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by LongDinhLe | at 7:29 AM

by con_ssc | February 18 2015

Works like a charm. The smart tags are really nice although hard to reach in my eyes. I also like the watermarks very much because getting around in all those json files sometimes gets confusing.
The description tooltips to the packages are very helpful.
The package search needs some work maybe because sometimes totally wrong hits come up for autocompletion, not having to do with anything I typed.

by eddiegroves | October 12 2014

Works as expected. The most unexpected benefit was the explanation of NPM's semver matching syntax (e.g ~ and ^). Really nice to see at a glance which is which. NuGet could benefit from something like this, hint hint :)

by bradygaster | September 01 2014

by Sayed-Ibrahim-Hashimi | August 31 2014

Makes working with Bower and npm packages much simpler for VS users.

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  • Proxy setings in options
    1 Posts | Last post Fri 3:30 PM
    • Thanks for very useful extension!
      But I mostly use this extension on my job, through the corporate proxy.
      So, extension does not work properly.
      It would be nice if you implement proxy settings in this ext.
  • tsd npm package support
    3 Posts | Last post Fri 3:31 AM
    • Hi Mads,
      The tsd npm package ( is a common way of getting Typescript definition files stored in the borisyankov/DefinitelyTyped github repo. It relies on a tsd.json file similar to this one:
        "version": "v4",
        "repo": "borisyankov/DefinitelyTyped",
        "ref": "master",
        "path": "typings",
        "bundle": "typings/tsd.d.ts",
        "installed": {
          "angularjs/angular.d.ts": {
            "commit": "30cfe7dedb3ae990a369cda93995d69b169465bd"
          "jquery/jquery.d.ts": {
            "commit": "30cfe7dedb3ae990a369cda93995d69b169465bd"
          "angularjs/angular-route.d.ts": {
            "commit": "30cfe7dedb3ae990a369cda93995d69b169465bd"
      I know this file format is different fom the grunt.json and bower.json, and there're no package definitions built around these files also, but is there any possibility to have the Package Intellisense plugin extended to support "package" search, intellisense, install / uninstall for the tsd.json file?
      Best regards,
    • Yes, that should be possible if it's just a .json file. I've never heard of tsd.json before. I'll investigate
    • Hmmm, this will be a rather large item to implement. I'm not sure it's easily done. But at least we can provide Intellisense for the structure of tsd.js using and Web Essentials, but to get package Intellisense will be much harder. 
  • Editor watermarks are NOT shown
    3 Posts | Last post Fri 3:27 AM
    • Hi Mads,
      thanks for this great tool!
      In my environment (VS2103 Upate 4) no "Editor watermarks" are shown in my JSON files like package.json or Gruntfile.js.
      Any ideas?
    • Hi Mads,
      the search on bower or npm does not work.
      Only a little search box is displayed (but know intellisense from the repository is displayed).
      Does your extension have problems with other extensions like Resharper, DevExpress, WebEssentials?
    • Did you install nodejs, npm and bower? You have to do that for the extension to work
  • Visual Studio express for web
    2 Posts | Last post Fri 3:26 AM
    • Is it possible to make this package available for VS Web Express?
    • No, unfortunately not. Web Express doesn't support 3rd party extensions. However, the free Visual Studio Community edition does. 
  • Getting Error: I am guessing it is because I am behind company proxy?
    3 Posts | Last post December 08, 2014
    • I am behind corporate proxy and it is giving me error.
      [12:07:49 PM] bower angular#*                  retry Download of failed with ETIMEDOUT, retrying in 1.3s
      [12:08:11 PM] bower angular#*                  retry Download of failed with ETIMEDOUT, retrying in 3.9s
      [12:08:36 PM] bower angular#*                  retry Download of failed with ETIMEDOUT, retrying in 5.7s
      [12:09:03 PM] bower angular#*                  retry Download of failed with ETIMEDOUT, retrying in 8.1s
      [12:09:32 PM] bower angular#*                  retry Download of failed with ETIMEDOUT, retrying in 22.1s
      [12:10:15 PM] bower angular#*                  retry Download of failed with ETIMEDOUT, trying with git..
      [12:10:15 PM] bower angular#*                  EPERM EPERM, unlink 
    • Bower has issues with firewalls in some cases. This is a Bower issue and not a Package Intellisense issue.
    • Thanks Mads, I have configured the proxy in my bower, npm and git configuration files - .bowerrc, .npmrc and .gitconfig and currently updating packages over https instead of git. I am able to update it from command prompt.
      It will be nice if Package Installer has a option to add proxy settings, so I can do the same within VS environment.
  • How to install the packages?
    4 Posts | Last post October 04, 2014
    • I have created a package.json file with the following content:
          "name": "",
          "description": "A colleciotn of JSON Schemas",
          "devDependencies": {
              "angular": "^1.2.23",
              "grunt": "^0.4.5"
      The "Smart Tags" do not show up? How can I install the packages?
      Thankx, Harry
    • This should now be fixed in version 1.2
    • I have VS2013 with Update 3 and Package Intellisense 1.2 but doesn't get up any intellisense.. Any gotcha's?
    • Nevermind, I named the file packages.json with an extra s :P