Highlighterr for Visual C++ 2010


A simple code syntax highlighter to change the colors of classes, structs, macros, etc in the Visual C++ 2010 IDE. It is implemented as a Visual Studio 2010 Extension, and uses the new Intellisense database that gets created for VC++ solutions. Also highlights HLSL and GLSL.

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by ManuTOO | April 12 2016

I needed to restart Visual Studio 2010 twice before the highlighting agreed to work, but now it seems alright ! :)

Note: colors are configurable in "Options -> Fonts and Colors", with their names starting by "Highlighterr".

by MuhammadFaisal | December 17 2013

Excellent Add on!

by sekaita | December 12 2013

very good!

by SIBIXX | January 23 2013

Great useful utility. Thanks!

by AurelioGarcia | July 27 2012

Thank you!

by Ari Alkula | March 06 2012

by Edison Henrique Andreassy | February 07 2011

Very nice extension, simple and clean. Like autor said "I often wonder why Visual Studio doesn't do this by default". Anyway, great job!

by rumikk | April 29 2010

by CorwinAlex | April 27 2010

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  • Highlight on comments
    7 Posts | Last post May 06, 2011
    • Hi, 
      I'm using you extension about a week, and found small problem - sometimes you can see highlighted keywords in comments, which is a little bit frustrating.
      Hope you can fix it.
    • Hi, the latest version should have this functionality you're after. If you're still having troubles after installing the latest version, pls let me know. Thanks!
    • Hi,
      I'm using version 1.4 and sometimes still can see highlighted keywords in comments :(
    • Oh, I just noticed this happening myself the other day.. I think I know what's causing it now, hopefully I can fix it over the next week or so. Will let you know.
    • In version 1.6 I had another go at getting all the multi-line comments right, hopefully it works a bit better for you.
    • version 1.7 uses the same function as the VS built-in CppColorer now to determine multiline comment status, so there should finally be no more problems with multiline comments..
    • Doesn't work on windows server 2008......