NuGet Package Manager

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A collection of tools to automate the process of downloading, installing, upgrading, configuring, and removing packages from a VS Project.

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Visual Studio
2012, 2010
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by gatisb | May 25 2012

Yet again must uninstall it before installing latest version, :(

by AndrewYLee | May 25 2012

Great tool!!!
People who have trouble update or uninstall,

Please run visual studio in admin mode to uninstall first and install the new version.

by JAlexandrian | May 24 2012

I can't install this and I can't uninstall it. Now I get annoyed by VS every time I open it saying there is an update available for this extension. The uninstall button is disabled. Where do I go from here?

by Ristogod | May 24 2012

This version won't install automatically using the extension manager. Which in my opinion goes against entirely what Nuget is supposed to do itself.

by Rhodri | May 23 2012

"This extension contains a digital signature with an invalid certificate." which prevented an automatic updated. Downloaded new file from this page, un-installed current version and re-installed from download.

by Kris444 | May 07 2012

very useful. saves lots of time.

by Sofwarer | May 01 2012

by alonsong | April 25 2012

by Mike Stall - MSFT | April 24 2012

Nuget is absolutely awesome. I love the integration with VS, easy ability to distrubte packages, and dependency management. How did we ever live without this?

by Guido Over | April 13 2012

very good tool!

by Arthur Csertus | April 12 2012

by SANJEEV8888 | April 11 2012

NuGet.Tools is not installed in my vs studio 10 so help me

by drusha | April 05 2012

Absolutely Great Tool!

by Syncor | April 03 2012

What a great idea.

by Gandalf50 | March 26 2012

Great tool for managing extensions!!

by 曾新文 | March 26 2012

very good ,it's helpful for me

by Johnny Qian | March 22 2012

by J Lamb | March 20 2012


by Asaf Benyamin | March 15 2012

by Alexandre.Brisebois | March 09 2012

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