Guidance Automation
Extensions 2010

The Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX) enables Visual Studio to run guidance packages, such as those included in Software Factories, which empower software teams to automate key development tasks inside Visual Studio.

This project is no longer being maintained by Microsoft and no future releases are planned.

The open-sourced version is available at

 System Requirements

  • Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, Premium, or Professional editions (32 or 64 bit)

 Installation and uninstallation

To install, run the file you download from here. Installation and uninstallation require administrative privileges. You will be prompted during installation, but to uninstall, you must open Visual Studio as an administrator and use the Extension Manager from the Tools menu.

Note: GAX cannot be disabled from the Extension Manager since it must be installed for all users.

NOTE: Even though you see "Ultimate" during the installation, and you're not using the Ultimate edition, continue with the installation. It should install successfully in Professional, Premium and Ultimate editions of Visual Studio 2010.