Web Essentials 2013 for Update 4


Adds many useful features to Visual Studio for web developers. Requires VS2013 Update 4

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by JPDavinci | May 14 2015

Typescript compiler would stop working. E.g. Making changes to the TS file, saving or even running the program. The generated JS file never picked up the new changes. Attempted to attach a script debugger using 2nd instance of VS2013, could not detect any errors. Almost as if something was knocking the TS compiler out completely. Removed this tool and everything popped back to life again.

by Qingqing Sun | May 08 2015

Excellent extension.

by H.marzban | May 06 2015

by lextechnica | April 29 2015

Terrible problems after installing this update. My SASS files never compile, I have to keep manually deleting the cache files, and I am just about to re-install for the third time after wasting most of yesterday repairing visual studio.

by MadScientistBob | April 27 2015

Good Stuff

by Simon Matthews2 | April 25 2015

by Helladen | April 21 2015

Works good for what I use it for.

by IronToby | April 15 2015

Same as others, getting .scss SASS files to compile correctly is a nightmare. Just get a bunch of opaque "SCSS: YourFile.scss compilation failed: The service failed to respond to this request, Possible cause: Syntax Error!"

A bit more info would be nice. Files that worked yesterday are broken today. Very frustrating!

Other than that, it's a great tool, but it's very difficult to rely on it.

by RJTSolutions | April 13 2015

by Loni Huff | April 10 2015

Chronically plagued by SASS compilation errors which provide no information about their cause and are impossible to correct, forcing you to revert changes back to a state where they did not occur (despite the fact that other SASS compilers have no issues processing the same changes). A source of endless frustration.

by webprogrammierer | April 08 2015

The last update broke my Visual Studio 2013. With the AddOn disabled - VS runs perfectly.

Please fix that.

by WisdomGuidedByExperience | April 04 2015

Update 2015-04-04
Web Essential 2.5.4 breaks our large Visual Studio 2013 project when we try to use it with VS 2013 Update 4, so we are continuing to use a much older version of both Visual Studio 2013 and Web Essentials. We've pretty much given up hope of ever using Web Essentials 2.5.4 or newer which means we cannot also upgrade everyone on the team to VS 2013 Update 4. We are very disappointed in the pattern of good vs. bug-filled releases because you cannot reliably upgrade a large team to a new version which in turn prevents using the latest VS 2013 update (4 in this case).

Update 2014-11-26
Web Essentials 2.5.3 fixes the issue of not recompiling .less files for me in Visual Studio 2013 Update 4. Small existing project, added two small .js, multi-selected them, WE/Create Bundle, which worked.

Update 2014-11-23
Web Essentials 2.5.2 causes Visual Studio 2013 Update 4 to crash with a null object reference during New/Project/Web/Empty. Even uninstalling WE 2.5.2 doesn't fix the problem. To fix, you also need to run a Repair operation on VS 2013 Update 4.

Web Essentials is getting worse with each new release/patch.

by Omar Elabd | March 25 2015

by pilly9 | March 24 2015


by Tanielian V. Barreira | March 12 2015

Mutito bom.

by Laurentiu32 | March 12 2015

by Alex-z11 | March 01 2015

The latest version 2.5.4 does not compile .less files.
Every time I open less file I get this error:

Compilation Error occurred (see error list to navigate to the error location):
Error found:


by Ammar.Zaied | February 13 2015

simple and free,thanks.

by Miro Jeliaskoff | February 04 2015

Simply the best. Never crashes as others say.

by Dio Phung | February 03 2015

Pros: support a bunch of essential features such as minifying resources, bundle and etc.

- crash casually (VS2013 + Web Essentials 2013 for Update 2 RC)
- the minify feature do not work well: .min.js file change the order of the javascript function, thus cause runtime error (some variable declarations were pushed to the end)

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  • NullReferenceException during solution build
    1 Posts | Last post Wed 7:55 AM
    • I recently started to get the following exception whenever I perform a build on a project:
      20.5.2015. 9:50:50: An exception was thrown when Web Essentials: Updating Bundles...: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
         at MadsKristensen.EditorExtensions.BundleFilesMenu.<UpdateAllBundlesAsync>d__12.MoveNext()
      20.5.2015. 9:50:50: An exception was thrown when Web Essentials: Updating Sprites...: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
         at MadsKristensen.EditorExtensions.Images.SpriteImageMenu.<UpdateAllSpritesAsync>d__f.MoveNext()
      The exception started to occur recently and the only thing that I've changed is that I've also installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Installer Projects extension (https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/9abe329c-9bba-44a1-be59-0fbf6151054d) but I do not see how it should be related in any way.
  • Installation fails VS2013 - Update 5 ctp
    5 Posts | Last post May 15, 2015
    • Hello,
      this is not clear at all.
      I've Visual Studio 2013, but "Update 5 ctp".
      If I try to install the Web Essentials 2013 I get: "This extension is not installable on any currently installed products";
      and if I try to install the Web Essentials 2015 I get: "This extension is not installable on any currently installed products";
      So... how am I supposed to install this Web Essentials?!?!?!?!?
    • I am having this same problem.
      Current VS version: 12.0.21005.1 REL
      Windows 8.1
      Update:  I seem to get this on any Plugins like this ... anyone have any idea why that is?
    • I think the problem is that this plugin is for Update 4, and you are using Update 5 (ctp). The version requirements for the Web Essentials plugin are rather strict.
    • Anyone figure this one out?  Do I need to uninstall update 5?
    • Download the install file, then open the file with for example 7zip. Copy the extension.vsixmanifest file to your computer, and change the entry for InstallationTarget to match your version of visual studio. Then save and copy back into the archive (drag into your 7zip window). This is not recommended to do though since it could cause problems (I haven't had any issues so far, but I did it on a test machine).
  • SASS version?
    1 Posts | Last post May 15, 2015
    • I'm trying to run some of the sample of SASS 3.3 version code. But it is throws exception while compile. 
      I'm not sure, what version is used by Web Essentials 2013 Update 4. Can anyone confirm that? Also, it would be great help if I get the guidance to check the Sass version in Web Essentials. 
      Ref: http://sassmeister.com/gist/9378629 
      Code Snippet:
      // Variables for 'social network' colours
      $Twitter: #41b7d8;
      $FB: #3b5997;
      $GPlus: #d64937;
      $LinkedIn: #0073b2;
      $RSS: #e0812a;
       * Here lies the sexy Sass 3.3 stuff
      // The below part is not compiling in VS: Throws Error: "Missing a selector before the comma (',') in a selector group" 
      $social:  (twitter, $Twitter),
                (facebook, $FB),
                (linkedin, $LinkedIn),
                (RSS, $RSS),
                (googleplus, $GPlus);
      Thanks in advance.
  • Exclude generated files from project
    1 Posts | Last post May 13, 2015
    • Is there any capability to exclude generated files like the .min.css or .css files from being added to the project automatically.  I would like to see it where it only builds the files but doesn't add them to the project.
  • For VS Community 2013?
    1 Posts | Last post May 13, 2015
    • Is it possible to use Web Essentials 2013 for Update 4 for VS Community 2013?
  • Inspect not working properly
    1 Posts | Last post May 04, 2015
    • When I start the project and press Ctrl on the browser I see the WE toolbar and everything works (changing Css automatically reflected on the page etc.) however when I want to use the inspect future I see the mouse become + sign but when I hover on the elements on the page it doesn't show the related code in Visual Studio. In all my other solutions this also functions as expected just not this one. 
      Any ideas what I can check?
  • typescript .map files?
    1 Posts | Last post April 27, 2015
    • how do you get WE to minify compiled typescript AND have the .map files refer back to the original .ts sources (instead of the .js intermediates?)
  • Inconsistent errors when recompiling all SASS files
    2 Posts | Last post April 24, 2015
    • When re-compiling all SCSS files in our project (277 files), some will always report errors (with the Something went wrong reaching: syntax). Compiling them by hand will then success or fail inconsistently. Killing all node.exe processes and then compiling by hand will succeed. 
      This way there is no way, except by compiling 277 files by hand, to check if all the scss files are still correct. Is there a way around this?
    • We are having the same issue and it is very frustrating.  We can no longer trust if our changes to SCSS files are being compiled to CSS files, causing major headaches for developers and testers.  Even when opening the file and pressing Save, it is inconsistent.  Some developers have gotten into the habit of just pressing Save 10+ times because it may sometimes work.  
  • not compiling typescript on save anymore
    2 Posts | Last post April 23, 2015
    • i'm not sure what happened but it is no longer compiling typescript to javascript on save - only on build. i've also lost.
      i believe what happened is i accidentally installed typescript 1.4 as a separate install and this messed it up. i then uninstalled this and rebooted several times, as well as uninstalled and reinstalled web essentials. 
      any ideas? maybe there's a cache that needs to be cleared somewhere?
      been struggling with this all week. any help is appreciated!
    • i figured out how to fix this. i just reinstalled visual studio 2013 update 4 and it's back to working order. hope this helps someone since it seems nobody's really monitoring this Q&A section.
  • Problem with Asp.Net Scriptlet
    1 Posts | Last post April 15, 2015
    • Hello, 
      The region for js works flowless when no scriptlet is in function, but breaks when it is present. 
      //#region Region1
      function myFunction(){
      //#region Region2
      function myFunction2(){
         var x = "<%  %>";
      Thank you.
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