VIM emulation layer for Visual Studio

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2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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by hhplp | August 17 2015

Very cool!!!

by 万屿 | August 16 2015

Nice plugin!!!

by Nathan.M | August 10 2015

Great plugin! I can't imagine trying to program without Vim keybindings.

by maseb | August 04 2015

After VIM, using an IDE/other editors felt like I was slowly drowning. No more!

by AhmedElSayed | July 28 2015

by Chandra Sekar Narayanan | July 27 2015

by RIscRIpt | July 27 2015

by Aaron Lockhart | June 25 2015

by zxzl | June 25 2015

With VsVim I can enjoy advantage of powerful IDE and light text editor together!

by PeriMCS | June 03 2015

First thing I add to VS. Even before Resharper!
I wish it could be used in Management Studio.

by melihov | June 01 2015

by Justin Domingue | May 15 2015

by FlyingToaster | May 14 2015

Really, truly great, and always improving!

by NPS_Nat | May 13 2015

I use this plugin every single day at work. So happy I can use vim with VS. Very solid.

by CepsPrin | May 03 2015

Great extension, best part is it reads your vimrc file and works with your custom keys, excellent!

by _sotomo_ | April 29 2015

As someone who'd like to learn more about VIM, I'm finding this to be both a useful and educational way to get started. If you are new to VIM, I'd recommend checking out the "VIM Tutor" text file.

by pjwhams | April 17 2015

Massively useful. The very first extension I install

by Yiheng Tao | March 31 2015

Must have :)

by Andy Yong | March 30 2015

This is a must have for any VIM user. Integrate nicely with VS.

by mboren | February 26 2015

This extension is phenomenal. It implements a lot more than I would have expected.

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  • navigation with ctrl w
    2 Posts | Last post Wed 4:13 PM
    • Hi, 
      I am using the vsvim usefully due to you. ctrl w h and ctrl w L commands works well in the split windows. However, When a file is opened with two vertical window (a.c:1, a.c:2), ctrl w L (go to right window) commad work, but ctrl w H (go to left window) command does not work. Of course, when the different files are open with two vertical window, that command works well. I am using the visual studio 2013. Would please check the case?
      best regards
    • Navigation between vertical windows is unsupported at the moment.  Looking into adding it. 
  • vim-multiple-cursors
    1 Posts | Last post Wed 5:56 AM
    • is there any plane to support vim-mutiple-cursors (add-in of the vim) ?
      That supports sublime text editor style multiple selections. 
  • one small issue after disable vsvim
    2 Posts | Last post August 19, 2015
    • Hi JaredPar,
      After disable vsvim using C+S+F12.
      I found that if I click one the line close to top or the bottom.
      The screen will scroll automatically to set the line which I clicked to the center of the screen. Which is not the original behavior of visual studio.
      I am wondering how to disable this behavior.
      I am using vs10.
    • Hi Jared,
      It is my fault, I have load a vimrc which cause the issue.
  • Column selection + insert mode
    3 Posts | Last post August 17, 2015
    • Hi 
      Is there a way to make inserting text possible with vsvim enabled with column selections? 
      If I select a column of text (using alt-shift - Edit.LineDownExtendColumn) when in command mode I can press e.g. x to delete characters from each line selected in the column. 
      If I want to insert text,  it doesn't work - entering insert mode loses the column selection, or starting in insert mode and selecting columns returns me to command mode.
      Is there a way to make this work please ?
    • You should be able to do vim column insert by using Shift+i from a column selection.  This will transition to insert mode on the top column, and once insert mode is exitted it will repeat the edit to every column. 
    • thanks - that does work - I'm just used to seeing the edits happen in real-time (a la Sublime or VS)
  • turn on/off vsvim without restart?
    3 Posts | Last post August 13, 2015
    • Hi 
      I am wondering if I could turn on/off vsvim without restart?
      Currently if I want to switch to original editor, I have to restart visual 
      studio, then if I want to use vsvim, I need to restart again.
    • Yes.  If you use Ctrl+Shift+F12 this will put VsVim into disabled mode (same key combination will re-enable it).  In disabled mode VsVim acts like it is uninstalled and won't intercept any keystrokes. 
    • Thanks JaredPar! That's so cool!!!
  • Saving marks.
    4 Posts | Last post August 03, 2015
    • Hi.
      I can't find feature, which would let me to save the marks, when i close visual studio (2013). 
      That is, in one session of using VS, marks works fine, but when i close studio and open it again, marks is erased.
    • Hey NoviceF,
      That feature isn't implemented right now.  I've thought of saving marks and a few other items on close but just haven't seen a strong demand for the feature.  It's something I will consider for a future release.  
    • Thanks for answer.
    • I desperately want this feature implemented, since my programs are very large and I work on many parts of them at a given time being able to jump around from code block to code block with preset marks is a must-have. Without it this extension is useful, but not essential.
  • Tag Blocks don't work in 2010
    2 Posts | Last post July 19, 2015
    • Hi I'm using VS2010 SP1 and tag blocks don't seem to work for me. Any *it command doesn't seem to apply. Is there a setting I'm supposed to enable or something I'm supposed to write into my vimrc file?
    • Tag blocks should work and don't need any setting to function.  Can you give an example of the source that it's not working on?  It's possible there is just a bug that needs to be fixed. 
  • Atmel Studio Support
    6 Posts | Last post May 29, 2015
    • Hello,
      I've been using your extension for a while in both visual studio and atmel studio with great success.  Thanks for putting this tool out there!
      Recently Atmel Studio has been updated to version 6.2.1563 and vsvim no longer shows up in the extension manager search.
      Is there any way to install vsvim manually?  Do you plan on supporting Atmel Studio?  
      Without this plugin my productivity has diminished at least 43%.
      Thanks again.
    • I didn't realize it had stopped working for Atmel Studio.  I will look at getting that fixed. 
      In the meantime though the latest VsVim should work fine for Atmel.  Try downloading it from here and double clicking on the file.  It should self install into Atmel Studio. 
    • When I run the VSIX Installer the only products that come up are
      *Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Shell - Integrated Mode
      *Microsoft Visual Studio Professional - 2013
      Unfortunately it does not find the Atmel Studio Installation.
    • Ah it looks like they had a version number change.  I need to update my manifest in order to support that.  Will only take a few minutes.  
    • The link I provided earlier is now updated with a version that should install into Atmel 6.2.  I also updated the version of VsVim in the official Atmel Studio gallery.  It usually takes them a few days to verify the new uploads but once that completes it should show up directly in the extension manager again.  
    • Hi Jared,
      I installed using the provided link and I'm up and running again.
  • Ctrl+W support to navigate between split windows
    2 Posts | Last post May 13, 2015
    • Hi,
      I am unable to use Ctrl+W functionality of Vim to move between Split windows. It's an important one and I really need it for code browsing.
      Is there a way to get this functionality?
    • What version of Visual Studio are you using?  The Ctrl+W,h and L commands should work fine on 2010-2013.  The 2015 support will be present in the next version. 
  • Incompatible with VS 2015 RC Community Edition?
    2 Posts | Last post May 08, 2015
    • I just installed VsVim into the new VS2015 RC Community.
      After a restart the familiar vim interface failed to show up.
      When I went to the setting there was a node for VsVim but it only shows an error saying the plugin could not be loaded.
      Is something wrong with my setup or is this a general issue with this version of VS?
    • That should work.  I'm running VsVim on VS2015 RC Community on my laptop and haven't run into this issue.
      Have you tried uninstalling / reinstalling VsVim? 
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