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Go To Definition


Make ctrl+click perform a "Go To Definition" on the identifier under the cursor. Also, when the ctrl key is held down, highlight identifiers that look like they have definitions to navigate to.

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2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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5 Star
by Davor Mas | March 04 2015

Great extension!

Just what I needed after my excursion to Eclipse for couple of months. ;)

3 Star
by mist83 | January 20 2015

Interferes with default functionality of Ctrl+click, which highlights the whole word when clicked, making precision less important and saving me ~200-300 ms when I want to highlight a whole word.

While reaching for F12 wastes that same ~200-300 ms, it's far less likely (because it's explicit) to derail my current workflow than having to recover from accidentally navigating when I meant to be copying.

v2.5. ignores Ctrl+Shift+click because it has other bindings, but would propose that user can define key+click combo instead (I don't use default Ctrl+Shift functionality often, so for my workflow, Ctrl+Shift+click for F12 functionality might be useful).

5 Star
by grundt | August 22 2014

Works well - very speedy ... the only trick is remembering that it's available

5 Star
by hsinwei | July 05 2014

5 Star
by Prateek Bhushan | May 05 2014

It is an awesome tool, however I have to degrade to VS2008, can I use it for that?

Noah Richards May 20 2014
| Edit |

Nope. VS2008 used a completely different editor and extensibility system, so this definitely won't work there. Sorry :(

5 Star
by stabilopro | April 19 2014

5 Star
by Jamie Collins | February 28 2014

A fantastic extension I've been using since VSS 2010 and have just installed VSS 2013.

In common with @a5Digital, I too would like a way of navigating 'Peek Definition' but wonder whether this functionality is exposed by the API. There is no mention of 'peek' in the docs for VSConstants.VSStd97CmdID ( So it doesn't seem possible - or am I missing something?

Noah Richards March 01 2014
| Edit |

It wouldn't be in the "97" set, since that was for VS 97, so waaaay too old :) Check the values in the vsstd12cmdid section, which has peek definition + peek navigate (

4 Star
by VolarVideo | February 25 2014

I wish this worked. Using VS2013 and GTD 2.5. I ctrl+click doesn't do anything. Ctrl+hover and the identifier turns into a hyperlink but when I click nothing happens.

Noah Richards February 25 2014
| Edit |

That's unfortunate. Can you point me (a comment in Q&A) at what GTD 2.5 is? It must somehow conflict with how the mouse event is handled, but I'm not sure how.

5 Star
by Oleg V. Korzhukov | February 18 2014

Most useful extension I ever installed to VS

5 Star
by Batu Ozk | January 15 2014

5 Star
by iphilsy | January 03 2014

Thank you thank you thank you. Works great. You turned my frown upside-down!

5 Star
by ITSTH | November 28 2013

For me it's the best plugin ever for visual studio. It's the fastest way of navigating. Just one suggestion: I think it would be nice if Ctrl+RightClick on a keyword triggered the search for references of a function.

5 Star
by denis_stankovski | November 21 2013

Thank you so much!

4 Star
by a5Digital | November 13 2013

I agree with most of these reviews - this extension is a must. However I there is so much more potential here which would leave me baffled if the author doesn't explore the possibility of augmenting this:

a) allow for another key combo + left click perform a peek definition
b) allow for another key combo + left click perform a find all references

If these are exposed via the API (and I believe they are), adding these features should be fairly trivial.

Noah Richards November 14 2013
| Edit |

Sending a different command would be pretty easy to add, yup. If you want it to be configurable, that's more difficult, but just hardcoding combinations wouldn't be bad.

If you're curious about implementing it yourself, the source is here: The actual command logic is in DispatchGoToDef in GoToDefMouseHandler.cs, so you could probably modify that function (or add new functions) for peek or find all references. Since the extension is still built to be compatible with VS2010, you'd want to hardcode the cmdset/cmdid for peek definition and do a version check first, though.

If you have any questions, let me know on the Q&A!

5 Star
by Daniel Joos | October 21 2013

Works with VS 2013. It just requires some manual work:
1. Download the .vsix file
2. Unzip it (e.g. using 7zip)
3. Open the vsixmanifest file and add the following block to line 22
<VisualStudio Version="12.0">
4. Save and Zip all files again
5. Rename the .zip to .vsix and install it

Noah Richards November 10 2013
| Edit |

2.5 should now support VS2013. Let me know if you run into any issues, thanks!

5 Star
by maxima | October 21 2013

+1 VS2013
I use this from day one and is most helpful tool ever... But I have a request (I am amazed that nobody made it yet).

Could you please add Ctrl-Shift-Click to invoke VS Find All References command.

That will make your tool best for ever!! :)

Noah Richards November 10 2013
| Edit |

2.5 should now support VS2013. Ctrl-shift-click doesn't do find all, but it is now ignored (per another user's request).

5 Star
by Jan Mazur | October 19 2013

+1 for the VS2013 support

Noah Richards November 10 2013
| Edit |

2.5 should now support VS2013. Let me know if you run into any issues, thanks!

5 Star
by Kurt Dowswell | October 18 2013

Please add VS 2013 support! Love this extension. Use it countless times per day :)

Noah Richards November 10 2013
| Edit |

2.5 should now support VS2013. Let me know if you run into any issues, thanks!

5 Star
by f00nth | October 04 2013

5 Star
by Gameme | September 23 2013

Its awesome to get a navigation style similar to source insight. I love it.

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    • Can you Please add the option F12 - to to Definition ? Resharper has made this function invalid and just brings me to the top of the page or to the object browser .  I don't like using the mouse as much as key presses.
      Many thanks !!
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    • It's very useful to navigate to definition via Ctrl+Click, but sometimes I need to open peek definition, is it possible to configure Ctrl+Shift+Click to open peek definition in current version or maybe you could add such functionality in next version of your extension?
  • Go To Implementation
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    • Hi,
      Thanks for this great tool. Was wondering if you could add Ctrl+Alt+Click as a 'Go to Implementation' option. I deal with a lot of interfaces along the way, so this would be a great time saver.
  • Turn it OFF
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    • I hate this feature. How can I turn it off?
    • ... Or at least make it so that it is harder to hit. Any time I am coding quickly there is a bit of time-overlap during my clicks and my key presses.... so if I am move along quickly - particularly if I'm copying and pasting - it's about a 50/50 shot that this thing will pop up and stops me in my tracks.
      It's very frustrating.
    • You can uninstall it.
      If you're asking because it's a part of some other extension (like Microsoft's Productivity Power Tools), you'll have to follow up on their extension page, not this one.
  • VS 2015 support?
    7 Posts | Last post January 30, 2016
    • Do you have plans to support VS2015?
    • I've modified current VSIX package (just added VS2015 support).
      You can download Go To Definition for Visual Studio 2015 here
      Download, Unzip, Run GoToDefVS2015.vsix, restart Visual Studio and enjoy it.
    • Thanks Oleg. Your version works fine in VS2015 :)
    • thank you, love this tool. just installed it for 2015
    • Dead link!
      I am used to this functionality from Eclipse, need it asap. Could you please provide a new link?
    • It doesn't quite work on VS2015 in my testing; some of the mouse clicks get eaten by some other component in VS. An engineer on the editor team is looking into it next week.
    • Small feature suggestion: how about Ctrl+Alt+Click to peek definition as an additional shortcut?
  • VS 2015 support?
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    • +1
    • Hi, the link you provided: does not work, did the zip file move to a different location? Thanks
  • Extension not working in js file editor
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    • how to make this extension works in JS file editor?
  • Go To "cref" Definition
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    • I think this would be a very userful feature (at least for me): go to definition from XML comments like those:
         /// <summary>
         ///    A loader, that is responsible for retrieving XYZ from the database.
         ///       E.g: <see cref="MyLoaderClass"/>.
         /// </summary>
  • Go To Derive Definition
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    • Will this extension allow me to go to the 'derived class'? for example, my code calls an interface method, can I peek/go-to-definition of the class which implemented the interface?
    • +1 for this feature.
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