PHP Language Support


Basic support for the PHP programming language.

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012, 2010
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by Hossein Sedighian | November 13 2015

Please support Visual Studio 2015

by ootomaskooo | April 01 2015

If I could rate this 0/5, I would. No php project, no php file template and upon pasting php code into VS, it spits out an error. There is "some" highlighting present, but I'm kinda skeptical as it looks nothing like on a screenshot linked here. Waste of time. Btw, did PHP Group grant you license for that extension icon? Because it's subject of copyright!

by worst bull | March 18 2015

This works pretty well, thank you very much!

Can you please add the keyword "define" in the next version?

by eppic | December 20 2014

by Giselle Jane Noynay | October 26 2014

thrilled to have php language support for vs, but where to begin? creating a new project>website>installed>...(no option for php still),

by vsfriend | October 08 2014

Seems version 1.1.0 still not supported in VS2013.
After installation nothing has changed. Can't create a PHP project.

by SergiuG | April 28 2014

Nice one! Waiting for more functionalities!!

by Jeet Chaudhari | April 14 2014

It is great for php, Atleast best when you want it in free.

by victorb12 | March 11 2014

as of today... Not supported on VS2013

Sam Harwell March 17 2014
| Edit |

Hi victorb12,

Version 1.1.0 adds support for Visual Studio 2013. :)

by ChristopherNemo | July 07 2013

This is a junk that doesn't do anything. Poorly written description that intends to deceive someone who is looking to test something quickly. This guy Harwell is a clown that wastes your time. Both this packages, Java Language Support, and PHP Language Support are junks that don't support anything. You can open your java files and php files and see some code... so what? IDIOT! I hate idiots who waste my time. I reported this guy for his deceptively named packages that a 12 years old can produce and he put them up online to waste your time! Curses!!!!!!!!!!! Idiot clown!

by Hosam Kamel | January 02 2012

Good support for viewing PHP files, especially if they are controlled on TFS

by Moreyummystuff | November 04 2011

Excellent work, just what was needed for basic PHP editing without loading up Aptana.

by Chaz Zeromus | October 20 2011

Very basic and is exactly what I need for writing/editing/correcting php code. Must have for webdevs with VS2010.

BUG: HTML comments seem to ignore php tags.

by MarcF | October 11 2011

Perfect for viewing/reading php files in a familiar environment (VS) without having to download + learn a new IDE just to get some colour coding.
The outling support is an added bonus.

by Dzmuh | September 30 2011

by Chhay Sambo | August 19 2011

Look good, but some function still in black color.

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  • Syntax Highlighting Doesn't Work
    1 Posts | Last post October 29, 2014
    • Hi,
      I added this extension to VS 2013 prof. and syntax highlighting doesn't work. In fact I can't tell the difference between opening a PHP file in VS and emacs without php-mode turned on.
      How do you turn on the syntax highlighting?
  • where to begin
    1 Posts | Last post October 26, 2014
    • i had added this extension and can't seem to find the option for php under new project>website>install ... will this extension allow me to create php from scratch using visual studio or do i need to have a .php file ready and simply open and edit in vs?  thanks
  • HTML syntax editing.
    5 Posts | Last post August 14, 2014
    • <?php
      $sql_configure = "SELECT * FROM `productconfigurable` WHERE `productid` = '" . $_GET['id'] . "' and `act`='1' ORDER BY `sortorder` asc";
      $result_configure = mysql_query($sql_configure);
      $count_configure = mysql_num_rows($result_configure);
          div.rectanglebox a.rectangle {
              background-color: #e6e6e6 !important;
              color: #000000 !important;
          div.rectanglebox {
              background-color: #12799a !important;
              color: #ffffff !important;
      <div class="modal-header">
      	<button class="close" data-dismiss="modal">X</button>
      	<h3>Customize - <?= $info['name'] ?></h3>
      Suppose I have code like this. Then it does not highlight syntax in style tag, as well as it stops html syntax highlighting after occurrence of " <?= ". This app will be great for php on visual studio if you can remove this problem.
    • Also, Can you please add the php option in new file and new project. I am not so good at developing plugins or have any experience of it, At Aceonics we do web development, but still If you feel that if we can give you one helping hand in this project then we are happy to do so.
    • Hi Sam,
      I am interested in this project as I fall into the category of developers that are predominantly interested in ASP.NET C# but my job includes using PHP in Moodle and Drupal. I am currently using Aptana Studio but I think its overkill. I've used others like Komodo, Dreamweaver!, Notepad++, Eclipse but I feel they are all either overkill or don't correctly support PHP in the way I want. I think N++ comes closest but I'd rather work with Visual Studio.
      I just need something that syntax highlights, does intellisense, and auto closes braces, sinqle quotes, etc (or at least has the option). Maybe a couple more things too like integrate Drupal, Moodle for intellisense but don't need a server to run it on as in PHP, you don't tend to debug style. You do that by outputting errors to screen when its on your web server somewhere out on the internet.
      My next choice would be Zend but that's is basically Visual Studio for PHP and I really don't need or want that as I'd rather invest my efforts and time in learning more in VS.
      I am interested in contributing via coding to develop your extension as I really don't want to pay for the likes of VS.php and Devsense as you have to pay annually - especially when there ARE free editors.
      Besides I have used VS.php and it wasn't click and go. I had to visit their forums just to get it working...
      Get in touch - prob via my website contact page: or reply this message.
    • @Jeet Chaudhari thinking in ASP.NET MVC / any language framework - its probably better to separate your css from your .php file. HTML you can probably leave there as frameworks need to do that to generate pages but definitely CSS should be external. Nonetheless, maybe Sam will be interested in embedding css syntax highlighting into the main project.
    • Here is your place to start:
  • How to use
    3 Posts | Last post April 08, 2014
    • I installed the add on, but I cannot seem to find a tutorial on how to use it to get the highlighters functional.
    • As long as you are using a supported version of Visual Studio (Express editions are not supported), simply open a .php file to start working. :)
    • It doesn't seem to work with files created before I installed the plugin, also the entire program crashes when I click the highlight options menu under TOOLS>OPTIONS>TEXT EDITOR>PHP
  • VS2012 Support
    3 Posts | Last post February 07, 2014
    • Are there any plans on bringing Visual Studio 2012 support to this extension? It would be appreciated.
    • Absolutely! I'm working out a few more bugs and an update should be available within the next week. If you want to try a prerelease build, you can email me at the address in my profile.
    • VS2013 support anytime soon?
  • PHTML files?
    3 Posts | Last post May 21, 2013
    • How do I associate .phtml files with this extension?
    • Currently this is not possible, but I'm working to resolve it for the coming update. Thank you!
    • Similarly, can I parse .inc files as php?  I had hoped there was a way to set the extension on the options page under text editor.
  • Windows Forms
    2 Posts | Last post March 29, 2012
    • Does this extension supports PHP programming in Windows GUI Development? or else only Web Development
    • This extension is currently pretty bare-bones. It should be able to open any file which includes the <?php ... ?> tags to delimit blocks of code, but doesn't support a full project or build system, debugging, or designers (for GUI or web).
  • Can I install this extension on VS2010 Express?
    2 Posts | Last post March 29, 2012
    • I not found this extension on VS2010 Express but can in VS2010 Prof. 
    • Microsoft limits the type of extensions which can be installed with Express editions of Visual Studio. The restrictions prevents extensions which add support for new languages, but you'll have to look up the license agreement for your installation to get a full list of affected items.