Manage localization of all ResX-Based resources in one place. Shows all resources of a solution and let's you edit the strings and their localizations in a well-arranged data grid.

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by DaBue1990 | Thu 9:17 AM

Very nice and easy to use tool. I would love it, if i had this tool 4-5 years ago! This grid-layout (for keys and values with column for every language) is very easy to use and intuitive!

by Wajdi.Younis | January 27 2016

solves the problem of missing stringes from resx files. great tool for translating your app.

by Rodney Richardson | January 27 2016

This works brilliantly. We're using this to support localization of a WPF application.
Tom is also very responsive to bug reports.

by vidriduch | January 26 2016

Excellent! Great work! Translations look very good!

Maybe a little feature reuqest would be direct export/import with MS SQL as well.

by LeonardoNS | January 13 2016


by Georgyi Grigoryev | January 11 2016

by Ahmed Alejo | January 10 2016

Cool essential tool, works in VS2015 RTM, VS2015 Enterprise with Update 1

by AndrewP99 | January 05 2016

How did I not know about this ages ago. What a time saver, I love it. Thanks

by treaschf | December 17 2015

Great extension, and I especially like the possibility of filtering.

by Reza.Rahmati | December 16 2015

by walsharoo | December 14 2015

Awesome tool. It's works really well with multiple resx files and the highlighting is really helpful.

by VilhelmE | December 11 2015

It's just great, it fits perfectly into the development process! The export/import feature is very useful to have when other persons, i.e. not IT professionals, are making translations for the system that you are developing. Thank you!

by UlyssesWu | December 10 2015

VS really should integrate it.

Need I Say More ?

by Nick St-Amour | November 27 2015

by Heribert Pfeiffer | November 26 2015

Fantastic tool. Exactely what I need now. Thanks!

by Ondrej Medek | November 20 2015

by piaaar | November 19 2015

The extension solves the biggest problems I have with resx files. Namely having to open each file when I want to add a resource. And having exceptions everywhere when I forget an entry somewhere...

4 stars because there are still a few little bugs ... but it's all apologized!

TomEnglert November 20 2015
| Edit |

What bugs are you talking about? Currently there are no open bugs, just feature requests.
If you think something is not working as expected, please create a new issue at:

by Mistralys | November 17 2015

Discovered this recently, and it has quickly become an essential tool. It has all the features I need for managing my resource file-based localization needs, without being too bloated. It feels like a tool that could be part of the base Visual Studio install.

Thanks a bundle for sharing this!

by AlBaraa Sh | November 17 2015

Nice tool, just misses the support of Razor files auto generation

TomEnglert November 17 2015
| Edit |

What kind of files are you thinking of?
Please add a feature request here:

by Johan20D | October 26 2015

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  • How to paste a big number of rows ?
    2 Posts | Last post December 22, 2015
    • Hi there,
      Great extension so far.
      One of my language wasn't fully translated so I gave my translator an excel file with KEY/VALUE/COMMENT so He can translate.
      I want to paste the 3 columns. It's possible using the default rsx manager from VS but it takes ages (a couple hours for 500 rows, and i'm trying to paste 2000rows).
      I've displayed only key/Spanish/Spanish comment, in your RsxManager but when I paste I always have errors (headers not having the good format, then problem to parse the header...)
      Is there a way to paste only the values for a languages ?
      Thank you ! 
    • First do a copy of the existing content and paste it into an empty Excel sheet, then you will see the correct header format.
  • Google Drive integration
    3 Posts | Last post October 26, 2015
    • I found your extension very useful, thank you. In my project we have a separate person who manage strings and translations but he doesn't know visual studio. Currently we use export/import excel feature  -> copy/paste google sheet but we faced on with a merging issues. When translation manager update string and developer add new string we should merge it manually. We use comments like "edited" or "new %date%" to help us. I plead you to create next features which will extremely increased popularity of your plugin:
      - update project resources based on google sheet
      - update google sheet based on project resources
      - resolve conflicts window which simply ask you two options use google or use project string 
      If you think this idea useful I can help you with it's implementation
    • Please create an issue (type:feature) at 
    • Created here
  • Name Collision
    3 Posts | Last post September 29, 2015
    • This plugin is really, really, really great but I have issues. In my project there are multiple resource files with the same name in different sub directories. Actually named Locale.resx -- it's just the way it is. While ResXManager seems to work anyway, and the excel export in a way works as well, the excel import screws everything up. Is there a way to switch from "FileName" to "Namespace+Class"? While file name may not be unique in a single project, a Namespace+Class must be. Or include the sub directories within the project, not just the file name, that makes it unique as well.
    • I am having this same issue.
  • Handling linebreaks
    2 Posts | Last post September 03, 2015
    • I can't add linebreaks via "shift + enter"
      Are there any plans for supporting this? 
    • you must use "ctrl + enter", not "shift + enter"
  • export failed
    2 Posts | Last post June 24, 2015
    • Hello,
      Do I need to have ms office installed for the export to succeed ? The export do not complain, the file is created and when I open it with open office I can see as many tabs as selected files, but each tab is desperately empty... Could somebody help me ?
      Thank you.
    • [UPDATE]
      I've managed to get a version of Office and everything is ok. Just forget to deal with Open Office it is not compatible.
  • Do not post bugs here, please
    1 Posts | Last post April 17, 2015
    • To report bugs or suggest new features please use the project home page:
  • Neutral resources language setting not working for translate tab
    3 Posts | Last post April 15, 2015
    • I set neutral resources language to "zh-TW", but the "Source: Neutral" of Translate Tab is still "en", please fix it, thank you!
    • Translate from zh-TW to zh-CN is not working, the zh-CN output is same of zh-TW.
    • Please do not report bugs here! Use
      #1: It's just the image that's wrong, will be fixed in next version.
      #2: What translation service are you using? Does it work if you use the same service online?
  • please add the most important feature -- automatic translation
    2 Posts | Last post March 04, 2015
    • please add the most important feature -- automatic translation. 
      invoke some public free web services for translation.
      I've seen tools already doing it. 
    • by one click, 80% of the work are done
  • VS 14 integration
    2 Posts | Last post October 24, 2014
    • can we get this project to support Visual Studio 14? I am enjoying the CTP but miss this add in :-(
    • Will be coming soon:
      It will cost you a nice review ;-)
  • Export only selected languages
    2 Posts | Last post August 26, 2014
    • Could 'export selected' only export the currently selected columns?
    • There is already a feature request for that, should be in one of the next releases:
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