PVS-Studio is a powerful static source code analysis solution for bug detection in C, C++, and C# projects. It is intended for use in detecting and fixing security and quality issues in code, before they turn into vulnerabilities, crashes, or painful debugging.

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Visual Studio
2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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by Farkhod | May 27 2016

Very smart and fast code analyzer!

by Levkippdev | April 13 2015

by foto_shooter | April 09 2015

by Dmitry Me | March 14 2013

This is a giant leap in how static code analysis should be done. Much better than a warning for every "while(true)" loop.

Every Visual C++ developer should use the "trial" offer to see it in action.

by Brett Rowbotham | March 12 2013

Excellent tool for analysis of MFC C++ code in Visual Studio without the complexities of setting up something like PC-Lint to handle MFC with all its quirks.

by jpellio1 | March 10 2013

by zahir2342 | March 09 2013

by Arkady Shapkin | March 09 2013

by ixSci | March 06 2013

by Fahrenheit25391 | December 22 2011

Cool set of error detection rules (detected several real errors in my project), although easily eats few gigs of memory

by Anton Drachev | August 04 2011

by Andrey_Karpov | November 05 2009

by Alexey Oskin | November 05 2009

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