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Entity Framework Power Tools Beta 4


Preview of useful design-time features for DbContext. When right-clicking on a C# project, the following context menu function is supported: 1) Reverse Engineer Code First - Generates POCO classes, derived DbContext and Code First mapping for an existing database. When righ...

3.3 Star
Visual Studio
2013, 2012, 2010
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5 Star
by Leonardo Lourenço Silva | November 01 2013

Excellent Tool !!!

5 Star
by danielfagundes | October 30 2013

Great tool.

4 Star
by Bruno Maestro | October 29 2013

In MySql database dont save data username, database and password.

1 Star
by aszalacinski | October 24 2013

Doesn't work with the Express versions...

3 Star
by kettch | October 23 2013

Reverse engineer needs to be able to select a subset of tables. It also should be able to deal with views that may not have a primary key. Another issue I've been having is that if you export an image or print from the EDMX while using the dark theme, the multiplicity labels (*, 0..1, etc) are rendered as light text and effectively become invisible. The workaround is currently to switch to the light theme, export the image, and then switch back.

5 Star
by JoeMighty | October 22 2013

I've only just started using EF Power Box, but it reverse engineering my rather large database worked a treat, saved me a tonne of time!

5 Star
by Vinícius Cesar Pires de Menezes | October 17 2013

Starting with great features to help develop database more quickly!

3 Star
by Radu Florescu | October 16 2013

3 Star
by YuyoF | October 14 2013

Desperately needs the ability to select a subset of tables / views to import, ability to generate code that adheres to common C# conventions, and ability to generate annotation-only code.

5 Star
by Adam_ | October 12 2013

4 Star
by BD Moby Disk | September 26 2013

Reverse engineer worked on my database of 13 entities that was created model-first in EF 4.0. It even put IsRowVersion() on my timestamp columns!

Note that it automatically downloads the latest entity-framework, which means it will grab an unstable RC version if you didn't explicitly download one first. (The tool should probably honor the user's last settings in Visual Studio's "Manage NuGet Packages" if possible)

Many of the negative reviews complain about things which have nothing to do with this tool. One complains it crashes when you have 1392 tables. That's not what the Entity Framework is for! Another is a problem with source control. Yet another is about generating views.

3 Star
by Anjee0304 | September 24 2013

Doesn't work with ODP.NET 12c .Is there any support for Oracle ?

5 Star
by BobTabor | September 20 2013

Great tool -- if that's a workflow you want to enable ... can't get it installed with Visual Studio 2013 Preview yet, unfortunately.

4 Star
by FLAKO69 | September 18 2013

Great tool, but the reverse engineer needs a dialog to select specific tables, I tested the tool on a data base with 1267 tables and have to wait to much time to generate the classes, and after that, delete all the unnecesary files.

3 Star
by ashrael | September 17 2013

Until you can select individual tables to add, I don't find this very useful.

I am writing a small app to view To-Dos in a database of 100 tables, and have to wait for all of those classes to generate, then deleting all of unused data, is challenging and a waste of my time. Please make these changes.

4 Star
by falconsfire2 | September 14 2013

I also had the same issue running it on MySql

error : Running transformation: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

However I have the solution for anyone else who reads this:

Right click on the project > Entity Framework > Custom Reverse Engineer Templates

This will add a few .tt files into your projet so that you can now change them (and fix the bug!)

- Open
- Search for the line "if (fixedLengthFacet != null && (bool)fixedLengthFacet.Value)"
- Replace this with "if (fixedLengthFacet != null && fixedLengthFacet.Value is bool && (bool)fixedLengthFacet.Value)"
- Run Entity Framework > Reverse Engineer Code First

It works now!

4 Star
by Batmanuel | July 25 2013

am testing right now... :)

1 Star
by comenica | July 22 2013

err... doesn't work?

Nothing shows up in context menu

1 Star
by AlphaMail | July 19 2013

Extremely disappointing for VB users.

Not only is there no documentation or samples for those that hard code without the tools, there is no way to even get an example.

4 Star
by Jeremy Burkett | July 18 2013

This is a great tool. It's still flaky enough to deserve the "Beta" appellate, but the code generated is still a tremendous time-saver for production work.

The biggest feature I'd like to see is the ability to select which tables to generate entities for. I'm using this tool for 1) working on a new app with a lot of churn from the DBA and 2) refactoring an old app. For both, I want to work within bounded contexts that are fairly stable. I don't need to rummage through 100+ files of junk for the bits I don't need.

Even without that feature, this tool is a huge help.

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