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Transform xml and json files at build time based on configuration. Contains tooling to assist in the creation and previewing of transform files.

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Visual Studio
2017, 2015
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3 Star
by rostolator | October 20 2016

a link to the VS2015 compatible version would be very helpful .. oh thanks Mike (3 comments below)

5 Star
by CodeSourcerer | October 20 2016

5 Star
by Jürgen Bayer | September 09 2016

Works perfectly and is even better than the ASP.NET transformation since it transforms even when running the project in Visual Studio.

5 Star
by Mike DePouw | May 27 2016

For whatever reason, there's a new project for VS 2015.

3 Star
by Ondřej | May 11 2016

Looks extremely useful and exactly what I need, but it does not work in Visual Studio 2015 Community Update 2.

1 Star
by nkomp18 | May 11 2016

I am extremely frustrated with SlowCheetah.
I tried to use it in many occasions and it never quite worked for me.
The main problem is that I have multiple configurations like:
QA, UAT, PRD, Live, Local, DEV, etc and I want to be able to define those myself.
Attempting to change the configuration manager of the solution causes an array of problems that need hours to be resolved. Notably, the underlying projects will still not generate the new build configs, which leads to build problems, DLL issues and finally I can't get rid of Debug and Release configurations of which I don't want any configs to be generated.
Also if I add my configurations to the configuration manager,
How hard is it to let the user define these in a simple XML file?
Until this very simple feature is added, SlowCheetah is of no use to me and I assume many other developers

5 Star
by EvangelistaLion | May 10 2016

When work in VS 2015 please ?? Thank you

5 Star
by Bhuard | May 06 2016

Used it for SQL unit test app.config.


5 Star
by Dave_MEC | January 19 2016

This is an extension I can't live without. We use this in everyone of our applications. It should be added as part of Visual Studio going forward.

5 Star
by jmelllo | November 19 2015

5 Star
by DragonOfId | November 12 2015

This extension has made configuring console programs for multiple environments SO much easier. I have no idea why this functionality isn't native in VS!

5 Star
by George Birbilis | November 05 2015

see for VS2015

5 Star
by the real Tim Partridge | October 23 2015

Works as advertised. Downloaded, installed, restarted Visual Studio. Done

5 Star
by Toomas Talviste | September 23 2015

1 Star
by Kevin Landymore | September 15 2015

Doesn't work with a build controller. Useless for me sadly, these things should work "out of the box".

5 Star
by Richard M Lee | September 06 2015

Invaluable! A feature that should definitely be native to visual studio.

5 Star
by SabbirSpider | August 14 2015

Great Package.It reduces my lot of manual task for my windows application

5 Star
by sukhdeep.singh1 | July 31 2015

Great plugin, a life saver :)

5 Star
by ronnotel | July 18 2015

I've been coding large financial trading frameworks in VS/C# since .NET 1.1 days (12/13 years). From this perspective, I can affirmatively state that Slow Cheetah is by far the most productive package that is not currently integrated into the VS tool. I'm walking through a major rollout now involving five different staging environments and over twenty different server configs. Without Slow Cheetah, the other 35 people in the deployment team waiting on my builds would be left high and dry while I tried to manage the configs by hand. VS management - what the *hell* are you thinking? Integrate!

5 Star
by MGSman123 | June 30 2015

Excellent extension! Definitely essential to my VS toolbelt going forward. Works like a charm in VS2015 too. Just needed to tweak the vsextension xml inside the package :)

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  • Use SlowCheetah for other file extensions
    1 Posts | Last post July 08, 2013
    • Is it possible to use SlowCheetah for any other file extension? AnyConfig.config.transform for example? The reason for this requirement is that the sitecore cms include it's own merging logic for config files by application start. We solve this problem by using ctt and the suffix *.transform. But this tooling doesn't allow to use the great preview tool comes with slowcheetah. It's only console magic.
  • Visual Studio 2013 Support
    1 Posts | Last post July 02, 2013
    • I realize this is early but I have come to rely heavily on SlowCheetah and wonder when you will have a build that targets VS2013.
  • XML Transformation error if comma in attribute value
    2 Posts | Last post June 22, 2013
    • Hello,
      I have this lines in my app.config files :
      <unity xmlns="">
              <type type="Edenred.Framework.Caching.ICacheManager, Edenred.Framework" 
                    mapTo="Edenred.Framework.Caching.HttpRuntimeCacheManager, Edenred.Framework.Caching">
                <lifetime type="singleton" />
      And here is my xml transformation fille :
      <unity xmlns:xdt="" xmlns="">
                      <type mapTo="Edenred.Framework.Caching.AppFabricCacheManager, Edenred.Framework.Caching"
                            xdt:Locator="XPath(unity/containers/container/types/type[@type='Edenred.Framework.Caching.ICacheManager, Edenred.Framework'])"/>
      My xpath query below is valid (tested on internet with a XPath validator) :
      /unity/containers/container/types/type[@type='Edenred.Framework.Caching.ICacheManager, Edenred.Framework']
      But I have this error when I try to transform XML config with Slow Cheetah :
      "XPath requires exactly 1 argument"
      If I remove the "," in the value of the "type" attribute, that works.
      Thanks for your help.
    • This is caused by a bug in the Microsoft.Web.Publishing.Tasks.dll assembly. There is an easy workaround in your situation, which is to wrap your type attribute in parantheses, e.g.
      XPath(unity/containers/container/types/type[@type='Edenred.Framework.Caching.ICacheManager, Edenred.Framework']) =>
      XPath(unity/containers/container/types/type[(@type='Edenred.Framework.Caching.ICacheManager, Edenred.Framework')])
  • SlowCheetah and NLog config files?
    1 Posts | Last post June 14, 2013
    • Does SlowCheetah support NLog config files? I was able to use the "Add Transform" function to create NLog.Debug.config and NLog.Release.config but when I edit NLog.Release.config I don't get the Intellisense for the xdt xml entries. 
  • SlowCheetah transforms &quot wrong
    1 Posts | Last post June 13, 2013
    • I have a Sitecore include config file with the following XML. I have added a transform to this config, but before I add anything to the transform, it changes the following
      <setting name="InvalidItemNameChars">
      	<patch:attribute name="value">\/:?&quot;&lt;&gt;|[]</patch:attribute>
      <setting name="InvalidItemNameChars">
        <patch:attribute name="value">\/:?"&lt;&gt;|[]</patch:attribute>
      Why will &quot; be converted to ", when I have added nothing to the transform.
  • Build error with Slow Cheetah
    1 Posts | Last post June 04, 2013
    • I am trying to run msbuild on Hudson build server. The builds fail with following error - 
       D:\Hudson\jobs\MyProj\ASSEMBLIES\SlowCheetah\SlowCheetah.Transforms.targets(101,5): error : Name cannot begin with the '<' character, hexadecimal value 0x3C. Line 23, position 1. [D:\Hudson\jobs\MyProj\MyProj.csproj]
      The same project however builds from Visual Studio. Any idea what might be wrong here?
  • SlowCheetah does not transform during build
    2 Posts | Last post May 30, 2013
    • Slow Cheetah has worked perfectly for over a month. Now, all of the sudden, my builds are not transforming. I do have the configuration setup on multiple projects within the solution. Both projects have the associated Debug & Release configuration files associated with the parent app.config file.
      Here is an example of my transformation statement.
          <add name="MSSQL" connectionString="ConnectionStringHere" xdt:Transform="Replace" xdt:Locator="Match(name)"/>
      After building in either Debug or Release, I am checking the (ApplicationName).exe.config file. Here, the values do not change. I have even selected the "Preview Transformation" and the preview works without failure. It seems like Slow Cheetah is not getting the call during build.
      I have uninstalled and re installed the Slow Cheetah extension. No luck.
      Any recommendations on how to fix this problem?
    • ***Update
      I am able to create an entirely new project and the transforms work fine. It would appear something became corrupt or missing altogether. It seems odd that both projects would do this simultaneously.
  • Using SlowCheetah with edmx file
    1 Posts | Last post May 30, 2013
    • I'm trying to use SlowCheetah on an .edmx file to change an attribute of the Schema element from ProviderManifestToken="2008" to ProviderManifestToken="2005".
      But, before I can get even that far I created the most minimal transformation file which only includes the root element. Previewing the transform should result in no changes, but what happens is that the final section of the transformed EDMX files has been changed. It incorrectly changes the <Designer> element to <edmx:Designer>.
      Here's the transform file I'm starting with:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
      <!-- For more information on using transformations 
           see the web.config examples at -->
      <edmx:Edmx Version="3.0" xmlns:edmx="">
      I imagine this problem could be reproduced with any edmx file.
  • Slow Cheetah will not install using nuget package manager
    1 Posts | Last post May 30, 2013
    • I have installed SlowCheetah - XML Transforms and installed SlowCheetah using the Nuget Package Manager.  I am using Visual Studio Professional 2012 Update 2.
      I have an .net console application where SlowCheetah is working successfully for me.  I created a Release build of my .net console application and placed it in a different directory.  
      When I use Visual Studio 2012 to access this copy of the .net console application SlowCheetah does not show as an installed package.  I then attempted to install SlowCHeetah using the Nuget Package Manager.  A window appears with messages about the install progressing.  The window closes and the package does not show under the installed packages in Nuget Pacakage manager.  Because the installation fails the transforms are not working.
      Is there an installation log file that I can read to see if any errors happened during installation.  
  • config files in my web project are being transformed on build
    3 Posts | Last post May 23, 2013
    • Hi, 
        I have just installed slow cheetah. I have other config files such as connectionStrings.config in my web project. When I build they are getting transformed and updating the config files in my application route.. The default behavior is for them to only transform on publish? 
    • where can I download a previous version.. cant use nuget atm
    • Ok i have used nuget but can't figure out how to use slowcheetah version 2.5.1 without the plugin from this page.. 
      Any links to the 2.5.1 visx?
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