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An extensible PowerShell command window for Visual Studio.

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5 Star
by imaudi | January 14 2014

Would *love* to see a version of this for Visual Studio 2013. If it's open source, I'd volunteer to help out!

5 Star
by Pascal Saille | July 20 2012

5 Star
by Manesh Karunakaran | December 07 2011

3 Star
by wekempf | April 30 2010

The idea is excellent, the execution leaves a bit to be desired. First, there seems to be zero support for profiles... i.e. this isn't a true PowerShell host environment. When started, no profile scripts are run. Worse, I received several errors. Despite this, we do have a working PowerShell prompt within Visual Studio, which is just what I wanted. The integration with various services and variables giving you access to the IDE within the prompt is wonderful. Unfortunately, not being a real PowerShell host environment continues to rear it's ugly head. Remember when I said profiles aren't run? Well, that means my customizations aren't applied. Most importantly, this means various modules I really on (like PSCX) aren't loaded. So, I try load one (specifically PSCX), and it fails. I can't load any modules successfully, meaning I'm in a very crippled PowerShell environment. Unless/until these issues are fixed, I won't be using this extension. :(

5 Star
by Troy Goode | April 23 2010

5 Star
by Greg Duncan | March 15 2010


In hindsight this seems so obvious... Thanks for making this available.

4 Star
by Doug Finke | March 14 2010

This is great! Huge potential.

5 Star
by MKPotluri | March 04 2010

Works like a charm!

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  • How to access project configuration from PowerShell?
    2 Posts | Last post July 18, 2011
    • Hi
      Thanks for providing a handy tool to control Visual Studio from command line. I wrote a couple of scripts in IronPython but decided to switch to PowerShell because it is better for executing one-line commands.
      I found that PowerShell lacks some IronPython's abilities of control VisualStudio when it comes to deal with COM-objects.
      Have a look:
      py> dte.Solution.Projects.Item(1).Object.Configurations
      <Microsoft.VisualStudio.Project.VisualC.VCProjectEngine.VCCollectionShim object at 0x000000000000002E [Microsoft.VisualStudio.Project.VisualC.VCProjectEngine.VCCollectionShim]>
      py> [x.Name for x in dte.Solution.Projects.Item(1).Object.Configurations]
      ['Debug|Win32', 'Release|Win32']
      py> dte.Solution.Projects.Item(1).Object.Configurations.Item(1).Tools.Item('VCNMakeTool').BuildCommandLine
      'scons -j9 --arch=amd64'
      But nothing in PowerShell
      PS> $dte.Solution.Projects.Item(1).Object.Configurations
      PS> $dte.Solution.Projects.Item(1).Object.Configurations.Item(1).Tools.Item('VCNMakeTool').BuildCommandLine
      You cannot call a method on a null-valued expression.
      At line:1 char:58
      + $dte.Solution.Projects.Item(1).Object.Configurations.Item <<<< (1).Tools.Item('VCNMakeTool').BuildCommandLine
          + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (Item:String) [], RuntimeException
          + FullyQualifiedErrorId : InvokeMethodOnNull
      How to access the project configuration from PowerShell ?
    • Hi Zheng Xi,
      Sorry to reply late. I have also seen that PowerShell has problems interacting with COM. I have built in a small utility "Get-Interface". Probably you can work around using this utility.
      PS> $dte.Solution.Projects.Item(1).Object
      format-default : The field/property: "project" for type: "Microsoft.VisualStudio.Project.VisualC.VCProjectEngine.VCProjectShim" differs only in case from the field/property: "Project". Failed to use non CLS complia
      nt type.
      PS> $p = Get-Interface $dte.Solution.Projects.Item(1).Object ([Microsoft.VisualStudio.VCProjectEngine.VCProject]) 
      PS> $p.Configurations | %{ $_.Name }
      I don't know much about the project system / interfaces. Hope you can work around with the above.
  • Run out of VS
    2 Posts | Last post May 27, 2011
    • Great product - it may be the best PS shell I've seen (compared to PoSH, the ISE and powershell.exe). Any way to run it outside of Studio? I presume the command line interpreter is bolted onto Studio, so probably not.
    • Thanks! The major problem is that it depends on VS editor components, so can't run outside of VS (unless we package with a copy of VS editor, which involves other problems).
  • Color
    2 Posts | Last post February 25, 2011
    • Anyway to change the font color? Since my boxes are black with the background i cant the text on it. I couldn't seem to find where to the font color for power console though.
    • It uses font settings combined from CommandWindow and TextEditor. You can change them in Tools->Options, Environment, Fonts And Colors, Show settings for "Command Window" and "Text Editor". 
  • Any chance of getting the source?
    7 Posts | Last post October 14, 2010
    • Is there any chance we could get the source of this extension?  It's nice, but I'd like to extend it a bit, and it would be a good way to pick up some of the new vs2010 stuff :)
    • Ditto
    • and yet, another ditto
    • Another vote!
      Since extension is free, will be nice to see it's code on CodePlex!
      It will allow extending/modifying it and will serve as another good sample of VS extensibility...
    • Thanks for interests in its source code! To be honest, its source code may not be the best example. There are some other blockers for this idea. We'll reevaluate if it is ok.
    • At least there is a way to install this extension in our isolated shell ?
    • For those interested in source code -- PowerConsole has joined an open source project! Check it out:
  • The idea is brilliant, but it lacks few things to be really useful
    2 Posts | Last post September 02, 2010
    • Hello, 
      We're missing few important things for us, like custom prompts...
      Do you have a kind of roadmap for this extension? Is "full compatibility" with PowerShell planned? When?
      Are you planning releasing it's source code, for example on codeplex? 
    • Yes, it misses features due to time constraint. It may never be fully compatible with official PowerShell; we'll try to improve it based on feedback and priority.
  • Awesome! Couple of questions...
    3 Posts | Last post September 02, 2010
    • First - thank you!  I feel this will become a huge help moving forward.  I was wondering though...
      1.  How can one launch an application from powershell to outside of VS?  For example if I want to do "calc" command from the PS prompt, how can I get the calculator to show on my desktop?  It seems to be run under the devenv.exe and not accessible and must be killed via task manager.
      2.  How can we change the color schema?  I don't see anything under tools>options in visual studio.  Where might I find that option?
      Thanks again.
    • EDIT:  "calc" command was a bad example; try to launch "cmd.exe" instead to see what I mean.  Any application launched from the command line you can't get access to.  e.g. "cmd.exe /c calc"  <- this works from cmd.exe but not from PS inside visual studio (it's just an example, I wouldn't normally do that), or "edit c:\boot.ini", etc.
    • 1. It doesn't fully integrate with console I/O and does not work for cmd.exe. "calc" or "cmd /c calc" seems works for me.
      2. The color scheme inherits Command Window. It doesn't have its own customization yet.
  • Bind a powershell command to a keyboard shortcut or command button
    2 Posts | Last post September 02, 2010
    • Is it possible to bind a powershell command to a keyboard shortcut or a custom command button? 
    • Yes, you can do it through Tools->Customize...->Keyboard..., and assign an unused key binding for View.PowerConsole (Currently it has a bad one assigned Ctrl W,V. It only works in C# profile.). A command button already exists for it in View->OtherWindows and standard toolbar.
  • Effective Execution Policy ---> Security error.
    1 Posts | Last post July 08, 2010
    • Group Policy defines our Windows PowerShell execution policy.  I'm unable to get a prompt within VS:
      System.Management.Automation.CmdletInvocationException: Windows PowerShell updated your execution policy successfully, but the setting is overridden by a policy defined at a more specific scope.  Due to the override, your shell will retain its current effective execution policy of "RemoteSigned". Type "Get-ExecutionPolicy -List" to view your execution policy settings. For more information, please see "Get-Help Set-ExecutionPolicy." ---> System.Security.SecurityException: Security error.
         at System.Management.Automation.MshCommandRuntime.ThrowTerminatingError(ErrorRecord errorRecord)
         --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
         at System.Management.Automation.Runspaces.PipelineBase.Invoke(IEnumerable input)
         at System.Management.Automation.Runspaces.Pipeline.Invoke()
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.PowerConsole.Host.PowerShell.Implementation.PowerShellHost.Invoke(String command, Object input, Boolean outputResults)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.PowerConsole.Host.PowerShell.Implementation.PowerShellHostProvider.<>c__DisplayClass2.<CreateHost>b__1(Object sender, EventArgs e)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.PowerConsole.CommonExtensionMethods.Raise(EventHandler ev, Object sender, EventArgs e)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.PowerConsole.Implementation.Console.ConsoleDispatcher.Start()
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.PowerConsole.Implementation.PowerConsoleToolWindow.MoveFocus(FrameworkElement consolePane)
  • Set-ExecutionPolicy not implemented?
    4 Posts | Last post June 11, 2010
    • While in PowerShell my execution policy is RemoteSigned, when using PowerConsole I am unable to run scripts under due to execution policy.  When I attempt to change execution policy, I get a not implemented exception:
      PS> set-executionpolicy remotesigned
      Set-ExecutionPolicy : The method or operation is not implemented.
      At line:1 char:20
      + set-executionpolicy <<<<  remotesigned
          + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Set-ExecutionPolicy], NotImplementedException
          + FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.NotImplementedException,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.SetExecutionPolicyCommand
      Unfortunately, not running scripts includes my profile, which makes PowerConsole not terribly useful to me.
      Any tips?  (Win7 x64 / VS 2010 Ultimate RTM launched as Admin)
    • Hi Halfbrite,
      Sorry for the confusing error message -- NotImplemented is because this console did not implement prompting for choices, which is called by Set-ExecutionPolicy for confirmation. You can work around by -Force:
      Set-ExecutionPolicy remotesigned –Force (–Scope ...)
    • Thank you.  PowerConsole just changed my life.  (Seriously, it's that good.)
    • Thank you, I'm glad it's useful to you!
  • Is there a $Profile variable for Power Console?
    3 Posts | Last post June 04, 2010
    • Or a similar way to set a start up file as is done with IronRuby and IronPython?
    • Found it:
    • Thanks Doug for finding this. I've added it into FAQ.
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