Spec Explorer 2010 Visual Studio Power Tool


Spec Explorer 2010 is a Visual Studio Power Tool for Model-Based Testing (MBT).

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Visual Studio
2012, 2010
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by hungfut | March 04 2014

It's a very nice tool for model based test development, but we need a version that work with VS2013 as we are upgrading.

A suggestion has been created in the VS UserVoice site here, if you think this feature is important please cast your vote there!


by LeeWays | February 04 2014

It works with Visual Studio Express 2012 or Visual Studio Premium 2012?

by JetiAndresito | January 27 2014

I installed VS 2010 and Spec Explorer 2010.

If I try to Create a new project I see only "Test Project" in Instelled Templates --> Visual C# --> Test, but I don't see the "Spec Explorer Basic Solution" Project type.

In the education video there is both project types listed:

Could someone suggest me a solution to this problem?

by mweyburn | January 07 2014

Well worth the time to take and run/understand the examples, which really is learning the MS Modeling Language. Otherwise, need good C# experience to write a good adapter.

by Guqing Fang | October 20 2011

by bububa | October 10 2011

These unique features give comfortable control over the generated test cases:

*Specify the system under test using c# or the integrated constraint programming (CP) lib. Using c# all paths are explored. Using CP everything stays symbolic. Both can be mixed as needed, so only those parts are explored you really want.
Example: An algo which has an absolute-function on the input. You don't want to test this branch for pos/neg values. Use CP for the abs-function and this branch will not be covered.

*Slice specified systems with scenarios or other models. Big explored models can be searched for the paths you are interested in.
Example: A web-shop. Search now for a path which can undo the deletion of an item, without putting the item again in the cart.

*Spec Explorer is a real generalist. The features are still usable in many different domains.
Example: Timed systems. The additional time added to every state is not cluttering the system. Spec Explorer is a simulation tool, a time planner, optimization tool, algebraic equation solver any many more.

Conclusion: A magic swiss army knife for all kinds of problems ranging from modeling, search, simulation and calculation.

by sturk | March 04 2011

didnt try it. I like to see the reviews.

by sdoucet | October 16 2010

by mikamikooo | September 29 2010