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Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0

Microsoft Free

A new Team Foundation Server process template for Scrum teams. Product Backlog Items, Sprints, Velocity, Sprint Burndown...

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5 Star
by 陈志康 | September 24 2016


5 Star
by Shreeharsh Ambli | April 17 2014

this is the only reason i first got on to Scrum templates - gd work!

3 Star
by David Musselman | October 02 2013

Is there a version of this for Scrum 2.2?

5 Star
by D. Chatterjee | May 20 2013

Seems good, does this supports all charts?

5 Star
by Sergio Parra | April 27 2013

Really a very good template!

5 Star
by Mohamed.Radwan-MVP | August 23 2012

5 Star
by FizzCyp | July 19 2012

5 Star
by Laurent Jordi Innovacall | June 30 2012

I know this process template is well done and necessary for my team BUT !
It doesn't work on a french TFS Server with it's french portal.
I tryed 1000 things I still have the TF249033 error

le modèle de site n'est pas disponible pour l'identificateur de paramètres régionaux (LCID). Le nom du modèle de site est : TFS2010 Agile Dashboard. Le LCID est : 1033. (type TeamFoundationServerException)

The process template is not available for this LCID... bla bla bla ... LCID is 1033

I absolutely need this process template and the sharepoint and reporting services.

Please, publish a procedure to install this project template on a French TFS Server.

Best regards,


4 Star
by usjunior | June 22 2012

5 Star
by Mr. Wharty | June 08 2012

Thanks for posting

1 Star
by DRiley5998 | June 01 2012

Will not install,

Event Description: TF30162: Task "WITs" from Group "WorkItemTracking" failed
Exception Type: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Client.PcwException
Exception Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

4 Star
by ezien | May 08 2012

5 Star
by Dragan Radovac | May 06 2012

5 Star
by Mattias Sköld | May 05 2012

A good template for running scrum projects, the burndown detects current sprint and makes it much easier to change sprint.
One thing that could be improved is support for multiple teams.

5 Star
by Sofwarer | April 30 2012

iyi bir eklenti olmuş

4 Star
by Ahmed Naji | April 02 2012

This is great template,our productivity increased now
Thank you Microsoft

5 Star
by Code Chief | February 05 2012

Use this template as standard for all projects. SCRUM is great!

4 Star
by TerrenceCheng | January 14 2012

Great job!.
But i have a question. today is the end of a scrum project. I want an amount of all initial task time. so that i can get if my team member's work good or bad. and so that i can make a report to my boss: how much works we finished.

now, in this project, the "remaining work" field is changed from "10" to "3", at last, when the state changed to "Done", the remaining work field's value is no longer exist.

how could i get the initial "remain work" value ?

thanks in advance.

5 Star
by dsnook2 | November 10 2011

5 Star
by Daniel Cheida | November 06 2011


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  • Weekends included on the burndown
    1 Posts | Last post October 08, 2010
    • 2re
      I have discovered that weekend days are included in the burndown report as normal days. This results in a trend line that expects you to do less work per day but then also work during weekends. The outcome of this is that when you leave work on a friday being on the trend line you will see that you are two days behind when you are back in the office monday morning.
      I can come up with the following two solutions, but do not really like any of them:
      1. Add tasks that represent weekends and have the total Effort reflect all days between start and end of the sprint.
      2. "Manually" remember that you need to build up a "bit" slack (being under) to the trend line during the week to end up on the trend line monday morning.
      Anyone that have experience with the the above problem, and mybe have a better solution?
      Have a nice weekend by the way ;-)
      / Tore Østergaard
  • How to support hotfixes/patches in Iteration tree?
    1 Posts | Last post October 05, 2010
    • Hi,
      Let say I have the following Iteration tree:
      Release 1
        Sprint 1 - Aug 1-15, 2010
        Sprint 2 - Aug 16 - 30, 2010
        Sprint 3 - Sept 1 - 15, 2010
        Sprint 4 - Sept 16 - 30, 2010
      Release 2
        Sprint 1 - Oct 1 - 15, 2010
        Sprint 2 - Oct 16 - 31, 2010
      And some urgent bug from customer and we need a hotfix for Release 1 while Release 2 development is on going.  How should I capture and plan for the hotfix effort? Should I 
      i) create a sprint under Release 1: Sprint 5 - Oct 16 - 31, 2010 (so 2 sprints will have the same time frame)
      ii) include work items in Release 2 -> Sprint 2 - Oct 16 - 31, 2010 (have to distinguish the work items somehow? by area?)
      iii) in the Scrum world, we decide what to release to customers and not the other way around? =P
  • Loading instructions?
    2 Posts | Last post September 30, 2010
    • Can you provide Setup instrucitons for the me?
    • Check this out:
  • "Microsoft.VSTS.Common.OwnedBy" becomes "System.AssignedTo"
    2 Posts | Last post September 24, 2010
    • I was just wondering about the drivers behind your decision to use the "System.AssignedTo" field over the "Microsoft.VSTS.Common.OwnedBy" (used in beta 1).
      I preferred the use of "Owner" over "Assignment" because it feels much more scrumy. As you know in scrum tasks are not "Assigned", instead the empowered team members take "Ownership" of the available tasks in the sprint backlog.
      The reason I spotted this change was because the new "Scrum Masters Workbench" dashboard app was setup to use the "Microsoft.VSTS.Common.OwnedBy" field and I just had to change it!
    • This was a difficult change, but we reverted back to "AssignedTo" because we found quite a few features in VS and 3rd party apps that expected the AssignedTo field.  I completely agree on the terminology... and like I said, it was a tough decision to change back.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 process template language ?
    1 Posts | Last post September 23, 2010
    • Does the Microsoft Visual Studio Scrum 1.0 process template exists only in english version ?
      I'm a french consultant and I wonder if it does exist a french version of this process template...
      Here is a description of my customer TFS environment :
      - a TFS 2010 server instance (language = french)
      - a MOSS 2007 server instance with TFS2010 extensions for SharePoint products installed and configured (language = french)
      - some Team Explorer instance for creating projects based on the MS VS Scrum 1.0 template
      The process template is in english but the related sharepoint portal is in french and all elements has been traducted in french : for example, task = tâche, bug = bogue etc...
      So, my SharePoint dashboard uses wrong custom request that are not suitable for MS VS Scrum 1.0
      Does exists a solution for downloading / using a localized version of the template.
      My customer don't want to translate the template himself...
      If any solution don't exist, I will be forced to use the MSF for Agile 5.0 template who exists in french.
      Best regards
      Greg, from France
  • Error when installing - Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    4 Posts | Last post September 20, 2010
    • Hi all.
      I'm following this guide here: to install the MSVS Scrum 1.0 template. I've managed to add the template to the Process Template Manager without a problem. But when I try to install the Sharepoint component via command(run as administrator): stsadm -o addsolution -filename Microsoft.TeamFoundation.SharePoint.Scrum.wsp I receive the error:
      Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
      Microsoft.TeamFoundation.SharePoint.Scrum.wsp: The Solution installation failed.
      Any idea about what this might mean? The TFS version is 2010, same version for VS so pretty sure it's not a versioning issue.
      Would appreciate some feedback.
    • Hmm, I get the same problem...did you find a solution? :)
    • Hi JamesAtEcho
      "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." is a generic error during the wsp file installation process...
      Are you sure the NT account used to execute the command line is member of the "Farm administrators" SharePoint group ?
      To ensure the account has this privilege, go to the Central SharePoint Administration, in the "Operations" tab, in the "Security settings" section, => "Update the farm administrators group".
      If necessary, add the account in this group.
      Are you sure the NT account used to execute the command line is member of the "local administrators" on the related SQL Server database engine ?
      By adding the account in the local administrators group on the SQL server, you ensure an access to the SharePoint databases during the wsp deployment process.
      You can also open the system event viewer to check the application log.
      It might have some more explicit information about the encountered error.
      Greg, from France
    • Hi again,
      In my case it turned out to be the rights to the SQL databases that were missing. I think it would be solved by what you describe in "2-" :)
  • Reports not working
    2 Posts | Last post September 17, 2010
    • Hi,
      I keep getting this kind of errors when accessing he reports:
          An error occurred during client rendering.
              An error has occurred during report processing.
                  Query execution failed for dataset 'dsBurndown'.
                      Query (3, 2) The member '[Microsoft_VSTS_Scheduling_Effort]' was not found in the cube when the string, [Measures].[Microsoft_VSTS_Scheduling_Effort], was parsed.
      I created just one product backlog item with one task. All assigned to one sprint. Effort and remaining work filled in.
    • Hi Rovaro,
      I encountered the same problem yesterday... I found an answer on the Internet and I solved my problem.
      Here is the solution:
      - the Tfs_Analysis cube must be processed to be up-to-date
      - the Tfs_Analysis OLAP database CAN'T be processed in SQL Server Management Studio the first time
      - go to the URL http://localhost:8080/tfs/TeamFoundation/Administration/v3.0/WarehouseControlService.asmx
      - click on the "ProcessAnalysisDatabase" method
      - set the value "Full" for the "processingType" parameter
      - click the "Invoke" button
      These steps will process the cube...
      For processing the cube again, you should be able to use SQL Server Management Studio without problem.
      Greg, from France
  • Can´t register webparts as safe
    3 Posts | Last post September 13, 2010
    • Hi,
      i have TFS 2010 installed on a machine with Windows 2008 R2. WSS 3.0 runs on the domain controler which is a Windows Server 2003 SBS. I have installed your template to use with TFS 2010. I was finally able to create a project successfully, and even the portal page within sharepoint was created successfully. But when i open the portal page, all webparts show the following error message:
      Web Part Error: A Web Part or Web Form Control on this Page cannot be displayed or imported. The type is not registered as safe. 
      I found out that i have to add a line to the SafeControls-section of the web applications web.config file. But i couldn´t find out the exact values i have to insert here. The best choice was the following:
      <SafeControl Assembly="Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WebAccess.WebParts.CompletedBuildsWebPart, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a" Namespace="Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WebAccess.WebParts" TypeName="*" Safe="True" />
      But this doesn´t resolve the issue and i asume that i have taken the wrong values. So here are my questions:
      Am i on the right way, or is there a different cause for this error?
      How can i find out the correct values for the above line? 
      What else do i have to do to register the webparts as safe?
      Any help is much appreciated. If you need further informatione, please ask. I will try to give you as much as i can.
      Best regards 
    • Hi Christoph
      This sounds like a problem related to the configuration between your TFS server and SharePoint web application. There is a web-applicatin scoped feature that adds the required "SafeControl" entries called "Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Configuration". This is normally activated when you configure the TFS instance to work with your SharePoint web application.
      My suggestions is to try using the "Repair Connection" option for the given web application in the "SharePoint Web Application" node of the TFS Administration Console. This should try to reactivate the necessary features for the connection.
    • Hi Phil,
      thanks for your post. I got it repaired. It seems to be fine now.
  • Reports not showing Sprint selections.
    3 Posts | Last post September 10, 2010
    • We installed the new Scrum 1.0 and everything works great except… If you view a report the Sprint Selection and the Area Selection are empty with no Errors. We are able to assign the Iteration on the Product Backlog. I verified my account is in the Project Administrators group.
      Does anyone know why this is?
      Brian K. Williams
    • Brian, the reports are populated with values that have been processed by the cube.  In this case, it's likely that the cube isn't processing... and therefore the report parameters are empty.
    • I had similar problems: all the filters in my reports were empty.  For example, in the Velocity report, the "Iteration" and "Area" filters only contained "No Sprints" and "All (No Filter)".  I suspect that this is related to the fact that I have more than one project collection on my TFS server.  
      Here is how I fixed the problem:
       - Open a web browser at http://Your_tfs_server_name/reports
       - Browse to your broken report
       - Click on the drop down arrow and select "Manage" 
       - Go in the "Parameters" tab
       - Click on the "Override default" button next to the "ReportPath" parameter
       - In the "Default value" edit box, enter //YourTeamProjectName  
       - Click on the 'Apply' button
      I will send the full details of the problem to Microsoft so that they can fix the problem.
  • Is it supported in TFS2008 and VS2008?
    2 Posts | Last post September 09, 2010
    • Hi all,
      My company uses TFS2008 and VS2008 but we are very interested in use the template, can we install it in our server?
    • This template is built for 2010 servers only.  Sorry Javier.  
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