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Sitecore Rocks makes Sitecore developers happy. Directly integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013, Sitecore Rocks provides a fast and streamlined development experience with tools that developers are used to.

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by Sergii P | November 03 2015

by Praneeth Raj Rachamadugu | June 18 2015

Hi Team

I am facing an issue with SiteCore Rocks plugin installation, During the last phase of download of this plugin, I get an error .. Extension could not installed due to the below error, "Exception occurred during a webclient request".

Please help regarding this. I have verified and saw the WebClient service is up and running in my services list

JakobChristensen June 18 2015
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Hi Praneeth

You posted both here and in the Q&A section.

Have you solved your problem?

by bUrak G. _ | February 26 2015

Great tool!

by Brett S1 | December 02 2014

Low rating because this extension is not open-sourced. Please open source Sitecore Rocks so we can evolve this extension and address the many issues still outstanding (e.g. file conflict resolution).

by Divamatrix | June 10 2013

Please explain where the documentation for this actually lives at? I can not seem to get it to do anything and all I'd like is some documentation. The Sitecore rocks wiki is amazingly void of anything even remotely useful at all. Is there something I'm missing?

Among the other many, many steps, I have walked through just to get it to connect, which I could write a book on, the one thing I really wanted to do was to generate entities from my templates. Every single time I try to choose "generate class" (there are 2 of them, by the way), it throws an error. It would be really helpful if I even know what I was doing in trying to generate classes from my templates?

JakobChristensen June 10 2013
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Hi Divamatrix

Sorry to hear that.

Sitecore Rocks is currently in CTP which is why there is no documentation or official support from Sitecore.

Please post a screenshot to the exception, that you get, in the Sitecore Rocks SDN Forum, and I will see, if I can fix it.

John West has a nice blog series:

Trevor Campbell also has a nice series:

by Tony Bolton | June 04 2013

Really good - thanks!!

by Gorhal | January 18 2013

by kdeenanauth | April 05 2012

Great extension for Sitecore developers

by kodexe | September 16 2011

Didn't work on my Commodore 64.

by AndreasBergstrom | June 23 2011

by Commodore73 | June 20 2011

I wrote some blog posts introducing Sitecore Rocks. I definitely give it five stars.

by Ronani | June 16 2011

After dreamcore 2011 I am ashamed I didn't used it a lot :-) Ronald

by LarreLandin | June 13 2011

by GurliGebis | June 10 2011

Works great and makes developing for Sitecore alot easier and faster!

by GuitarRich | June 09 2011

Love the new features demo'd at DreamcoreEU

by Eldblom | May 24 2011

Exciting! Looks very promising - especially with the plug-in possibilities.

by JJRocks | May 19 2011

by pbering | January 27 2011

- 0.6.5 now with plugin repository, very nice!
- 0.7.2 is greatly enhanced, if you havn't tried it yet, now is the time!

by JigsP | December 14 2010

Awesome plugin. Thanks

by Hessner | December 07 2010

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  • Sitecore Rocks Content Item Icons Missing
    7 Posts | Last post 1:48 PM
    • I am having issue in setting icons for content items in sitecore. All the icons are not being shown at all in the tree. Its blank. it looks so weird without the icons. I am able to set icons from the content editor in browser.
    • Hi Abyjosef
      Are you using the latest version of Rocks? 
      CMS 8.1 made some changes to security rules around media and icons.
    • Yes I installed the plugin with Nuget which showed up only one version. I am using Sitecore 8.1
      How should I enable these icons?
    • Hi Abyjosef
      Not sure I follow. Sitecore Rocks is not installed using Nuget - it is installed using the Extensions and Tools dialog in Visual Studio.
      You should be using version 1.5.0.
      Can you confirm that you are using 1.5.0?
    • Sorry jacob for the delayed response. I am using the version
      I was on 1.5.0 when I actually posted the query .. but later at some point I dont know but it got fixed. 
      Now this happened again when I tried login to Visual Studio 2013 with a different MS credential. When I did this all the VS2013 setting were gone together with the Sitecore Rocks extension. When I reinstalled Sitecore Rocks again I ran into this issue again!!!
      What could be the reason.
    • Hi AbyJosef
      Try clearing the Internet Explorer/Edge cache - Rocks uses the same cache.
    • Thanks Jacob. Clearing the IE cache worked. But is there any reason for the extension to keep the cache in IE? Just curious about it. :)
  • Sitecore 8 layout renderings
    3 Posts | Last post November 16, 2015
    • Hi Jakob
      I'm using with Sitecore 8. It seems that the "Design Layout" functionality does not support the new __Final Renderings field.
      When I make changes using the Experience Editor, I do not see them in the Design Layout in Rocks.
      Do you have plans to update this functionality?
      Thank you.
    • Hi Darren
      It is already there - have a look here:
    • Fantastic Jakob. Thank you for the link to the doco.
  • Create SPEAK View Model / TypeScript file
    2 Posts | Last post November 03, 2015
    • Jakob, 
      I am using version and I cannot find Create SPEAK View Model and Create SPEAK Typescript File options, this functionality explained here - 
      How to do these things in version?
      Thank you very much!!
    • Hi Sergii
      They should be available when you right-click a View Rendering item (they is not available elsewhere). You should see a SPEAK folder at the very top of the context menu.
      Another possibility is that you turned off the SPEAK features. Open Main menu | Sitecore | Turn Features On or Off and look for the SPEAK entry in the right side.
  • duplicate command
    2 Posts | Last post October 29, 2015
    • I recently installed Sitecore Rocks, I duplicated an existing item. When I update any field on the duplicate item, it is also updating the original item. I have to use Edit externally command to edit the field. 
      I believe, without using edit externally command I should be able to edit the field and save without altering the original item. 
      Please correct this intermittent issue.
    • Hi Soma
      Sorry, I cannot reproduce your issue. It works fine.
      You have to provide more information, and please post in the Sitecore Community forum.
  • Placehoder Setting - Not allowing editing in Experience Editor
    2 Posts | Last post October 24, 2015
    • I have setup placeholder setting for three placeholders I'm using. In Experience Editor, I can see placeholder and respective menu bar but non of the options (e.g. Choose Image, Modify Appearance, Remove Image) works.
      If I modify text, Save Changed button on main menu doesn't get enabled.
      It works fine for home page.
      I'm sure I'm missing something but don't know what.
    • Hi sg_ind
      Is this a Sitecore Rocks question? It looks more like a CMS question. I suggest that you post in the Sitecore Community forum instead.
  • Sitecore Rocks - Failed to Preview
    3 Posts | Last post October 23, 2015
    • The following error message is returning when Preview any page in Sitecore Rocks:
      CS0246: The type or namespace name '__ReSharperSynthetic' could not be found (are you missingg  a using directive or an assembly reference?)
      System Configuration:
      - Visual Studio Professional 2013
      - Sitecore 7.2
      - Sitecore Rocks
    • Hi sg_ind
      Hmm... I thought that was fixed in 
      You can manually remove it from the [YourSite]/sitecore/shell/WebService/Browse.aspx page.
      Or you can try to first uninstall, then install the connection by right-click the website in the Sitecore Explorer and selecting Connections | Remove Server Components and then Update Server Components - that should update the Browser.aspx file.
    • It worked after I removed those lines from Browse.aspx page.
      Thanks for your help.
  • Internal Server Error
    2 Posts | Last post October 20, 2015
    • Hi,
      I'm using VS2015 enterprise and Rocks
      When I'm trying to add new connection I always get but I can access it via this url in browser.
      Do you have any idea what is wrong?
    • Hi Alexander
      Looks like the web service has not been properly installed or some security issue.
      Could the check the following:
      * Open [YourSite]/sitecore/shell/WebService/service2.asmx in a browser.
      * Open [YourSite]/sitecore/shell/WebService/service.asmx in a browser.
      * Try using the Good Old Web Service instead of the Hard Rocks Web Service
  • sitecore rocks with fusion log viewer turned on
    2 Posts | Last post September 22, 2015
    • Hi, I had left fusion log viewer on while using Sitecore Rocks and this caused a lot of slowness in visual studio while loading, right clicking etc. Turned off the log and things work well. The files that Sitecore rocks was trying to bind to and causing a ton of logs was:
      It has no noticeable effect with fusion logs turned off, thought I would mention just in case it is interesting.
    • Hi sdevadas
      Thanks for letting me know. There are no Sitecore.Rocks.resources.dll or .exe, so I suspect that this is WPF accessing Xaml resources in the Sitecore.Rocks.dll.
  • Favourite Items - How To
    2 Posts | Last post September 08, 2015
    • Is there an easy way to add items to the "Favourites" area (star icon) that appears at the very top of Sitecore Explorer ? There doesn;t appear to be any documentation about this feature at all.
      I can drag & drop an item from the tree here but only if the item and the favourites icon are in the same view port.. i.e. you can't add an item that is right at the bottom of the tree as you can never scroll back up to the favourites icon!
      Screen shots here also show a favourites icon on the Sitecore Explorer window toolbar.. I don;t see that and the ability to add new buttons to the toobar is disabled.
      Any info?
    • Hi DaveF_at_Leighton
      You are right, there is no other way than drag'n'drop to add to favourites. I will add that to the todo list.
      The yellow star in the toolbar was originally for Libraries (or Folders), but that has since been integrated into the Sitecore Explorer.
  • Add Sitecore Item Fails
    2 Posts | Last post August 12, 2015
    • Every time I try and add a new SiteCore Layout, I receive an error stating that the file ItemTemplates\Sitecore\Layouts\\MyTemplate.vstemplate is being used by another process.  I'm using VS2015 (Enterprise).  I've tried restarting VS and rebooting the machine with no luck.
    • Hi Eli
      It is a bug in Sitecore Rocks. VS 2015 changed the way they handle file templates, and  Rocks will work around it in the next version.
      Sorry for the inconvenience.
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