Solution Load Manager


This extension provides access to project load priority settings, i.e. it is possible to choose whether specified project should be loaded during solution "start up" or not. The extension allows dramatically reduce solution load time and memory pressure.

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by Mike Basiuk | January 21 2015

Unfortunately this extension working wrong in my VS 2013 Ultimate SP4. Unloaded project appears again after restart.

by Mickey Perlstein | September 16 2014

Fails on my solution with cryptic "Value does not fall within the expected range."

running visual studio 2010 ultimate
I think it might have to with the fact that i do not have the facilities to load all the projects in the solution hence the need for your app.

by munyabe | March 17 2014

It's nice idea!

by Neil M. Johnson | March 04 2014

Very nice - one minor change - change the tool tip for the colour buttons at the top to match the legend. Great extension. Thanks.

by Luis Buchelli | August 07 2013

It works perfectly, the performance of load proyects in my solutions is much better now. The RAM consumption of Visual Studio reduced too because of this.

Funciona muy bien! mejoró mucho el rendimiento de carga en soluciones con muchos proyectos. El consumo de RAM también disminuyó considerablemente gracias a esto.

Muito bom! O rendimiendo ao carregar soluções com muitos projetos melhorou muito! O consumo de memoria RAM também melhorou por causa disto, parabéns!

by MikeG_01 | February 19 2013

+1 for 2012 version...

by Patel Rikin | November 06 2012

Its Coooooool....!!!!!!!!

When I am trying to get latest version from server and if any project file has been changed, then some time it creates problem in build or application. So I have to close solution and reopen the solution. Now this is possible with only a single click. Thanks!!!

by Binori | October 17 2012

What a great extension! Thx!

by Bebo | July 23 2012

This extension is very helpful when working with large solutions and still on a 32bit OS.

by David_uss | June 29 2012

by Arthur Mubarakshin | June 05 2012

When will you modify it for supporting Visual Studio 2012?

kolomiets September 29 2012
| Edit |

2012 support will be released very soon.

by Bruno Ferlatte | February 10 2012

Wow ! Great extension ! Thanks !

by Npellet | November 05 2011

Amazing tool :-)

by vikiram1983 | October 22 2011

very nice and useful extension. Now i just load only the product that i work on and the dependent projects that too if needed.. i can clearly see the time difference with out this extension..

by AhmedChaudhary | August 19 2011

by zihotki | July 19 2011

I wish I found it before

by Dan Atkinson | February 25 2011

I cannot think of another extension for Visual Studio which I love more than this! I can now load my solution in 10 seconds, where it previously took 2+ minutes! Thank you!

by J. Lucas | December 12 2010

by JSK01 | November 04 2010

by Michael Chernikov | May 21 2010

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  • Visual Studio 2012 Support
    2 Posts | Last post January 09, 2014
    • When will there be Visual Studio 2012 Support?
    • Hello, you can migrate the solution to vs2012, here's the walkthrough:
  • Extension for VS2012?
    2 Posts | Last post June 06, 2013
    • Hello, could you please tell me, how I can install the extension in VS2012? Or is it possible without chanding the solution and compiling new extension? (not really familiar with VB and coding at all) Thanks in advance!
    • I, too, would love to see an update for 2012.
  • Error Version 0.4
    5 Posts | Last post October 04, 2012
    • By selecting the option 'Solution Load Manager', occurs the following error
      'Kolos.SolutionLoadManager.Settings.XmlSettingsManager.SolutionLoadProfile.Project' (readonly)
    • Can you provide additional information (full stack trace, solution structure, version control system, etc.)?
    • Full Stack Trace. Unable to generate a temporary class (result=1). error CS0200: No se puede asignar la propiedad o el indizador 'Kolos.SolutionLoadManager.Settings.XmlSettingsManager.SolutionLoadProfile.Project' (es de solo lectura)
      Solution Structure. 16 Projects
      Solution Load Manager version 0.4
      Windows 7 Ultimate
      Worked in the previous version. There were already two profiles, one with all the projects demand load and one with all the projects explicitly load.
    • It turned out to be an issue with xml serialization in RTM version of Framework 3.5 (should be fixed with SP1). Nevertheless, please check updated version, it should work correctly.
    • Thanks, it works correctly. They missed my profiles but is unimportant. Excellent extension.
  • How to build entire solution quickly?
    4 Posts | Last post December 26, 2011
    • Hi,
      Just wanted to report what appears to be a bit of a deal-breaker for me in using what seems to be an otherwise useful extension.
      In my use case I have 56 projects - but I need to build them all at least once a day. It appears I have to set the projects back to "load always" to do this (otherwise it will only compile those loaded projects [7 of 56 from cold]) - but then I would have to reconfigure the projects back to how I want them to load and this would take far too long.
      Any possible solutions for this?
    • Just use old plain msbuild from console in order to rebuild the solution.
    • Highlight the solution in the Solution Explorer and hit the asterisk key (*) on the numpad. This will cause all the child nodes to expand, and in turn cause all the dependent projects to load too.
    • Check out new version of the add-in with profiles support. 
      Basically you can define "Full Solution" profile that always loads all projects and switch to this profile when you need to build the solution. You can have arbitrary number of profiles and easily switch between them.
  • I get "Value does not fall within the expected range" error.
    1 Posts | Last post October 13, 2011
    • Using VS 2010 Premium with SP1
      I installed the extension, but when I click on the tools menu item, or right click the solution file and select from the context menu I just get the error in the subjetc of this post. Anyone else get that? 
      What I want to do:
      I am working on a large solution, I can unload the projects not necessary for me by using VS's built in "Unload project" option. but there is one project for creating a helpfile, an .shfbproj file and I don't have or need the dependancy to open or build this project. However, as it won't load in the first place I can't choose the "unload project" option on it. I was hoping Solution Load manager might allow me to do that.
  • Great but breaks "Detect when file is changed outside the environment"
    1 Posts | Last post July 12, 2011
    • When Solution Load Manager is enabled, visual studio no longer detects external file changes. I can consistently break/fix by enabling/disabling the extension. It's a shame as it's a deal break as we do a lot of work back and forth between blend and visual studio and having to keep re-opening files is a major pain. Is anyone else seeing this issue?
  • resharper file name search?
    1 Posts | Last post April 12, 2011
    • I like your extension, however, i'd like to know if you're planning to do (maybe can't be done) about offline project metadata. For example, if i've got several projects to load when needed, right now all of the files aren't indexed by resharper (not even by the cache). So, if i have some projects that i don't always use but sometimes do, i'd like to be able to use resharper's quick find feature with filename, and then when navigating to the file, the project would load. it's not very practical to have to remember in which project is which file, or what should I be loading manually when i need a specific file
  • Projects jump to top of the list when loaded
    2 Posts | Last post May 19, 2010
    • Not sure if anybody has this issue or not. I had to uninstall this tool because of small but annoying issue. Whenever project is loaded (either on background or by expanding it) it jumps to the top of the project list under solutions. This is annoying as hell since people are used to particular order of projects in solution.
    • Unfortunately it is a Visual Studio limitation. Here is discussion on StackOverflow:
  • Great idea, but just causes VS to crash when I open a solution
    2 Posts | Last post April 15, 2010
    • This is something I'd really like to use, because we have a large solution (50+ projects) but normally only change a subset of it at a time.
      Unfortunately when installed VS just crashes as soon as I try to load any solution, even a very small one with only a couple of projects. I've got the StyleCop and ReSharper add-ins for VS so maybe it's conflicting with one of those?
      If there's any info I can send to help, please let me know.
    • Hello Greg! If you could provide information about VS and addin versions (I mean StyleCopy and Resharper) it would be very helpful. 
      Additional info about crash itself will also help. Is there any message before the crash? What kind of projects are you trying to open (c#, vb, wep sites, etc.)?