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Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor

Microsoft Free

Allows users to create and edit Visual Studio themes. Themes can customize colors used for menus, toolbars, tabs, titlebars, the text editor, and other environment colors.

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3 Star
by Le Chaud Lapin | January 05 2013

Somewhere, at Microsoft, is a manager. This person probably has a crisp manner of speaking, excellent posture, and uses bombastic words like "deliverable" and "core competency" and "chime in". And that person is a friggin' idiot. To that idiot: I would like to tell you something that neither your mother, your father, your 1st-grade teacher, your first girlfriend (or boyfriend) (or Metro-friend), your high-school counselor, your college counselor, your grad-school counselor, your trust-fund trustee, your grand-parents, or your dog told you: You are a bona-fide idiot. You live in a world where you can be utterly incompetent, and still stay afloat, because other people around you have been pulling your weight from birth. If you had been born into an environment where latte was a type of weapon, I can assure you: VS2012 WOULD NOT LOOK SO HORRIFIC. NO, I AM NOT YELLING AT YOU. I AM MERELY FOLLOWING YOUR LEAD.

5 Star
by Hani Khoshdel-Nikkhoo | January 04 2013

A cool tool!

5 Star
by Skar1212 | January 04 2013

Super Tool

5 Star
by gustagius | January 04 2013

1 Star
by Anonymous699 | December 31 2012

I think there are reasons that MSFT stock price is dropped. VS2012's color/icon design is the worst in all of the versions.

5 Star
by Polish Ninja | December 27 2012

This is awesome! Good job.

5 Star
by Giulio Vian | December 27 2012

5 Star
by Yann Duran | December 22 2012

Matt, this is fantastic work! Such a pity MS didn't get you to do this at the beginning, instead of trying to force the new light/dark themes on everyone, whether they wanted the change or not. The light/dark themes would have been so much better received if they had been a choice, not rammed down our throats.

But the problem is, I only found the 2.1 version by accident (but a very pleasant one it was), then again, I only found the updated 2.2 version by accident as well. So much frustration could have been saved for a lot of people, if they knew only about your extension.

One odd thing though, VS didn't flag the new version as an available update, even though I had the original one installed already.

I love the sound of the things that you're "thinking about" doing. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Thank you!

5 Star
by ssc0 | December 17 2012

Most useful extension for VS2012.

5 Star
by Albert Bori | December 15 2012

Biggest disappointment with VS 2012 was them ramming metro down our throats... especially the atrocity that is their default styling of VS 2012. This editor lets me change the environment to look in such a way that doesn't give me a headache within a few minutes. Added bonus: They attempted to match their last VS color scheme as one of the default templates.

Nice recovery, Microsoft.

5 Star
by ------------------------ | December 13 2012

Pretty simple to create an Office 2013 like color theme with this. Anyone hosting up a site where people can upload their creations? :)

1 Star
by Melsis | December 13 2012

Colorless icons remain the same. Let's face it Microsoft. We are not happy with new User Interface. We want to see UI of VS2010. Gray colored icons very bad choice for our eyes. Children can make this icons better than MS.
Metro theme is very bad for new generation PCs. Everything is gray. It seems 80's old PCs. Why do we use color monitor? Why do we use new generation graphic cards? Is it for Metro theme or gray screen?

5 Star
by ericfaust | December 13 2012

Helps make VS 2012 look descent.

5 Star
by Chris Declat | December 12 2012

Finally light in the dark.

5 Star
by Jason Skowronek | December 07 2012

Couldn't have installed this soon enough. Dark and light themes, really? Sometimes is just doesn't make sense to deviate too far from what is already working, right MSFT.

4 Star
by SideByEach | December 06 2012

Nicely done!

Question for the MS team members:

Why did they, or management, decide to make Visual Studio 2012 look like a Java freeware application? The washed out, monochrome color scheme is a huge step backwards for the product. Heads should roll.

4 Star
by TAlf | December 06 2012

Thank You!!

5 Star
by Mean Oge | December 03 2012

Awesome, VS is useable now!

5 Star
by Aryaei | November 30 2012

cool...hope it get some more themes too...if i had some times i like work on new colors

1 Star
by JMB1502 | November 28 2012

I this working for the Express Edition ? I have not been able to install it on VS express.

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      If you can DBAs cross the world would be happier.  :-)
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    • Hello Matthew,
      Is there anyway to change the default color settings of the Fonts inside Tools/Options/FontsAndColors dynamically through code? I've figured out how to catch the Theme change event and I would like to switch my color scheme to predefined values after a theme switch, but I can't figure out how to access the color values through code. Would I have to somehow rewrite the registry values or is there an easier way to do this?
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    • Hi. On my copy of VS2012 the colour of the document tabs seems to be fixed: aspx forms and code behind get a rather nasty brick red, .cs classes a sort of British Racing Green. The document with the focus doesn't really stand out, particularly for green tabs and it sometimes takes me a while to realise I'm not on the tab I thought I was. This doesn't seem to be under the control of the theme editor - is there any way to change it?
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    • I'm using VS 2012 as a component of Sql Server Data Tools. As such this is the "integrated" version, not "Professional. As a result I apparently can't install this extension, which is a bummer, because I can't stand the look of VS 2012!!!!
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      In VS 2012, if I have two instances running and change the color of one instance it also changes the color of the second instance.
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    • Hello,
      I installed the plugin while having my custom colors. I noticed that it changed some of the colors here and there and I tried to import them back from settings file. I realized that the studio has stopped importing colors and fonts. I uninstalled the plugin but this didn't fix the problem. So now I have a spoiled color theme and broken import settings feature. Also on every change of theme the font is reset to some strange font and I have to go change it manually from the options. All this is happening on VS 2012 Professional.
      Can you suggest any fix other than uninstall and install of VS?
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