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Mindscape Web Workbench


Accelerate and simplify your Web development experience with Visual Studio integrated Sass, Less and CoffeeScript support

3.1 Star
Visual Studio
2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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1 Star
by Jstamm | October 06 2016

Complete garbage. I wasn't even able to open and view LESS files after installing this. This extension hasn't been updated in almost two years despite receiving almost exclusively 1 and 2 star reviews for a very long time. It's obvious that this is abandonware, and it should be removed from the extension gallery.

1 Star
by Craig1001 | September 16 2016

The set up is a nightmare. There is no documentation. It either just works or it doesn't. I've used it for a couple of years just for compiling and minifying SASS files but have wasted days trying to get it to work on some projects. I'm using the pro version. I'll be looking for a more intuitive solution. I won't be giving Mindscape any more cash, that's for certain.

1 Star
by HattMudson | July 22 2016

Why did you remove the side-by-side view? (for Sass)

It is literally the only benefit this tool provided me. Everything else can be done quicker/better with free tools.

This tool is pretty much worthless now. And not paying $39 for something others do better for free.

See for image:

1 Star
by Trixon | October 21 2015

Fake description. Useless extension. Uninstall.

1 Star
by Burningfortress | August 17 2015

1 Star
by Konga Raju | April 17 2015

Poor Really Poor its taking ages when I save file.I unistalled it.

2 Star
by steve_634 | March 18 2015

Highlighted syntax in the SASS files I was looking at, which is why it's not 1 star. However it added a nag-ware popup hiding a nontrivial percentage of the syntax-highlighted sass, kind of defeating the purpose. Inserted nags into build output. Broke intellisense in cshtml files. Overall, a net loss in productivity; I uninstalled.

1 Star
by kkspokane | December 18 2014

I wish I had read these reviews before purchasing the pro version.

Trying to use it with Foundation 5 for sites... no documentation on where or how to set compilation path... as in nuget instructions
Open up the Web Workbench Settings for your project (select the project and use the right click context menu, or the Mindscape menu)
you can set the Output Folder for your SCSS file and specify where the .css and/or .min.css will be generated.

Lacks help files... or doc for common tasks like this one should be. Waste of $.

2 Star
by Ian H. Davis | August 07 2014

Using the free version, if I go to Settings under Mindscape menu in my Visual Studio 2013, and select an Output folder for my .less file, it still has "..." as the Output folder for that .less file. It's like it didn't update. When I edit my .less file, my corresponding .css file did not update.

I definitely understand the "minify" option being available only via pro, but, please at least get the .less->.css working. Thanks!

1 Star
by Marcel Härri | July 23 2014

the free Version does not compile less to css,
so what's so cool with it, the splitted window
without functionality or the begging for Money bubble?
what does the paid Version? remove the bubble?
Please don't fool me, that's less than useless.

4 Star
by nire0510 | June 23 2014

Great one. Pity that SASS version is not up-to-date.

To update SASS version on your own, save the following lines in a batch file (*.bat) and execute it:

CD "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Temp\Mindscape\WebWorkbench\Ruby193\Ruby193\bin"
gem update sass

4 Star
by majnu | May 29 2014

Great tool with a few little quirks. I use it for sass in VS 2013 and it integrates really well into my work.

1 Star
by rg777 | April 28 2014

2 Star
by geezer498 | March 20 2014

This is a good extension but once my sass files get a little more complicated I have to wait 3 seconds or more between typing characters. It is unusable when this happens. I would give this extension 5 stars but the fact that I can't even type my sass out without waiting a million years makes it incredibly frustrating to use.

1 Star
by KingOfHypocrites | March 07 2014

Docking some spammy tab in my IDE... Fail! Un-installed.

1 Star
by Monstrik | March 02 2014

free version is poor functional that notepad

1 Star
by alfanumeriek | February 28 2014

The "free" version cannot even compile LESS. It can just edit the file. So can notepad. Please dont fool me.

4 Star
by Claire Botman | February 10 2014

4 Star
by Tim Acheson | January 30 2014

1 Star
by kieranjohn | January 28 2014

installed free version 3.2.1144.23109 on vs-2012
scss compile on save gives a blank css file
scss file only contains: html{visibility: hidden;}

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  • Import Directory
    1 Posts | Last post August 05, 2016
    • It is possible to import directory with /* syntax. I have purchase Webbench, and I am having problems using the /* syntax for all files. Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong. I currently list the 50 or so sass files individually.
      Thanks Stu
  • Javascript is not complied correctly from CoffeeScript
    2 Posts | Last post July 20, 2016
    • Recently I upgraded from Visual Studio 2012 to 2015. I'm getting odd behavior from the 2015 Web Workbench CoffeeScript compiler. In certain cases tabs within the CoffeeScript are not recognized and in others properties within a class' constructor are compiling into functions. This does not happen in Visual Studio 2012. I can provide example code if need be.  Is there any known issues? Does the Pro version have these problems too?
    • We are moving to Visual Studio 2015 and it is my understanding that Mindscape will not work in 2015 at this point.  I've seen nothing to indicate when it a version actually officially supported will be released.
  • Settings lost
    1 Posts | Last post March 09, 2016
    • I use the Pro version since long time, only for coffeescript. I'm happy about this tool, works for coffeescript very cool! But an error came with VS 2015: The settings will be forgotten at every start of VS.  So I must tell every day the pathes for *.js, and thats no fine work! Please repair this, please :)
  • Is there a free edition for VS 2015?
    1 Posts | Last post January 06, 2016
    • When installing this download on Visual Studio 2015, it requires a license - no free option.
      Is there a free edition for VS 2015?
  • Compiler generate files as nested and also in Output Directory
    1 Posts | Last post December 05, 2015
    • Hello All,
      I am using this great extension but facing a problem while using it. I created a SCSS folder and a CSS Folder under styles directory. I have given output directory to be the CSS folder. When I save the the scss file it generates the file in SCSS folder and CSS folder as well. Can anybody help me with this.
  • auto updating sass files
    2 Posts | Last post January 28, 2015
    • How do i get sass files to update themselves in visual studio with mindscape workbench? Every time a change is made to a sass file visual studio prompts to reload the file. I want this to be done automatically so I dont have to be click 'yes to all' ever time I make changes to the sass file. 
    • Hi there,
      Sounds to me like you have the generated file open at the same time as your sass file.  Probably best to just close it, as you should really avoid editing these generated files anyway.
  • Build process
    1 Posts | Last post January 28, 2015
    • As part of a team of front end developers working in a larger group we are using Web Workbench to maintain our scss files.
      Does the Pro version allow us to automate the generation of the built css files as part of the build process?
      Basically, we want to remove the generated css files from the version control and have it that ALL teams members generate the latest css on build.
  • this free version unable to install on VS 2013 express!
    3 Posts | Last post November 20, 2014
    • Hello there
      it's unable to be installed on visual studio 2013 update 2 express . any new version ??!!
    • Same problem here. It will be nice to have something working there 
    • Hi folks,
      This can't be done - Microsoft deliberately blocks extensions in the Express versions of Visual Studio so it's outside our control. HOWEVER, Microsoft recently announced the new Visual Studio Community 2013 Edition. This is also free but does support extensions. You'll want to move to that to be able to use Web Workbench.
      I hope that helps,
      John-Daniel Trask
  • Line number flag
    1 Posts | Last post September 25, 2014
    • Do you have any plans to include the "--line-numbers" feature in your plug-in?
  • where are settings stored?
    1 Posts | Last post July 31, 2014
    • Where are the settings stored? As in, which files to process and how, per project?
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