support apps we develop using it, and not be tied into the vendor releases.

We also like the fact that we can pick and choose whether to use its generated data layer, and or generated business layer, or just use the generated SQL stored procedures.

We recommend CodeTrigger if you want a tool to generate a flexible and maintainable architecture with 100% code so you can get your team to spend their time thinking about complex business cases rather than basic plumbing.

5 Star
by P Nashy | July 11 2012

Upon starting a new contract at a large city based investment bank, I was aghast that they were still using old school hand crafted crud procedures and further more Linq & nhibernate was "banned" (ie. against corporate policy). So a quick look around the internet and forums lead me to this simple and easy to use code generator. It didn't take long to get up to speed after a short learning curve, and greatly eased the donkey work the client was asking me to perform. Highly recommended.