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Web Essentials 2010


Adds many useful features to Visual Studio for web developers

4.5 Star
Visual Studio
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5 Star
by JayChase | November 03 2014

Really is essential for working with javascript in Visual Studio.

5 Star
by Ed (DareDevil57) | August 14 2014

5 Star
by Bob Blork | May 30 2014

nice! i like that you put in a link for a video.

5 Star
by Uroš Smolnik | March 01 2014

3 Star
by John E. Bailey | February 06 2014

I would previously have rated this 5 stars, but this latest version runs
the "linter" on every build, which basically kills my development
environment on any project of any size. There does not appear to be a
way to prevent it from running on minimized files.

You can turn this behavior off in the options, otherwise I would have to
disable this extension entirely.

5 Star
by Jernej Novak | October 18 2013

5 Star
by NNToan | October 15 2013

Awesome tool for me :(

5 Star
by Arthur Mubarakshin | June 17 2013

5 Star
by D. Chatterjee | May 20 2013

5 Star
by CharlieG | March 29 2013

Pure goodness. Zen Coding integration is killer. Thank you sir!

4 Star
by matengo | March 14 2013

Freezes Visual Studio completely when I have knockout attributes in the HTML.. Have to terminate VS and restart over and over again.. The web essentials is disabled until this is fixed.. I really hope you work on this.

5 Star
by 布尔运算 | February 22 2013

not work for me now , like the extensions is disabled.

5 Star
by Waqas M | February 08 2013

Very useful features to Visual Studio for web developers

5 Star
by SurgeForward | December 20 2012

This extension made typescript far more accessible. I look forward to SCSS support!

4 Star
by neez1 | December 08 2012

Hi, excellent tool. highly appreciated. but it extremely slows done while you are writing JS code. you need to work on it.

P.S: that dude seems to be jealous through out the video when you are presenting your plugin.

5 Star
by mdarens | October 25 2012

3 Star
by cloudfuse | October 02 2012

I am downloading and installing this for the collapsible code brace region feature. if (stateMentTooLong){... I want to collapse it now without regions....}

but lo! that feature is not working in my VS2010.

3 Star
by gbiamby | September 27 2012

This add-in is great in VS2012, except for one problem: most of the time when I try to save a .coffee file that has syntax errors, Visual Studio crashes. Let me know if there is any info I can send to help you debug this.

5 Star
by Rob Reynolds (FerventCoder) | August 26 2012

Fantastic addition to Visual Studio!

2 Star
by PaulJSanchez | July 20 2012

It become unusable when editing medium-large javascript files... about a second delay from keypress to character appearing in the document! I had to disable it... when bugs like this dissapear, I'll give another try.

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  • Status message at the end of build
    3 Posts | Last post January 28, 2013
    • Hi, gotta say I love your plugin, but I noticed that after the last update, visual studio 2012 is now showing "Web Essentials: Bundles updated" as the last status message after building my project (and my current one is not even a web project). Problem is it displays this even when the build failed, so I can no longer check if the build was successful or not, since I don't use the default solution errors view, and don't display the build console either..
    • Confirmed. This is *VERY* annoying. I would appreciate this being fixed!
    • This is driving me crazy.  I am compiling a C# project and the web essentials steals the output focus!
      Please fix!
  • Save path of compiled files
    1 Posts | Last post January 28, 2013
    • Is it possible to set the path to save the compiled css from less?
  • any plans for supporting VS2012
    2 Posts | Last post January 28, 2013
    • this is awesome tool .. do you have plans to support VS2012
    • It's already supported!!!
  • Tab settings for .less files
    1 Posts | Last post January 25, 2013
    • Hi,
      I usually use tabs when writing C#, but spaces in CSS. We recently switched to LESS, so i was wondering which editor the LESS files use with Web Essentials? 
      If it doesn't already, would it be possible to change it to use the CSS editor, so i have the same settings for CSS & LESS? (or event the Plain Text editor, if the CSS editor causes problems with built in css validation)
  • LESS Compile Error.
    2 Posts | Last post January 21, 2013
    • Upgraded 2.2 to 2.3 and LESS stopped building.
      # Error details:
      Error	2	LESS: Couldn't load less/variables.less (404)	D:\<-removed->\Css\Site\Site.less	1	0	App.Web
      # Less file:
      @import "../../less/variables.less";
    • # FIX: (Use Backslash for windows OS)
      @import "..\..\less\variables.less";
  • JavaScript Bundle Files
    1 Posts | Last post December 21, 2012
    • I'm able to create a bundle file just fine, but nothing seems to trigger it actually re-building its contents. I'm in a Windows 8 JavaScript project in case that actually makes a difference. 
  • No vendor prefix support..
    1 Posts | Last post December 21, 2012
    • What's the deal with the sudden drop of vendor prefixes? Just because most people may be using HTML5 compliant browsers, that don't need them, does not mean that everyone is. This was a very dumb decision on the author's part. 
  • LESS @import on Remote Projects
    1 Posts | Last post December 18, 2012
    • When I edit .less files on a remote server, the LESS compiler chokes on @import
      For example this chokes:
      @import "../lib/bootstrap/less/variables.less";
      I've tried absolute paths (and verified accessibility via a browser) and that chokes as well:
      @import ""
      Is there a way that we can be clever in the way we process remote .less files?
  • Same word highlighting
    1 Posts | Last post December 07, 2012
    • Hi, the same word highlighting feature for CSS and JavaScript files makes the code virtually unreadable when in the Visual Studio 2012 dark theme.
      I filed a bug for this via the email link but haven't heard anything yet.
      Are there plans to fix this? Unfortunately this plugin is not usable until this is fixed.
  • Typescript major bug
    1 Posts | Last post December 04, 2012
    • If you happen to have a function and a variable with same name in a typescript class, Visual Studio hangs for ever. This is not valid for typescript, but until you correct it Visual Studio should just display the error...
      class Test{
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