CodeMaid is an open source Visual Studio extension to cleanup, dig through and simplify our C#, C++, F#, VB, PHP, JSON, XAML, XML, ASP, HTML, CSS, LESS, SCSS, JavaScript and TypeScript coding.

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by Tagoma | Thu 3:52 AM

Excellent tool!

by QuYong | April 11 2015

by BillW33 | April 09 2015

A very well written and very helpful tool.

Steve Cadwallader April 10 2015
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Thanks :)

by JPDavinci | April 03 2015

I use this tool every day. Just made a small donation, but won't forget about you in future as I know you work hard on this stuff. Simply an excellent tool all around!

Steve Cadwallader April 04 2015
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That was very generous of you and it is much appreciated. Keep enjoying the tool, more to come! :)

by dwight12 | April 03 2015

I have few extensions and addins in Visual Studio.

This is one my must-haves.

I love the ability to clean entire solutions.

Steve Cadwallader April 04 2015
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Wonderful, glad to hear it! :)

by probackpacker | March 23 2015

by Ondřej | March 13 2015

Unfortunately does not support Visual Basic .NET code, otherwise 5/5.

Steve Cadwallader March 15 2015
| Edit |

Thanks for the feedback. We do support VB, but you're very right that some of the features are limited. Reorganization for example we've tried to implement in the past but the VS API's for VB didn't work out like the C# ones.

If there's any specific feature you're missing, feel free to point it out in the backlog - or it may be something already there to vote up:

by Patrick Smacchia [NDepend] | March 08 2015

by RaviShankark | February 23 2015

I am using this tool from past 1 year and it is very good and handy tool for developer.

by Ammar.Zaied | February 13 2015

Good work.

by Ray Cheng Ray Cheng | February 04 2015

CodeMaid sorts "using" directives, but StyleCop wants the "System" directives be listed first.

After running CodeMaid clean up, I got the following StyleCop warning.

"System using directives must be placed before all other using directives."

Steve Cadwallader February 05 2015
| Edit |

You can configure VS to place system directives first (old convention they've gone away from). It is in Tools->Options->Text Editor->C# and called "Place system directives first..."

Hope it helps.

by michal_bb | January 30 2015

A must have plugin for VS. I especially like the ability to go find an opened file in solution explorer, code cleanup, code reorganizing and showing progress in the taskbar. 5*****

Steve Cadwallader January 31 2015
| Edit |

Thanks! :)

by Steven Goodgrove | January 29 2015

by ErdincDogrul | January 27 2015

Awesome and perfect. thank you

Steve Cadwallader January 31 2015
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You're very welcome! :)

by Michaël Polla | January 05 2015

This extension is really great ! I wish I'd known it before. For now I mostly used the cleanup functionality, and it's very useful. It already works well with Visual Studio 2015 (Preview). Thank you for this great work !
[FR] Je recommande cette extension, très pratique. J'ai pour l'instant surtout utilisé la fonction de "nettoyage" du code, qui apporte des modifications très appréciables. Fonctionne très bien avec Visual Studio 2015 (Preview).

Steve Cadwallader January 06 2015
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You're very welcome! :)

by Yatajga | January 02 2015

Good tool.

by helixwmonkey | December 31 2014

Very nice tool. Just download and try and it amazes me~

Steve Cadwallader December 31 2014
| Edit |

Thanks! :)

by ytf1 | December 23 2014

a very good plugin,thanks

Steve Cadwallader December 23 2014
| Edit |

Glad you like it! :)

by Krzysztof Osowicki | December 18 2014

by PadamkNegi | December 06 2014

I love this plugin. i was using it with vs 2010 and it worked perfectly, but with vs 2013. It crashes my visual studio again and again. and corrupts my .aspx page (html). i don't know why.?? Please resolve this issue.

thank you

Steve Cadwallader December 06 2014
| Edit |

I'm glad you love the plugin, and sorry that you're encountering a difficulty. If you can open an issue on GitHub with some more details (e.g. code sample before and after) then I can look into it further.

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  • Codemaid Extendion crashes VS when using Edit+Continue
    2 Posts | Last post December 04, 2014
    • Hi,
      I really like this Extendion, but for some reason my VS2013 always crashes when trying to apply changes as long as Code Maid is activated.
      When I deactivate Code Maid, then I can use Edit+Continue without problems.
      This doesn't seems to have anything to do with Formatting, since I saved the Changes before continue.
      This doesn't seems to be a Managed Exception
      I use VB.Net Projects, and have VS2013 + VS2015 preview installed.
    • Hi Alexander -
      I'm glad you really like CodeMaid. :)  That's peculiar behavior you are describing.  CodeMaid explicitly checks the IDE state and will not run if you are in debugging mode.  If you right click and look at the CodeMaid context options you will see cleanup is not available.
      I tried reproducing your issue with a simple VB "Hello World" type application but it did not exhibit any issue like you were describing.
      So we can get to the bottom of it, will you open an issue on GitHub ( with some steps to reproduce (e.g. this is what the code looks like, I break on this line, make this change and then continue causes the exception).
      Thanks for reporting the issue,
      -Steve Cadwallader
  • Install on VS2013 Express
    4 Posts | Last post November 27, 2014
    • Hi, is it possible to install CM on VS 2013 Express for Desktop?
    • No, unfortunately it is not.  Microsoft does not allow for any 3rd party extensions with the express edition of Visual Studio.
    • However, the new VS Community Edition does! All the features of VS 2013 Professional for free:
    • Exactly!  And CodeMaid tested and approved:
  • Make sure file ends with blank line?
    4 Posts | Last post November 21, 2014
    • I've been using this extension when writing C++ code and it is really excellent.  Would it be possible to add an option to force a file to end with a new line (essentially last line is blank)? Some compilers don't like it and will actually generate warnings if you don't end the file with a newline.
    • That's a feature request that's been gaining in popularity - check it out here:
    • Spoiler, just finished implementation and will be in this weekend's release. ;)
    • That is awesome!  Thanks for the great (and fast) work.
  • Option to skip removing blank line cursor is on?
    2 Posts | Last post November 18, 2014
    • I often write a block of code and then Ctrl+S before continuing to the next block. At this point my cursor is usually on a (double) blank line ready to begin writing again. 
      Unfortunately though, when the code is cleaned up on save the cursor is moved as the line is deleted. Is there any way to prevent this? I really like the format on save and cleaning up of blank lines (along with so many other features!!) so I don't want to completely turn them off.
    • I'm glad you really like the tool. :)
      There isn't currently a way to do that.  There is a card in the backlog for that feature that you can track/vote/comment on here:
  • Protecting a struct ( or part of a struct) from reordering.
    2 Posts | Last post October 14, 2014
    •  I have a few structures that represent the specific layout of data. The order of fields is important. I have not found a way to stop CodeMaid from reordering them.
      Is there one?
    • Yes, you could decorate the structure with an attribute indicating that the order of fields is important.  CodeMaid looks for and will ignore members that are decorated with either the StructLayout attribute or the ComImport attribute.
  • CodeMaid does not start
    3 Posts | Last post October 02, 2014
    • I install CodeMaid on two different computers but when I restart VS 2010, I get an error message :
      The most disturbing thing is that I installed version 0.7.3 on another computer some months ago and had no problem.
      I really do not know what to do. Any help would be very appreciated. 
    • As of CodeMaid v0.7.4, .NET 4.5 is required on the machine.  It did not get correctly marked in the installer so the error message is not very helpful.  Do you have .NET 4.5 installed?
      There are some more details here, including a link to the older installer:
    • Thank you for your quick answer.
      It is exactly as you said and version 0.7.3 does perfectly the job.
  • Excluding Files and Directories from Cleaning
    4 Posts | Last post October 02, 2014
    • Hi Steve,
      I am using CodeMaid on a very large project and it is running out of memory when I get to large auto generated files. They are all CS file. I have tried to exclude these files with these regular expressions and the file name but neither works.
      What is the correct regular expression to accomplish this? Can entire directories be excluded also?
    • The second example is correct syntax.  Have you made sure it is on a separate line from other exclusion lines?
      Entire directories cannot currently be excluded, but it's in the backlog here:
      If you're still having problems, please open an issue on GitHub with an export of your CodeMaid settings so we can figure it out together.
    • Yes, they are on separate lines. The two expressions I mentioned earlier was what I tried to exclude a file by name. I tried using them each separately and together but did not get the result I wanted.
      I can still use CodeMaid by explicitly selecting the files to clean but will not be able to use it on the entire solution for now. When support is added for directory exclusion it should work for me since all the files I want to exclude are in the same directory.
    • Thank you for your quick answer.
      It is exactly as you said and version 0.7.3 does perfectly the job.
  • CodeMaid Spade does not seem to work on shared projects
    2 Posts | Last post September 23, 2014
    • Hi Steve,
      Just installed CodeMaid in VS2013 update3. It looks very nice but when I open a C# file from a shared project (As in universal apps) the codemaid spade window stays empty, opening files in regular projects works fine. I am missing something ?
    • Hi Lex -
      Have you installed CodeMaid v0.7.4?  That version contained a fix specifically for shared projects.  If you have that version installed and are still seeing an issue will you open a GitHub issue with a code sample?
      -Steve Cadwallader
  • Customize font size
    7 Posts | Last post September 20, 2014
    • Hi Steve,
      Thanks for the great addin!
      Could you add a way to customize font size for Spade window?
    • You're welcome - glad you like it!
      Spade supports zooming - you can hold down the Ctrl-key and use the mouse wheel to zoom-in or zoom-out. :)  Holding down the Ctrl-key and clicking the middle button will reset the zoom to 100%.
    • True that! That was what I tried at first.
      Turns out reducing zoom level messes up font rendering, give it a try, or I can send you a screenshot if you like.
    • Sure if you would like to send a screenshot that would be good (codemaid on gmail).  Since it is a full window scale transform vs. a font size change the appearance may not remain as crisp depending on the font.
    • Sent!
    • "Depending on font"
      I tried several fonts, but all fonts look blurry when the Spade is zoomed. How about just letting us to choose the font size? Currently it is too small.
    • There is a card in the backlog for that here:  Please feel free to visit and vote-up or comment further there.
  • Cleanup and Collapse missing from Solution Explorer
    6 Posts | Last post September 08, 2014
    • Hi,
      I seem to have lost the Cleanup and Collapse buttons in the Solution Explorer window. Is there an option to switch them back on? I recently installed VS2013 Update 3 - but I can't be 100% sure that this removed them.
    • Hi Ben -
      They were deliberately removed in the v0.7.3 update as Microsoft has a native collapse all button already in the solution explorer toolbar from VS2012 and up.  There's been a number of people asking that question though so I'll roll back that change and re-introduce them in the next release.
      As a VS2013 user, were you aware of the native collapse button?  Do you use the cleanup all code button regularly that it's easier to have it present there vs. the menu?
      -Steve Cadwallader
    • Doh! No, I didn't notice the native Collapse button!
      I tend to CleanUp on Save rather than use CleanUp All option - so it was just Collapse that I was missing really. Don't reintroduce them on my account...
      Thanks for your help Steve - CodeMaid is really useful!
    • No worries, thanks for the details.  It's mostly for VS2010 users but I was curious if there were other reasons they would still be helpful in VS2013.
      Really glad to hear you're finding CodeMaid useful. :)
    • There is a way to obtain a past version from CodeMaid (before v0.7.3)?
      By some reasons directly related to the project where I'm working, I cannot update .NET Framework to v4.5, being limited to use v4.0 (and prior), and I really love/need the collapse function (*badum tss*).
      Thanks in advance.
    • v0.7.4 was the first version that requires .NET 4.5.  You can download v0.7.3 which does not require .NET 4.5 from GitHub here:
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