The Mindscape Web Workbench is a free plugin for Visual Studio 2010 - Visual Studio 2013 to provide CoffeeScript, Sass, Compass and Less editing! It includes all the essentials for making modern web development pain free in Visual Studio.

This all in one package takes care of all dependencies and adds:

Read more about the Mindscape Web Workbench for CoffeeScript, Sass and Less here.

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Pro Edition

Everything that was available in Version 1 remains 100% free, but we offer a $39 Pro Edition which ships with additional features below. 

Pro features

Visual Studio 2013 Community Support

The current release supports Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013 including Community Edition.


An example of working with Sass and CoffeeScript in Visual Studio 2010:

Mindscape also provide a great .NET ORM, WPF Controls, Silverlight Controls, SimpleDB Tools, WPF Diagramming, NHibernate Designer and much more!