Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows 8.1


This is the Windows 8.1 Advertising SDK 2014 update.

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by Tom69420 | December 24 2015

100% trash. It's disgraceful that M$ continues to force this waste of space into our Visual Studio installations, and then have the audacity to blatantly lie about the "ability" to uninstall it. STOP PUSHING THIS GARBAGE!!!

by ShotiQ | July 03 2015

by Forge36 | April 30 2015

by McCodeWriter | April 29 2015

Yet more garbage I don't want and can't remove easily. Thanks MS.

by Smyrnian | April 21 2015

I am really getting sick of the Microsoft attitude. They are plainly lying when they say "you can uninstall it in Control Panel" when you cannot! It is EVIL of them to intentionally make life hard for us. If there was a zero rating, I would have chosen that!

by matthias.otto | February 24 2015

Broke the ability to run VS 2012 side-by-side with VS 2013:

by Håkan Save Hansson | February 02 2015

Like others, my low rating is because I don't want this in my VS and I can't uninstall it in the way MS suggests (Control Panel).

by marc90_ | January 26 2015

by hwiechers | January 20 2015

Please remove this from the default VS install.
It's unneeded bloatware.

by Peter Morgan - Jet2 | January 09 2015

I can't even uninstall it via Control Panel.
The fact I need to use a powershell script someone has put on StackOverflow is just ridiculous.

by Bryan.Wolf | November 21 2014

You can remove this bloatware very easily. The instructions here seemed to work great for me:

by EnC3y | October 19 2014

Unnecessary bloatware that I cannot uninstall, not even via Features and Programs as advertized?

Guess how I will rate this.

by Rob Prouse | October 01 2014

Unneeded and should not be included in Visual Studio by default. Unlike what the Microsoft spokesperson says in the other comment, it cannot be uninstalled easily because it does not appear in the Control Panel for most people. Follow the link in the other review and uninstall with PowerShell.

by RealeXavera | September 04 2014

by Eamon Nerbonne | August 11 2014

by PlausiblyDamp | August 04 2014

Not wanted but the alleged option to remove isn't present under Programs and Features.

by MatthewBlott | June 26 2014

I echo the comments here - please let me remove this VS bloatware.

by Jeroen Heijmans | June 11 2014

This extensions made it into VS2012 without my knowledge (or it just slipped by, I guess), and cannot be uninstalled anymore. See e.g. and the "Q AND A" for this extension.

I realize this review contributes to the "problem with star ratings" (please enjoy and :D), but warning others to install something that's not uninstallable is worth it I guess.

by Paolo Tedesco | June 11 2014

There is no reason for this thing to be installed by default, and there is no way to uninstall it.
The entry in "programs and features" is just not there, please remove this thing from the installation defaults and provide an easy way to uninstall it.

by Bob Blork | May 30 2014

its totally fine! forget what they said!

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  • Why can I not uninstall this extension?
    9 Posts | Last post September 19, 2015
    • I don't need it and don't need update notifications for software that I don't use. please provide instructions on how to uninstall
    • Please use the uninstall program feature to uninstall the "Microsoft Advertising Ad SDK for Windows8.1"
      Path : Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features
    • So then? How can I get rid of it? There is no entry in 'programs and features' (at least in Win7).
    • Run these commands at command prompt:
      MsiExec.exe /X{6AB13C21-C3EC-46E1-8009-6FD5EBEE515B} 
      MsiExec.exe /X{6AC81125-8485-463D-9352-3F35A2508C11}
      MsiExec.exe /X{EBD9DB6D-180B-4C59-9622-B75CC4B32C94}
      I don't know which one gets rid of this crap but once I ran these it was gone.
    • Well said Jonathan! No-one needs this advertising crap. Maybe in the next VS Update you will add the option to which updates you wish to see through the notification feeds and I am sure no-one which have the advertising checked.
      We don't want to end-up with millions of complaints like when Microsoft added advertising to Skype after it was ad-free for 10 years. I know you can add the pagedads Google link to the hosts file and but users shouldn't have to
    • Dear Microsoft Advertising SDK Team, I'm also experiencing this issue. Uninstalling from Programs & Features does not work. I was directed here because I asked this question on Stack Overflow:
      Please see that question for more details on my situation.
      Workaround mentioned above in the other Q here (running the MSI from suggested URL) did not work for me, it just presents a fresh installer. 
      Workaround mentioned above in this Q here (running MsiExec.exe) did not work for me either, it just comes with a popup explaining MsiExec's parameters.
    • Thanks to Lukamicoder.
      The msiexec commands worked for me.
      Is started them in a administrator command prompt.
      But I still have the extension "Microsoft Advertising pupCenter Service for Visual Studio".
      How can get rid of the last one?
    • FWIW, my question at Stack Overflow got answered, the workaround posted there worked for me.
    • You can uninstall it from Control Panel after you update it
  • Please stop these updates
    4 Posts | Last post May 31, 2014
    • You should not be providing an update if you cannot uninstall it.
      I expect more from a professional software provider.
    • Please use the uninstall program feature to uninstall the "Microsoft Advertising Ad SDK for Windows8.1"
      Path : Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features
    • There is no entry for the advertising SDK in the Programs and Features list of installed programs...
    • Use this URL:
      Run it then choose unistall