Visual Studio 2013 Tools for Unity

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Write and debug your Unity 3D games inside Microsoft Visual Studio.

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by Lordinaire | July 29 2015

Great tools !

by SDAS_Hodgson | July 20 2015

Great tool.

It's saved me lots of time, and love the price.

by DG Osborne | July 18 2015

Thanks for this! Having Visual Studio for Unity development is a must.

by XenStalker | June 12 2015

by formulahendry | April 23 2015

by Protostar Dean | April 21 2015

Great Tool!
However since getting this latest update Unity seems to be crashing very frequently when I am attached.

by 金奇 | April 18 2015

very good

by Bakinovski | April 16 2015

While I am debuging I can't see exceptions in debuger.
For example in such source code I can't see object exception at line with Debug.Log
throw new Exception("test exeption");
catch (Exception exception)
UnityEngine.Debug.Log("Test exeption was thrown!");
Do you have the same issue? If it is bug do you plan to fix it?

P.S. Tool is realy grate - thanks for it.

Sebastien Lebreton April 20 2015
| Edit |


Yes, at this time, the exception object is not properly added to the debugging context so that you will not be able to inspect it using Watch window.

We will add support for that in the final release of VSTU 2.0.


by Kuato4 | April 13 2015

by QuYong | April 11 2015

very useful tools for Unity game developing, forget about the MonoDevelop

by KingRecycle | April 11 2015

New version doesn't work for 32-bit so I can't use it anymore. Please fix this.

But other than that it's better than using anything else in my opinion.

Sebastien Lebreton April 11 2015
| Edit |


We have just re-uploaded a new installer with proper x86 support.
Can you please download the file again and try to install it ?

Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]

by CodePiao | April 07 2015

Very Cool .

Use VS 2013, coding for Game。

by AByrd | April 06 2015

A few issues with

Output is now spamming "The thread 0x<stuff> has exited with code 0" at a rate of about 2 per second.

The Error List now flickers open and closed frequently.

Sebastien Lebreton April 09 2015
| Edit |


When debugging, we've always notified what's happening in the output window, including thread creation and death.

You can configure VSTU to not send the Unity console to VS this will avoid the flicker you're seeing. You can do it from Unity, in the menu Visual Studio Tools -> Configuration and uncheck Send Console to Visual Studio.

by nu Assets | March 30 2015

Although the system has some minor bugs, it's probably one of the mightiest add-on you can get for Unity 3D. The integration is 99.9% seamless and its usability is pretty nice. If you're used to work with VS - you probably are as a professional - there's no way around it!

Well done!

by CoRuMmo | March 10 2015

Cannot come back to mono develop. I can't simply stand its interface anymore.
Long life Visual Studio tools for Unity!
Many thanks for this must-have tool.

by AdamNash_FM | March 03 2015

by Yatajga | February 20 2015

by Chad Keating | February 19 2015

by Mosy.Galaar | February 17 2015

I absolutely love this extension. It is a must for any Unity Project that
you are using Visual Studio to code.

My only real complaints are that it is not working properly with Unity
for Console game development, and that every time I get a new version of
Unity I have to reinstall it. The first should be fixed, the other is a
problem with Unity and not solvable by the dev team.

by chall3ng3r | February 06 2015

I started off my Unity development with 4.2 with MonoDevelop on Windows, it was okay. But I missed the awesomeness of Visual Studio. I tried this toolkit before MS bought them, it wasn't quite polished, but after MS bought it, its been really great.

I really like intelli-sense and refactoring and debugging features UTVS provides. Anyone starting with Unity on Windows, I would highly recommend to use this toolkit, it makes things a lot easier and fun.

There's one suggestion:
Please publish the UTVS extension on Unity's Assets Store, rather than copying it in Unity's install folder. When I update Unity, it removes the extension as well, so I have to manually copy it in Unity folder.

When UTVS is installed via Assets Store, it will be kept in Windows user profile, separate from Unity install folder, and also I can update it from within Unity.

Sebastien Lebreton February 11 2015
| Edit |

Thanks, yes we are thinking of something more streamlined for our package. Stay tuned !

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  • issue
    2 Posts | Last post October 02, 2015
          撰写 at 11:01 下午
          my unity version is 5.2.1f1 personal
          my visual studio is 2013 profession
          After install the latest VSTU[2.1.0], nothing changed in unity about menu, I can not see the vstu info on the left bottom corner. and the .sln is not generated any more.
          I can open VS if double clicked the file, but attach is not OK
          How can I do?
    • Starting with Unity 5.2, you have a native integration with VSTU.
      Check that Visual Studio is your preferred editor in Unity.
      Please also consult the following link:
      Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]
  • unity5.2用vstu2.1打不开
    1 Posts | Last post September 26, 2015
    • 用的是vs2013,unity5.2用vstu2.1打不开,怎么回事
  • Unity 5.2 Fails to load VS 2013 w/Resharper 9.2 Enabled
    2 Posts | Last post September 22, 2015
    • I really like the Native VSTU, but I'm having trouble loading a project from Unity while Resharper 9.2 is enabled. 
      When I open VS 2013 on it's own, disable Resharper, Open Unity and Open C# solution, everything loads fine.  It's a workaround for now, but I was hoping there might be a solution.
      Stephen Hodgson
    • Hello Stephen,
      We are using Resharper too, but we never hit such an issue.
      Can you elaborate on what is exactly happening please ?
      Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]
  • Unable to step
    5 Posts | Last post September 21, 2015
    • Any chance to fix the Unable to step bug?
      Some time, when i press F10 get Unable to step error message and freez the debugger ... 
    • Hello,
      Yes this is already fixed and will be available in the next release.
      Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]
    • 09/20/2015
      Still broken for me.
    • Hello,
      What you can do to help us: make a repro Unity project, and send everything to vstusp[at]microsoft[dot]com.
      Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]
    • Created a new project... everything working again. Found out it has something to do with the project settings.
      Copied the projectsettings folder from the new project, to my current "bad" one.
      I will email you the bad and good, so you can see the differences I guess, I spent too long looking for a solution to this, and finally found one that at least works.
  • auto "refresh" broken Unity 5.1.x
    3 Posts | Last post September 18, 2015
    • tsw
      After making code changes and saving them in Visual Studio, when I switch back to Unity the updates are not being recognized and processed normally (e.g.: refresh/ recompile is not happening)
      as a result, the code prior to the change is still present in Unity.. (selecting the .cs file in project explorer, and seeing the code in the inspector).
      only "after" using ctrl-r ("refresh") in Unity are changes being recognized and the scripts recompiled.
      it use to be the case that this was done automatically...  :(
      is there a setting somewhere that has changed that needs to be reconfigured?
      I'm using Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 and this behavior happens with both and VSTU
    • tsw
      just a note:  I'm still using Unity 5.1.3p1
      I have not updated yet to Unity 5.2.x...
    • Note for readers: duplicated thread.
      Everything was solved after reinstalling. Please check the VSTU 2015 thread.
      Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]
  • InvalidOperationException: Cannot set OverridesDefaultStyle for a context menu
    6 Posts | Last post September 17, 2015
    • I have a problem using my Tabs Studio extension for Visual Studio with Visual Studio 2013 Tools for Unity after loading a Unity project. Trying to open a WPF context menu with a separator in it (e.g. right clicking on a tab) generates 
      System.InvalidOperationException: Cannot set OverridesDefaultStyle property in the default Style.
         at System.Windows.StyleHelper.UpdateThemeStyleCache(FrameworkElement fe, FrameworkContentElement fce, Style oldThemeStyle, Style newThemeStyle, Style& themeStyleCache)
      It is as if Visual Studio 2013 Tools for Unity when loading a Unity project sets inappropriate WPF style theme affecting other controls in Visual Studio including Tabs Studio WPF context menus that use System.Windows.Controls.Separator.
    • Hello Sergey,
      Thanks for reporting this issue, I will check quickly what's wrong.
      Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]
    • This is a big issue for me... The Tabs Studio extension is awesome, and right now I can't use it and VSTU at the same time
    • Hello Christopher,
      I understand, and I am on it. We will provide a fix in our next release.
      Sebastien Lebreton
    • Sergey, Christopher
      It seems that i have a fix, do you want to try a custom build ?
      Feel free to send me a mail at vstusp[at]microsoft[dot]com
      Sebastien Lebreton
    • Thank you Sebastien! The new build has fixed the problem.
  • More info on 2.1 bug
    2 Posts | Last post September 11, 2015
    • It looks like it’s pulling the windows standalone version of UnityEngine.dll (<unity folder>\Data\PlaybackEngines\windowsstandalonesupport\Managed) instead of the editor version (<unity folder>\Data\Managed) so it’s missing all the editor-only defs and props like Light.areaSize.
      I manually copied the editor version into <project folder>\Library\UnityAssemblies and it’s working again, but I don’t know how long it’ll stick.
      I wonder if it’s reacting to something in the build settings?
    • Hello,
      This is due to a change we introduced to retrieve all references. The fact is Unity 4 reports the wrong assembly (the good one is provided if you are using Unity 5).
      You can only see a difference when using editor-only members like Light.areaSize
      We are working on a fix.
      Seb astien Lebreton [MSFT]
  • Issues opening scripts
    3 Posts | Last post September 11, 2015
    • I am on Unity 5.2.0f3 and updated VS Tools to this, and I checked the docs at to verify correct install. But in Unity when I double click a file the "Opening Visual Studio" dialog appears, but it only goes about halfway, then I see the MonoDevelop logo pop up for a split second and nothing ever opens.
      Any ideas?
    • Side note, I can manually open the project from VS, so it's fine, work wise, just some issue with Unity opening it auto-magically.
    • Hello,
      Yes this issue is on the Unity side.
      The Unity folks are looking into this and a fix will be available in their next patch release. 
      Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]
  • Error in 2.1 using if UNITY_EDITOR
    2 Posts | Last post September 10, 2015
    • There is a special field in the Light class called "areaSize" that is raising an error after updating UnityVS.  The code is something like this:
      #if UNITY_EDITOR
         var Foo = myLight.areaSize;
      any ideas how to fix this?
    • Unity 4.6.7p2, UnityVS 2.1, same problem on VS2010 and VS2013
  • It occurre 2 bugs
    2 Posts | Last post September 03, 2015
    • 1: Application.RegisterLogCallback will lost callback.
      2:the projects to UnityVS.client.sln will be removed at random time.
    • Hello,
      1) We were using Application.RegisterLogCallback previously (which can cause your own callback to be bypassed), we are now using Application.logMessageReceived if available. Be sure to update Unity and VSTU to the latest versions.
      2) If you are using external projects, please have a look at
      Sebastien Lebreton [MSFT]
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