A project for creating a SharePoint 2010 branding wsp package, the package includes custom masterpage, minimalmaster(New!), stylesheet, logo and favicon. The wsp includes an activation and deactivation feature as well as a childweb eventreciever to apply branding on all subsit...

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by Salaudeen Rajack | January 22 2013

Thanks! It saved lot of time.

by DaveVickery | December 19 2012

This is very helpful. The working example actually worked right away and the instructions were clear and helpful. I was looking to do something like this, but not finding clear instructions. This solution accelerated my understanding and now I am moving right along with my own solutins.

Thomas Balkeståhl December 28 2012
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Hi Dave and thanks for the feedback.
What you described was exactly what I was aiming at, to shorten the time to get started for everyone.
// Thomas

by Joseph Surgeon | October 04 2012

I really love this template it is awesome. Can I convert this template to VB.NET for you. I know there are a lot of people who would like this in VB.NET. Other than that your are awesome! Keep up the good work and I will be visiting your blog more frequently now.

Thomas Balkeståhl October 08 2012
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Sounds like a plan.
If you convert it I would be happy to publish it as a new version.

by Ad-SPbb | July 18 2012

I used this to my Sharepoint 2010 Online / 365 and works great!

Thomas you are the Man!

Thanks you very much for sharing this!


by plkumar | June 27 2012

Really good one for sharepoint branding projects.

Fantastic solution

by Gandalf50 | March 29 2012

by EnfoZipper | March 22 2012

Excellent work! A real timesaver!

by Gutke | February 28 2012

This is awesome!! If you have never worked with branding for SharePoint before the learning curve can be quite steep but this template/project makes it so much easier!

Keep up the good work!

by joeriksson | February 27 2012

by Anders -The Marketing Guy.... _ | February 27 2012

A very nice solution on a very complex problem! All of a sudden you are able to control the branding...instead of trying to keep track of css files and where you did the last branding tweaks..and on which sub site etc...

Thomas - Next step - WYSIWYG editor running in Visiual Studio for SharePoint!

Nice work!!


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  • SP2013
    1 Posts | Last post March 14, 2014
    • Any chance of extending this into SharePoint 2013?  I am not a SharePoint guru, but have built various types of websites (PHP, ASP.Net, etc) and so i am porting my knowledge (as much as i can) to SharePoint 2013.  There is alot of knowledge to be had and a Mtn Everest learning curve.
  • Are you missing something in the template?
    3 Posts | Last post October 23, 2012
    • Please let me know here if there is anything that you feel are missing from the SharePoint Branding Project Template. Thank you so much for your help and for using my project template.
    • Does this solution solve the problem where you update your branding solution assets (i.e. a style sheet gets edited) but because the file already exists it doesn’t actually overwrite the old file? I have written a solutions for branding and in the past I had to turn of the branding feature, back the solution out, physically delete all the branding assets that were installed with the solution including the style library “customBrand” folder and master pages/page layouts and then force install the new bran solution and go through the rigors of turning everything back on. This is of course on a box that I didn’t dev the brand solution on and thus can’t use VS to deploy.
    • Hi BlackRain_rc.
      Sorry for the slow reply, missed it somehow.
      This solution will replace the css on every deployment. I have done many many many changed to the css and it 'takes' every time.
      In some production Environments, you may have to go in to the actual files and publish them, or it is only the admins who can access it. But, thats not due to this solution, it is SHarePoint at its best! :-)