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VS10x Editor View Enhancer


Enhance the code editor with class and member name highlighting, member type images, end-of-block details, hotspots etc.

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2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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5 Star
by Titatuh | April 30 2012

very helpful!

4 Star
by Thaddeus R | March 10 2012

I don't use all the features of this extension, since some of them already exist in one of my other addons, but this is a very nice extension with some very useful features for navigating your code at a glance and having structure pop out at you.

5 Star
by John L. DeVito | February 03 2012

This is a great extension and use it constantly. One question/feature I would like answered or addressed...Is it possible to adjust the transparancy of the class/interface/method icons? I wish I could see them better.

Michael Kiss [BG8] February 03 2012
| Edit |

John - at this moment the image transparency level is not adjustable. However, I will consider adding an option for this in a future update!

5 Star
by Ehsan Mohammadi | October 15 2011


5 Star
by tsdryden | August 25 2011

Make your code just that much easier to read and work on.

3 Star
by Mehmet YILDIZ | July 22 2011

1 Star
by Ryan0822 | July 18 2011

It's really useful. But it's just a Trial. Not use it any more.

Michael Kiss [BG8] August 23 2011
| Edit |

During the 1+ year free beta period, the "FREE BETA" text was written in caps lock, big font, in a green-bordered boxed paragraph that appeared 3 times on the product description page here on the Visual Studio Gallery. Usually betas are free, and that *never* implies that the final product will be free.

Also, during the more than 1 year free beta, you had the product at your disposal to use it in your day-by-day work. If, during that time, it brought you less than 40 bucks in added value then I must admit it was purely decorative for you, and I am ready to take the blame and accept your review/rating as deserved. Otherwise... well, no comment.

5 Star
by PikachuEXE | July 01 2011

Good extension
It looks much better :)

5 Star
by OliverKurowski | May 31 2011

1 Star
by SngBrdB | March 13 2011

This extension lies... it is trial-ware. I am now getting constant popups telling me I have to upgrade to the full version to continue using it.

Not happy. >:|

5 Star
by XChronos | February 10 2011

5 Star
by gpk13 | January 31 2011

Excellent set of free enhancements to VS2010.
Thank you and keep up the great work!

5 Star
by 'quux | January 24 2011

4 Star
by Gil Yoder | January 05 2011

I am enjoying your free tools, but I have started to get a popup after installing the last update of the Editor View Enhancer that says, "Trial expired. You are welcome...." etc. The window title says "VS10x - Editor View Enhancer."

Why is that appearing for a free plug-in?

This did not happen before installing 1.23.

5 Star
by Arzumanyan Karen Raphaelovich | December 09 2010

More thanks!

2 Star
by Nofb | August 01 2010

Version 1.16:

1) Promising but needs fixing, colours don't appear as expected, as shown in the two following screenshots:

Problem description:
- members are sometimes partially in colour, sometimes the colour is on its type instead (or part of the type)
- some members are never in the expected colours (only functions are)
- some references to parameters have the member colour

This is repeatable, the same errors occur at the same locations if the window is closed and opened again, or if Visual Studio is shut down and launched again.

The code was generated by MySQL connector for Visual Studio 2010, ~550 lines which shouldn't be a problem. It is correct and compiles without errors / warnings.

2) Also, the options should not be in the contextual menu but in the Visual Studio option panel for the sake of consistency (and to avoid cluttering the contextual menu with unrelated items).

4 Star
by J. Lucas | July 26 2010

3 Star
by Patrick Desjardins | June 29 2010

Should not require to restart to see a modification.
Two improvement should be done to me perfect : 1)Preview, 2)Not restart VS every changes.

5 Star
by StevenVanDijk | June 29 2010


5 Star
by Paul Rogero | June 24 2010

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