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Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor

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Allows users to create and edit Visual Studio themes. Themes can customize colors used for menus, toolbars, tabs, titlebars, the text editor, and other environment colors.

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4 Star
by jschroedl | September 10 2012

1 Star
by Jakob Strauch | September 10 2012

same problem here (VS2012 Prof. German). I´ve also tried to add a new Theme by copying the current (which is shown as some GUID in the dropdown). Result: NullRef Exception.

1 Star
by leifordjr | September 10 2012

@Luke, I thought I was the only one having that exact same problem... I have tried on two machines, two versions (RTM/RC), with the same results, I only see the Dark.

I am 64 bit on both, maybe that's the problem?

1 Star
by Luke Kuszaj | September 10 2012

Doesn't seem to work - no other themes than 'Dark' in THEME menu, after creating custom theme and restart custom theme is gone...

4 Star
by Laughing John | September 10 2012

Wow, the relief is instant, thank you so much, I can finally start to use VS2012 without having my retinas burnt out.

VS2012 is still a bit "flat" for my taste, the icons are still pretty bland and those upper case menus are still awful, but that's just quibbling compared to the original themes.

Thanks to this extension I can actually move on from VS2010! Please keep the blue theme (and the editor) in future releases.

5 Star
by mt mt | September 10 2012

I've only used this for a few minutes, but the relief was instantaneous. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

5 Star
by JamieTrew | September 10 2012

It just works. I switched to blue, and I haven't thought about it since. I have actually been able to move to VS2012 now. (Who ever though making each window indistinguishable from the other was a good idea?). Thanks for this!!

1 Star
by hhrvoje | September 10 2012

Theme menu has 3 items: theme list, dark, customize colors. When I press Theme list nothing happens - tested on two computers. Both have Win8 rtm.

Customize colors opens tab that i really cant understand what to do with it: there's a Guid instead of White theme in Copy color from dropdown. If I create new theme, and open it, can't do also nothing!

Really buggy plugin, and can't get it to work :(

5 Star
by Paul Hasell | September 10 2012 like VS 2010...nice :)

5 Star
by HowardRichards | September 10 2012

Take the pain out of your eyes.. this should have been in the release!

5 Star
by naviwhack | September 10 2012

Thank you, thank you, thank you. That's what I said on setting Blue from this editor. Gone was the terrible bland greyness of VS2012, back was most of the blue of VS2010. Absolutely superb.

Installing this extension caused VS2012 to crash the first time, but a restart later, everything was still working, and I could select Themes.

Now if only someone would fix all the icons so that they were actually discernable & relevant to the activity they described, instead of nouveau art...

5 Star
by Jason Williams | September 10 2012

I don't use any of the features of this extension except to select the Blue theme and make VS2012 *usable*. (I can even differentiate sections in the Pending Chnages window now!)

But just for that it's worth 6 stars out of 5.

Warning: You need to save and restore your text editor colours as the themes overwrite them when applied. It'd be great if the UI theme and editor syntax colours could be treated as separate colour sets.

3 Star
by playtime.pds | September 10 2012

Works fine with low level control over colours. Is there any chance of a 'Create theme from from Windows settings' option?

2 Star
by JasonBack | September 10 2012

It didn't work for me but i'm sure it soon will. thanks a lot for this and keep up the good work.

To some of the moaners who post toxic comments I would like to see your free contribution on this site. This is a free tool!

5 Star
by Alin Constantin - MSFT | September 09 2012

Does exactly what it said it does - adds a couple color themes, allows editing the colors.

The extension will not add icons to toolwindows tabs, will not use round corners or border lines where Dev10 had - those are xaml styles that are built into Dev11 binaries and can't be changed by a coloring extension.

For people:
- wanting gradients: feel free to CustomizeColors, search for 'Gradient' and modify the Begin/Middle1/Middle2/End colors as you want.
- asking for lowercase menus: there is already an extension doing that: . Not something that I'd use, but to each his own.
- asking Dev10 colored icons: changing icons from Dev11-style Metro icons is not possible with an extension, the icons are built in into each of the installed VS packages.
- experiencing problems: instead of giving a 1-star review I'd contact Matt directly, I'm sure he'd be interested in investigating more and providing an updated/fixed version.

5 Star
by rcardare | September 09 2012

This is great, thank you very much! Please add icon pack and change the CAPS with one click. :)

1 Star
by Weltkrieg | September 08 2012

Didn't work for me as well. No Custom themes appeared in the menu.

I'd also prefer that this not consume an entire menu. This should plug into the the VS Options dialog.

5 Star
by zing0001 | September 08 2012

Thank goodness!

1 Star
by Technologist | September 08 2012

Does not work , very bad design , even cannot import themes from external file!

3 Star
by Kuffs2205 | September 08 2012

Needs a better way to choose the colour to edit as the list is far too complicated due to the names of some elements.

Also needs an "Export" option to save and share the theme. What happens if I reinstall?

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      Can you suggest any fix other than uninstall and install of VS?
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