Entity Framework Power Tools Beta 4


Preview of useful design-time features for DbContext. When right-clicking on a C# project, the following context menu function is supported: 1) Reverse Engineer Code First - Generates POCO classes, derived DbContext and Code First mapping for an existing database. When righ...

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2013, 2012, 2010
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by Michael J. Brown | April 28 2015

Does not appear to work in VS 2013. Trying any of the context tools results in "Sequence contains no matching element." error.

by jamesdoit | April 01 2015

by SunilNS | March 07 2015

one of the online videos referred this and it looked interesting, so gathering more details on this. maintaining the average rating, since I have yet to review this

by Mech0z | February 17 2015

Any support for VS2015?

by VDohnal | February 10 2015

There is one nasty hidden problem: when you have numeric(18,4) column the Power Tools Beta 4 do not generate for you the line: modelBuilder.Entity<Class>().Property(object => object.property).HasPrecision(18, 4);
Instead it gets truncated to (18,2) with every SaveChanges.
I had to modify Context.tt file manually.

by _Fish_ | January 22 2015

Can you make the tool emit IDbSet instead of DbSet?

It pertains to this problem-

by Simon Hughes | January 12 2015

by Michael Wu (MBSG) | January 08 2015

I cannot open the file EFPowerTools.vsix.

by Mark Eastwood | January 05 2015

Worked great for quickly reverse engineering a small existing database.

by CBRE Architecture and Design Team | January 02 2015

This tool rocks, we've modified the T4 templates to generate our entities to inherit our custom base class (Entity.cs) and the DbContext to also inherit our custom base class (DataContext) to bootstrap apps with our extensible generic repositories and unit of work repository framework (https://genericunitofworkandrepositories.codeplex.com).

by qnguyen284 | December 21 2014

by obas | December 08 2014

Does not support x64 projects.

by welly satria | December 05 2014

by Cerzky | November 25 2014

I downloaded this and it does not give an option to install for visual studio 2013 express....

Are there any workarounds?


by DJM83 | November 04 2014

Rather disappointing that this tool does not work for VB code!!

by coopermoto honest | September 30 2014

Doesn't work with IdentityDbContext...but I think I've found a workaround.

It's the following constructor that causes the problem, in particular the "throwIfV1Schema":

public IdentityDbContext(string nameOrConnectionString, bool throwIfV1Schema)

So I grabbed the source for IdentityDbContext, made my own renamed version and removed that constructor with its associated code. Voila Generate Views now works for me.

by ryanbesko | September 14 2014

I love this extension and have used it for years. The change that you did that makes the entity classes it generates be partial was the best. I do need to say one thing though: I have a table in my DB called Media. It generates a class called called Medium. I don't think that's what it should do.

by rtpbuc | September 09 2014

by Bruce Prentice | September 08 2014

by Hoots | August 06 2014

Downloaded but won't work for me. I'm using AspNet.Identity and trying to do a 'view entity data model' produces the errors

EntityType '...' has no key defined. Define the key for this EntityType

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