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Visual Studio 2012 Color Theme Editor

Microsoft Free

Allows users to create and edit Visual Studio themes. Themes can customize colors used for menus, toolbars, tabs, titlebars, the text editor, and other environment colors.

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5 Star
by gr_____________________ | September 14 2012

Finally! Now I can start using VS 2012. Minor issue - hard to find the color I want to tweak among so many similar-sounding entries.

A simple bitmap with UI screenshot and most important entries pointed out could be helpful.

5 Star
by Kratz | September 14 2012

Very nice, I was able to the colors pretty close to how I want them.

5 Star
by carlovdango | September 14 2012

super cool but many many features to edit..maybe too many.

4 Star
by Petr Vones | September 14 2012

Thanks for the addin than can revert back to more contrast colors. Now I'd like to get rid of the ugly big window title bar wasting vertical resolution only without any added value. And of course, there are still color icons missing.

5 Star
by JimC146 | September 13 2012

Awesome! Was waiting for this!

4 Star
by Frank C_ | September 13 2012

The window colors are nice, but any chance of bringing back the color icons?

1 Star
by PDProgrammer | September 13 2012

I was quite happy to learn that they seemed to be listening and at least provided this add-on but given how many developers hate their default and given how they chose to remove the ability to change the look and given the fact that the express edition can't make use of this. Would it be a stretch to say that they purposely did this to give folks using the express editions more of a reason to buy their software?

It's almost like they found a great carrot and they're making the most of it. The express edition contains everything I need so it's not like I have to buy it but I can't help but wonder if they did this on purpose. Made a horrific looking GUI, took away our ability to change it, then basically said if you wanna change it you gonna have to pay.

5 Star
by Rainman_ctSA | September 13 2012

Great, works a charm and does what it says. Now I can have some variation to what I stare at all day long. Thanks for this!

2 Star
by j.Boekhoff | September 13 2012

Ok, nice to have a little bit more color around. But what I really miss is the possibility to change the icons to colorfull ones. And a special thank would go to that one, who makes the menues CamelCase. Who to hell decided to write it only in upper case?

5 Star
by Fuhr Software | September 13 2012

Thank you! I really disliked the stock dark and light themes. The themes that come with this are so much better.

4 Star
by Christoph067 | September 12 2012

works well so far. I love the green theme!

4 Star
by Daniel Petrik | September 12 2012

Thank you for possiblity to switch to Blue style theme. The uppercase menu is solved - I add in registry new dword value named "SuppressUppercaseConversion" with value 1 in
Now remains icons...

5 Star
by Powerspective | September 12 2012

Excellent! I was seriously considering reverting to VS 2010 because of VS 2012's horrible colors. The Color Theme Editor's Blue theme looks great.

4 Star
by MattHazz | September 11 2012

Thank Goodness for this! There was simply not enough contrast in the default color schemes. The default style was honestly impeading my ability to work quickly in the VS UI.

I find it odd that these gray on white design choices are being lumped into Metro Style. I am a Win Phone 7.5 user who loves metro... my phone isn't white on gray with all caps.. it is spledidly high contrast and easy to use.

5 Star
by Pirate99 | September 11 2012

Thanks for listening to your developer community and providing this!

4 Star
by DuelingCats | September 11 2012

Colors...finally. I know Microsoft is pushing hard for their unified metro theme, but it isn't everyone's cup of tea. I'm glad to see a bit of customization now. All we need now is some icon sets.

5 Star
by dvallis | September 11 2012

5 Star
by tommm45 | September 11 2012

Thank you for saving my eyes! Finally I'm able to use VS2012, as the default theme is a disaster. I hope someone finds the way to bring some colors to icons, but even now it's much much better than the default theme.

5 Star
by Heath Murphy | September 11 2012

Nice job with the plugin. As others have suggested, I'd only recommend that the main menu item be removed since colors are not set often.

5 Star
by HarrisonLogic | September 10 2012

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