OpenWithTest is a Visual Sudio extension which saves you time by opening up the corresponding test file when you open an implementation file (and vice versa).

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Visual Studio
2012, 2010
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by William Boatin | February 29 2012

Awesome! This tool does exactly what it claims to and nothing else, which is nice. My only concern is the impact of the indexed on VS or machine performance. Is there any way to monitor the impact of the indexer? (briefly mentioned in the options under Tools->Options->Open With Test->Reset)?

Matthew Manela February 29 2012
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The indexing is a one time hit when you first open a solution with OpenWithTest installed. It will scan the whole project and add the project items to its internal index. After this initial hit it will just track update events which won't hurt performance at all.

I have noticed on LARGE projects that initial index can take a while but it shouldn't hurt performance. Let me know if you notice otherwise and I can try to address it.

by XAML guy | February 11 2012

by terhoff | November 19 2010

This is a great tool for TDD. The new one-click enable/disable toolbar option makes switching between TDD and browsing solutions much easier.

by agaace | November 14 2010

Crashes my Visual Studio everytime I open my solution with a:
unable to cast to a COM interface, no such interface
exception. It may be interference with other extensions, for example I have Pex installed for testing, but still it's the only extension that crashes for me. When I disable it, VS works just fine.

Matthew Manela June 23 2011
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I made some fixes in the last release. Could you check again and see if it still gives issues?

by Owen1980 | July 05 2010

by Albert Kim | July 02 2010

If you practice TDD then this tool is invaluable.

by Steven Wilssens | July 01 2010

Smart Thinking, you always need to have your test file open when making changes anyway! (unless you are adding documentation or something :))

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