Visual Studio 2013 Tools for Unity

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Write and debug your Unity 3D games inside Microsoft Visual Studio.

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by Yatajga | February 20 2015

by Chad Keating | February 20 2015

by Mosy.Galaar | February 17 2015

I absolutely love this extension. It is a must for any Unity Project that
you are using Visual Studio to code.

My only real complaints are that it is not working properly with Unity
for Console game development, and that every time I get a new version of
Unity I have to reinstall it. The first should be fixed, the other is a
problem with Unity and not solvable by the dev team.

by chall3ng3r | February 06 2015

I started off my Unity development with 4.2 with MonoDevelop on Windows, it was okay. But I missed the awesomeness of Visual Studio. I tried this toolkit before MS bought them, it wasn't quite polished, but after MS bought it, its been really great.

I really like intelli-sense and refactoring and debugging features UTVS provides. Anyone starting with Unity on Windows, I would highly recommend to use this toolkit, it makes things a lot easier and fun.

There's one suggestion:
Please publish the UTVS extension on Unity's Assets Store, rather than copying it in Unity's install folder. When I update Unity, it removes the extension as well, so I have to manually copy it in Unity folder.

When UTVS is installed via Assets Store, it will be kept in Windows user profile, separate from Unity install folder, and also I can update it from within Unity.

Sebastien Lebreton February 11 2015
| Edit |

Thanks, yes we are thinking of something more streamlined for our package. Stay tuned !

by borso1 | February 01 2015

There's a bug with the "Create script method" command. When you insert the OnRenderImage function, it swaps the order of its parameters.
This is the one it creates:
"public void OnRenderImage(RenderTexture destination, RenderTexture source)"
while this is the correct one actually:
"public void OnRenderImage(RenderTexture source, RenderTexture destination)"

Sebastien Lebreton February 02 2015
| Edit |


Yes, this bug was already fixed but the fix is not yet released. It will be available for the next VSTU release.


by Jashan Chittesh | January 27 2015

It's really nice that this exists - I actually bought UnityVS a while back ... but eventually stopped using it because it didn't add as much benefit for me as it caused trouble.

Unfortunately, it seems that this hasn't changed much: Since installing the package to my Unity 4.6.1 project about half an hour ago, Unity crashed two times: It just stopped working in the middle of compilation.

I haven't seen the crashes in Visual Studio that made me stop using it back then (this was rather nasty because it prevented files from being saved and it took a while until you'd actually notice that this was happening sometimes resulting in data loss). Those were very sporadic, so we'll see if those return (I had bug reports filed so maybe those are actually fixed).

Also, it's kind of sad that UnityScript and Boo are no longer supported. I'm not using those much but it was actually the most important feature for me that UnityVS brought.

So, I hope you keep on developing and improving this. Btw, I'm using Unity on the Mac side and VS in VMWare Fusion - so that part of the integration is really important for me!

by BjarkeCK | January 22 2015

I cannot belive how shit this STILL is...
I've given this a try 5 times or so for the past two years, each time thinking "maybe now it has become more stable". This does NOT work well enough yet, and is completly unuseable in my opinion.

It sometimes breaks inside a "if (false)" scenarios.
It sometimes completly skips lines of code.
It crashes unity randomly when simply stepping through your code.
It crashes visual studio
The Immidiate or Watch window doesnt work well, and can crash evrything if you inspect the wrong thing.
You cannot break on certain lines (you can set a breakpoint, but it will completly ignore it, properbly because unity is smart and optimizes your code. but still, then don't optimize my code when i'm debugging for god sake!)

I mean, the amount of time i have spent simply because the debugger was showing me the wrong values under inspection... It takes up more time than you gain if you had debugging ... And thats alot!

Not recommended!

Sebastien Lebreton January 22 2015
| Edit |


Thanks for taking the time to write a review!

I'm sorry to hear that you've had a poor experience with this tool: that's definitely not the experience we're aiming for :)

We're aware that the old Mono version that Unity ships makes the debugging experience bumpy sometimes, but definitely not to the extent where it's not usable.

Which makes me wonder if there's not a more complex issue with your setup at play here.

I'd love to discuss the issues you're having and how we can address them. Please feel free to reach out: vstusp at microsoft dot com.

Thanks & best regards,
Jb Evain, Dev lead, VSTU

by kaz2057 | January 13 2015

Hi Sebastian,

I loaded UnityVS 1.9.8 with VS13 in Unity5 b18 but when I double click on any files in the project, VS13 doesn't load my files.

Then, solution explorer into VS13 doesn't found any files ...

Any suggest?

Sebastien Lebreton January 13 2015
| Edit |


Double check that you properly imported VSTU package in your Unity project.

by milopl | December 31 2014

Does this work for Unity 5? I've installed it on VS2013 and Unity 5 beta 18, but I'm not sure if it works - when I try to debug by click attach to Unity, it doesn't see Unity.

Sebastien Lebreton January 05 2015
| Edit |


We don't officially support betas, but we've tested with Unity 5b18 and we haven't noted
any particular issue. Are you sure you properly imported the Tools for Unity package into
your Unity project as shown in the configuration page?


by A Chinadeveloper | December 09 2014 has a bug, after i save the script in the visual studio 2013 , unity can't automaticly compile the saved script, i must build the project in the visual studio 2013 . hope you fix this bug.

by PatB38 | November 28 2014

Thank you for this great tool, keep up the good work!

I came here at start when searching informations about how to deal with Platform Dependent Compilation and Unity defines like UNITY_STANDALONE or UNITY_WP8. But after updated the tool on my machine, it seems that the last version ( manage them correctly, thank you for this good feature.

Furthermore, is there a change-log ? How to know the new features added or corrected on each version of this tool ?

EDIT: I've found some changelog on the old UnityVS site
But the "" version is not mentioned and there is "2.0 Preview" version :O

Sebastien Lebreton December 02 2014
| Edit |
Delete is the internal version for "2.0 preview". will be for the final v2.0

by oden1 | November 27 2014

Thank you for such a great extension.
But one problem annoying me. When I open Unity project in VS then
try to open other script (from this project) it run another VS instance.

Sebastien Lebreton November 27 2014
| Edit |

Yes, we identified an issue and we are already working on a solution.

by Jes.Inc | November 26 2014

Nice tool :)

Everything work fine but Unity Project Explorer can not be used easily
It has button SyncWithActiveDocument but I can not bind it to any shortcut and every time I need to locate active document in ProjectExplorer I need to use MOUSE. it is bad :)

Sebastien Lebreton November 26 2014
| Edit |

Yes, we have this on our TODO-list, we want to progressively expose all our UI actions as true VS commands, so you will be able to setup any shortcut you want in the Visual Studio configuration.

by Maciej Struzyna | November 25 2014

Maybe there are improvements in this version. For me however after downloading the Step over debug function stopped working. I am also after 5 VS/Unity hangs when trying to load a level. So my advice - although the old version was not perfect do not upgrade to this one.

Sebastien Lebreton November 26 2014
| Edit |

Sorry to hear that you are encountering issues. But nothing was changed in the stepping feature for several versions.

So this is probably a project specific problem due to your Game/Config/etc. Can you create a Connect feedback or send us a mail at vstusp AT so we can solve this. Thanks.

by Sk1ppr | November 24 2014

Works great and a lot more stable than the original.

Only gripe I have with it that cost 2 stars purely out of irritation is Intellisense constantly adding Usings to the Boo version of List<T> when editing C# scripts. It's probably prioritized that way for compatibility but I'd rather have the option to disable Boo support altogether than deal with it. In 5 years using Unity the only place I've ever even seen a Boo script is in the Scripting API doc examples. And that's my old man rant for the day.

Sebastien Lebreton November 26 2014
| Edit |

Yes, we are thinking of removing or providing a way to disable this legacy and automatic import of boo assemblies.

As a workaround, you can use our ProjectHook callback. In your project, create a MonoBehaviour in an Editor folder with the following code:


by Freddy Mesa | November 13 2014

Gracias a Microsoft, por fin las listas se pueden ver en el debugger. Gracias por hacer cada vez mejor la plataforma de Unity y que Visual Studio pase a hacer el IDE default para todos los programadores en la plataforma Unity. Gracias

by uzairali001 | November 13 2014

Finally the best tool comes out :) featuring debugging with breakpoints <3

by nyoronjp | November 12 2014

by DanUb3r | November 05 2014

The creator of the program worked with me to resolve an issue where the extension was not loading properly into VS 2013 Professional.

I was getting an "Unsupported" error, stating that "The application which this project type is based on was not found", as well as "The project is incompatible with the current edition of Visual Studio".

The solution we found was:
1) Install UnityVS
2) Uninstall Visual Studio
3) Install Visual Studio

After doing this, UnityVS showed up as a loaded Extension.

I've been trying to figure this out since Microsoft released the tool, but I've never reinstalled that that order. I always did as advised and removed UnityVS before removing VS. I hope this helps other people. Cheers!

by Ran Quan | November 05 2014

The latest version has a bug that causes Unity infinitely recompiling scripts. This usually happens when open visual studio while there're compile errors in the Unity project. And it's can be stop by closing visual studio.

Now I have to used the previous version, hope this can be fixed soon.

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  • Any Beta 5 Support?
    1 Posts | Last post Sat 9:22 PM
    • Been doing some work in Beta 5 and have been missing UnityVS. Is there any support for it?
  • Asks for reload project always
    1 Posts | Last post Sat 7:38 PM
    • When a script changes, Visual Studio asks for a reload always and it's annoying. How to turn it off? 
  • Package did not load correctly / Incompatible after update
    3 Posts | Last post Wed 6:21 PM
    • Hi,
      We've been using UnityVS for Visual Studio 2013 for quite a while with no problems. Today, I had to reinstall VS2013, and since then every time I try to open generated solutions all my projects are labeled are incompatible and I recieve:
      "The 'SyntaxTree.VisualStudio.Unity.UnityPackage, SyntaxTree.VisualStudio.Unity, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' package did not load correctly."
      My activity log is showing:
      Could not load file or assembly 'Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.10.0, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
      I have attempted to uninstall/reinstall to the latest UnityVS but to no avail.
      Any help is appreciated, thank you.
    • Hi!
      It looks like your setup is missing the assemblies (in your case Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.10.0) that basically implement backward compatibility for VS extensions.
      Can you try to repair your VS installation?
    • Hi Jb,
      Thanks, repairing the install did the trick!
  • Unity crashing after re-install
    3 Posts | Last post Wed 4:35 PM
    • I recently wiped and re installed everything on my computer. I pulled my project from git and everything looks great. However whenever I debug and suspend at a breakpoint, after about 6 seconds Unity crashes. This had never happened before like this. It is almost like Unity thinks its hung and is killing itself.
      Does anyone know why this would be working fine and then after re installing windows 7 and unity and unity VS it would begin this behavior?
    • This happens randomly to me as well, but it's not a new thing for me - it has always happened.
    • Hi! Interesting, thanks for reporting this. I suspect this is specific to the kind of local variables or expressions that is currently in the watch.
      Could either of you extract a reproducible pattern that triggers the issue?
  • Renamed MSI wont install
    2 Posts | Last post Wed 4:34 PM
    • this is a minor issue but I thought I'd let you guys know. I downloaded the msi but apparently already had it on my desktop so chrome renamed the file to "Visual Studio 2013 Tools for Unity (1).msi". I then deleted the original file, in case it was outdated or something, so now I only had the one with (1) in it.  I installed this file, it runs but when the installation starts it gives an error that it can't read from "Visual Studio 2013 Tools for Unity.msi" like it is expecting that specific name. I think the name shouldn't be hardcoded, but again a minor issue. Renaming the file fixed it.
    • Hi! Thanks for letting us know, we'll look into it!
  • Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition
    2 Posts | Last post Wed 4:31 PM
    • Hi, I am trying to use Visual Studio 2013 community edition supposed to have the most features set as professional edition has. 
      I've installed express version, older version of UnityVS tool before too. 
      I uninstall existing UnityVS and reinstall the latest one. But VS 2013 keeps failing load the generated project files. 
      After generating project files and opening project, it says 'Object reference not set to an instance of an object' and .csproj file size becomes 2bytes.
      When it is freshly generated, it is over 50KB which seems to be fine though.
      Visual Studio 2013 community and UnityVS 2013 with Unity 4.6 don't work for me at all. 
      Any idea how to fix this?
      Is it something to do with previous versions installed? 
      I tried UnityVS 2012, 2013, 2015 but all the versions of UnityVS gave me the same result with Visual Studio 2013 community edition. 
      Looking forward to your advice. 
    • Hi! I'm afraid it's hard to tell exactly what's going wrong.
      It could be a bug specific to your project, have you tried with another Unity project?
  • Slow
    5 Posts | Last post February 21, 2015
    • It seems that when I run unity and have a breakpoint, it takes > 15 seconds to hit the break point. The earlier version seem to rum much better even though I always had to select the instance of Unity, where with this version, I do not. How can I debug this? Make debugging pretty much useless. 
    • Hi Ralph,
      That's weird indeed. Which version of Unity are you using? Can you try in VS to delete all existing breakpoints (Debug -> Delete All Breakpoints) and see if there's any impact?
    • Hi,
        Thanks for the reply. I am using the latest VS and Unity and extension. If I remove all the breakpoints, how can I tell if it is faster, I need a break point. Or what am I missing.
    • Hey :) I meant, clear all breakpoints, and then create only one breakpoint, and see if there's any change.
    • Lol, yeah no change. I reinstalled it but made no difference. This is on win 8.1 pro btw. If you are interested, I can help you help me with special versions to debug this issue. I want to use VS to create games but as of now I just can't. Btw, other none unity projects work just fine. Rkrausse at consiliumsoft dot com
  • Breakpoint Hit Count and Call Stack Window Preferences Not Working
    3 Posts | Last post February 19, 2015
    • Me again. Thanks for your quick response last time so I’d thought I’d give it a go again.
      Right now I have two problems. The first one is hit count. Whenever I create a custom breakpoint and have it break when the hit count is (Number here), it always breaks no matter what. Also for some reason when it says (Currently # here) it’s always at 0. 
      The second thing that is working unexpectedly is the call stack window. I can’t customize how the functions appear in the window. No matter which Show Parameters/Modules/Names/Types I click or unclick, it doesn’t change.
      Thanks for the help!
    • Hi there!
      Thanks for reporting this!
      Hitcounts are implemented internally, and will ship in a next release.
      We'll see about adding support for customizing the callstack, but that's not in our immediate plans.
    • Sweet, can't wait. Quick question though, how will I know when the next version comes out? Do you have a newsletter I could subscribe to or something?
  • dlls get changed.
    2 Posts | Last post February 13, 2015
    • I'm not sure if this has been brought up before but there is no easy way to find out so i'll report it here. We use perforce version control. We have added the plugin to the repository, and we seem to constantly get modified changes of the dll files
      What causes these changes to occur? We want to keep these files in the repo since everytime we branch perforce makes a new directory, so we have to copy these files manually.
      Any solutions?
    • Hi!
      Only UnityVS.VersionSpecific.dll gets regenerated. We suggest to exclude it from version control, so it will be specific to each user.
  • Edit and Continue Not Working
    3 Posts | Last post February 11, 2015
    • Hi, I couldn't find a place to submit a bug report so I'd thought I'd post here instead. I recently downloaded Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition and this plugin. However, for some weird reason Edit and Continue isn't working. I'm on a Windows 7 machine (x64) using C#. 
      Have you had any reports of this, or am I the first one? 
    • (Kind of annoying I can't edit my response.) 
      Anyway, I think the problem is due to UnityVS target framework being Unity 3.5 .net Subset Base Class Libraries. From this thread here: (  ) it seems like Edit and Continue won't work unless it targets Net Framework 4.5.1. Is this true?
      P.S: Nice plugin in by way. Much, much, MUCH better debugging than MonoDevelop.
    • Hello,
      In fact this is not related to the targeted framework. At this time, Unity doesn't support Edit & Continue as Visual Studio understands it, so this prevents the edition of scripts while debugging. For now you have to detach, modify the script and re-attach the debugger afterwards.
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