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NuGet Package Manager

Microsoft Free

A collection of tools to automate the process of downloading, installing, upgrading, configuring, and removing packages from a VS Project.

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Visual Studio
2012, 2010
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1 Star
by Andy Hush | December 13 2013

This fails with "cannot access file because it is in use by another process." I also tried installing with Visual Studio closed, same result. Fails for both 2010 and 2012. And now, in 2012, when I click the Quick Launch box, Visual Studio crashes.

5 Star
by Rencore GmbH | December 03 2013

1 Star
by WeSam Abdallah | November 27 2013

When will this be fixed ?

4 Star
by lichaofeng | November 21 2013


5 Star
by jcgalveza | November 14 2013

IE9 is reporting a virus on this version (2.7.41101.299) I also have NOD32 installed.

5 Star
by Eliezer Perlmutter | November 01 2013

Essential tool for other tools.

5 Star
by Thiago Martins Coelho | November 01 2013

5 Star
by Leonardo Lourenço Silva | November 01 2013

Very Useful !!!!

5 Star
by Kat_Development | October 16 2013

5 Star
by Fernando Angelieri | October 11 2013

5 Star
by Aleksandar Totovic | October 08 2013

It's very nice

4 Star
by johan leino | October 07 2013

when will command-line 2.7.1 be included since package restore is better supported in that version?

5 Star
by Bruno Juchli | September 12 2013

we've got the same issue when updating MOQ from 4.1.1308.2321 to 4.1.1309.919, restore packages doesn't work.
But it only fails on some computers, on mine it works. We are using nuget version 2.7.40808.167

Overall still a superb tool of course, so i'm giving it the 5 stars it clearly deserves.

2 Star
by Eric Bernardo | September 11 2013

As GaryWoodfine said, 2.7 breaks some stuff.

I have NuGet integrated on my TFS build workflow, and as soon as I updated to latest version, "nuget install packages.config" breaks. Our team tried to track down the problem, and it looks like it has something to do with bigger version numbers or something.

You guys can try it for yourselves anytime, just go to the command-line and use:
Install-Package Moq -Version 4.1.1309.0919
"Unable to find version '4.1.1309.0919' of package 'Moq'."

On 2.6 it works properly.
Also, being unable to find the current version of the package gets me an effin slowdown on visual studio itself (it can even freeze at some time).

1 Star
by GaryWoodfine | September 05 2013

Update seems to have totally killed my Nuget facility! Not really a productivity tool when it has slowed me down!

Basically the 2.7 release installs without any Nuget Package resource!
You can't provide a package source without crashing VS.

The only option is to uninstall and re-install 2.6.

Come on guys get the basics right!

3 Star
by tropicwhisper | September 02 2013


5 Star
by 黃宇祥 | August 27 2013

Very useful!

3 Star
by naviwhack | August 21 2013

Seems to be impossible to get it to work with a nuget.config in source control. Rather less useful for teams of developers.

5 Star
by Ovidiu Ionescu | August 17 2013

5 Star
by pfrabott | August 09 2013

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