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Transform xml and json files at build time based on configuration. Contains tooling to assist in the creation and previewing of transform files.

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Visual Studio
2017, 2015
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3 Star
by rostolator | October 20 2016

a link to the VS2015 compatible version would be very helpful .. oh thanks Mike (3 comments below)

5 Star
by CodeSourcerer | October 20 2016

5 Star
by Jürgen Bayer | September 09 2016

Works perfectly and is even better than the ASP.NET transformation since it transforms even when running the project in Visual Studio.

5 Star
by Mike DePouw | May 27 2016

For whatever reason, there's a new project for VS 2015.

3 Star
by Ondřej | May 11 2016

Looks extremely useful and exactly what I need, but it does not work in Visual Studio 2015 Community Update 2.

1 Star
by nkomp18 | May 11 2016

I am extremely frustrated with SlowCheetah.
I tried to use it in many occasions and it never quite worked for me.
The main problem is that I have multiple configurations like:
QA, UAT, PRD, Live, Local, DEV, etc and I want to be able to define those myself.
Attempting to change the configuration manager of the solution causes an array of problems that need hours to be resolved. Notably, the underlying projects will still not generate the new build configs, which leads to build problems, DLL issues and finally I can't get rid of Debug and Release configurations of which I don't want any configs to be generated.
Also if I add my configurations to the configuration manager,
How hard is it to let the user define these in a simple XML file?
Until this very simple feature is added, SlowCheetah is of no use to me and I assume many other developers

5 Star
by EvangelistaLion | May 10 2016

When work in VS 2015 please ?? Thank you

5 Star
by Bhuard | May 06 2016

Used it for SQL unit test app.config.


5 Star
by Dave_MEC | January 19 2016

This is an extension I can't live without. We use this in everyone of our applications. It should be added as part of Visual Studio going forward.

5 Star
by jmelllo | November 19 2015

5 Star
by DragonOfId | November 12 2015

This extension has made configuring console programs for multiple environments SO much easier. I have no idea why this functionality isn't native in VS!

5 Star
by George Birbilis | November 05 2015

see for VS2015

5 Star
by the real Tim Partridge | October 23 2015

Works as advertised. Downloaded, installed, restarted Visual Studio. Done

5 Star
by Toomas Talviste | September 23 2015

1 Star
by Kevin Landymore | September 15 2015

Doesn't work with a build controller. Useless for me sadly, these things should work "out of the box".

5 Star
by Richard M Lee | September 06 2015

Invaluable! A feature that should definitely be native to visual studio.

5 Star
by SabbirSpider | August 14 2015

Great Package.It reduces my lot of manual task for my windows application

5 Star
by sukhdeep.singh1 | July 31 2015

Great plugin, a life saver :)

5 Star
by ronnotel | July 18 2015

I've been coding large financial trading frameworks in VS/C# since .NET 1.1 days (12/13 years). From this perspective, I can affirmatively state that Slow Cheetah is by far the most productive package that is not currently integrated into the VS tool. I'm walking through a major rollout now involving five different staging environments and over twenty different server configs. Without Slow Cheetah, the other 35 people in the deployment team waiting on my builds would be left high and dry while I tried to manage the configs by hand. VS management - what the *hell* are you thinking? Integrate!

5 Star
by MGSman123 | June 30 2015

Excellent extension! Definitely essential to my VS toolbelt going forward. Works like a charm in VS2015 too. Just needed to tweak the vsextension xml inside the package :)

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  • VS 2012 / Azure 2.1 - not transforming?
    2 Posts | Last post October 22, 2013
    • I'm using VS 2012 and Azure Tools 2.1 with SlowCheetah.  I downloaded & installed the VS extension and everything seemed to go fine: I was able to create Debug and Release versions of the app.config for my worker role.  I added transforms and checked them with "Preview Transform".  All good.  But when I build -- nothing.  Transforms haven't been done.  Am I missing something?  Is there somewhere I can look to see if the transform failed or get some logging data on what's happening?
    • It looks like I needed to install the SlowCheetah.xdt nuget package as well.  Seems to be working now.
  • Only publish transformed files
    1 Posts | Last post October 17, 2013
    • Hey,
      I'm looking for a way to use msbuild together with slowcheetah to produce/publish *only* the transformed files.
      I tried
      MSBuild [path to project file] /t:TransformAllFiles /p:Configurat
      That doesn't give any errors, but it doesn;t give me my files either.
      I think because SlowCheetah only transforms on publish.
      I tried some other options as well, but to no avail.
      Please help?
  • Could not copy the file"...exe.config" because it was not found.
    7 Posts | Last post October 17, 2013
    • I'm receiving the error:
      Could not copy the file "bin\Debug\TIPS.Client.exe.config" because it was not found.
      I'm not alone
      If I simply create a new WPF application and enable "Enable ClickOnce security settings" I get the error.
    • I've created an app that illustrates the problem
      VS 2012 update 3
      installed VS slowcheetah expansion
      create wpf 4.5
      enable ClickOnce security
      add transform
    • As mentioned below, downgrading to version NuGet package 2.5.5 fixed the issue.
    • Thanks for the details, I am able to repro this now.
      I've created an issue on the project page at Let's followup there.
    • This should be fixed in 2.5.8.
    • I'm having the same Problem with Version, VS2013 Update 3 in an WPF-Application. Added the transform, did some transformations, preview is working fine, but building the release gives me the error described here. Click Once Security is enabled.
    • Ok sorry, If I choose Tools/Extensions and Updates it tells me I have installed. As building is not working I uninstalled the package from my project and recognized I had 2.5.7 there. So I uninstalled it (which didn't work right away) and installed it (why 2.5.8?) again. Now its building!
  • VS 2010 .config Add Transform option to available
    2 Posts | Last post October 10, 2013
    • Hi,
      I have installed the latest version 2.5.9 using VS 2010 (SP1). However the option for right click Add Transform doesn't appear. Any problems with this particular release.
    • Sorry switching to .NET 4.0 caused the extension to not work in VS2010. I've just released which is built with .NET 4.0 and should work with VS2010. Please try it out and let me know if it does not work.
  • Does it work?
    12 Posts | Last post October 10, 2013
    • i am using VS 2012 with update 3. After installing the latest from Nuget i was fully expect to see the context menu "Add Transform" when right click on a app.config file. but no such menu comes up. how do i get it to work? any documentation/user guild on this?
    • Sayed, my two apps have too many dependencies and hooks into the larger solution to offer as a repro case. So I went and created a new WinForms app and cannot cause the problem, even with exactly the same config files and transforms. I'm not sure what to make of this. Clearly something is wrong in the two projects I have. If it helps any I am willing to offer you the project file itself, though it won't build of course due to the lack of dependencies.
    • Sorry, replied to the wrong discussion.
    • I'm running VS 2012 update 2 and I experience the exact same problem as Jeo Ho W. The menu item "Add Transform" does however show up when I right click on a web.config file.
    • Sorry for the confusion guys. The NuGet package is just a mechanism to ship the underlying build support. The Visual Studio extension (which this is the download page for) ships the menu options in Visual Studio.
      It is authored this way so that when working in teams if one person adds SlowCheetah everyone will get the correct build behavior without having to install the extension. Only those interested in creating new transforms need to install the extension.
      Unless you are an advanced user you can view the NuGet package as an implementation detail.
      I hope that clears things up.
    • Crystal clear! :-) Thanks
    • On vs2010 ult, I cant see the context menu either.  VM cannot get to the internet, so cant get from nuGet.  How can I get this thing working?
    • @dugongsoftware, you need to install the VS extension to see the context menu. You don't need an internet connection. If the NuGet pkg cannot be installed it will use local files.
    • I am using VS2012.3 and installed the VS extension to a web site project in hopes of transforming a CMS specific file AssetManagement.config, but I do not see the context menu offering the "Add Transform" option.  I tried to install the Nuget package but installation failed with the message "Project file not found".  Does this work only with WAPs?
    • Sayed, after I updated, the Preview Context Menu option disappeared and I need it back.  Do you know where I can get a copy of SlowCheetah 2.5.8?  
    • I am using VS2010, I've installed the vsix using Tools > Extension Manager. I've created a new Console Application with App.config file, I don't see an "Add Transform" option. Doing the same with VS2012, I do get the "Add Transform" option - is there a version available for VS2010?
    • Sorry guys switching to .NET 4.0 caused the extension to not work in VS2010. I've just released which is built with .NET 4.0 and should work with VS2010. Please try it out and let me know if it does not work.
  • Visual Studio 2013 support
    5 Posts | Last post October 07, 2013
    • Hi. I cannot get it to work in VS2013 RC. Is there some way to install it on that version?
    • Haven't tested it much yet but:
      1) Download 7-Zip
      2) Download the VSIX from the link above
      3) Right click on the VSIX and select Open with -> Choose default program
      4) Select C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7zFM.exe (or Program Files (x86) for 32 bit)
      *** Make sure to uncheck the box to associate 7zFM.exe with VSIX files ***
      5) Right click on extension.vsixmanifest and select Edit (F4)
      6) Copy/paste the <VisualStudio Version="11.0"> node and replace 11.0 with 12.0
      7) Save and close Notepad - 7-Zip will ask you to save the file back in the archive
      8) Hope it works ;) 
      I was able to do transforms but haven't tried to build or deploy anything yet using VS2013 
    • Worked like a charm. Thank you very much!
      I did deploy with no problems.
      I used the excellent Total commander to open the vsix file, select any file in right pane and use Ctrl-left arrow to open it in the right pane. Brilliant :)
    • Thanks guys. Official support for VS2013 will be coming soon.
    • I have just released 2.5.9 which supports VS2013
  • How to get transform to work for XSLT not part of project.
    1 Posts | Last post October 02, 2013
    • I'm sure there's a way to do this if I buckle down and determine how this works, but my object is to do the transform without making the App.Debug.config (or other XSLT) part of the project, otherwise it will remain permanently checked out by all developers and in their TFS exclude list. Right now it doesn't work unless it is part of the project.
      We do this for web services. We have a Web.Debug.config.template file checked into the project, which each developer can copy to make their own Web.Debug.config file which is not checked in and not part of the project. Then using the technique I found on
      we create a Web.Base.config file which no one checks out unless necessary it creates a Web.config file on each build. 
      This should be easier with App.Config since it isn't modified, and is transformed to the bin directory.
      Question: Has anyone done this with SlowCheetah transforms and is willing to share the technique? I assume it is possible with a custom targets file and modification of the csproj file, but unfortunately package restoration might wipe out the modifications.
  • Transform an Embedded Resource XML
    2 Posts | Last post September 30, 2013
    • Is it possible to transform an XML file that is set as Embedded Resource?. I'm having problems with a transformation like that. Thanks.
    • This is not possible.
  • SlowCheetah changes XML character references
    1 Posts | Last post September 19, 2013
    • I'm using the SlowCheetah 2.5.8 NuGet package for config transforms and it's automatically transforming XML character references as follows
          <param name="Header" value="&#13;&#10;[HEADER]"/>
          <param name="Header" value="&#xD;&#xA;[HEADER]"/>
      How do I keep the original XML character references intact?
  • work in vsnet 2012, but NOT on the TFS build server
    1 Posts | Last post September 18, 2013
    • Hi, i'm facing this problem. 
      Is it supported ? What should i check ? 
      thank you 
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