CodeMaid is an open source Visual Studio extension to cleanup, dig through and simplify our C#, C++, F#, VB, XAML, XML, ASP, HTML, CSS, LESS, SCSS, JavaScript and TypeScript coding.

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by RaviShankark | February 23 2015

I am using this tool from past 1 year and it is very good and handy tool for developer.

by Ammar.Zaied | February 13 2015

Good work.

by Ray Cheng Ray Cheng | February 04 2015

CodeMaid sorts "using" directives, but StyleCop wants the "System" directives be listed first.

After running CodeMaid clean up, I got the following StyleCop warning.

"System using directives must be placed before all other using directives."

Steve Cadwallader February 05 2015
| Edit |

You can configure VS to place system directives first (old convention they've gone away from). It is in Tools->Options->Text Editor->C# and called "Place system directives first..."

Hope it helps.

by michal_bb | January 30 2015

A must have plugin for VS. I especially like the ability to go find an opened file in solution explorer, code cleanup, code reorganizing and showing progress in the taskbar. 5*****

Steve Cadwallader January 31 2015
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Thanks! :)

by Steven Goodgrove | January 29 2015

by ErdincDogrul | January 27 2015

Awesome and perfect. thank you

Steve Cadwallader January 31 2015
| Edit |

You're very welcome! :)

by Michaël Polla | January 05 2015

This extension is really great ! I wish I'd known it before. For now I mostly used the cleanup functionality, and it's very useful. It already works well with Visual Studio 2015 (Preview). Thank you for this great work !
[FR] Je recommande cette extension, très pratique. J'ai pour l'instant surtout utilisé la fonction de "nettoyage" du code, qui apporte des modifications très appréciables. Fonctionne très bien avec Visual Studio 2015 (Preview).

Steve Cadwallader January 06 2015
| Edit |

You're very welcome! :)

by Yatajga | January 02 2015

Good tool.

by helixwmonkey | December 31 2014

Very nice tool. Just download and try and it amazes me~

Steve Cadwallader December 31 2014
| Edit |

Thanks! :)

by ytf1 | December 23 2014

a very good plugin,thanks

Steve Cadwallader December 23 2014
| Edit |

Glad you like it! :)

by Krzysztof Osowicki | December 18 2014

by PadamkNegi | December 06 2014

I love this plugin. i was using it with vs 2010 and it worked perfectly, but with vs 2013. It crashes my visual studio again and again. and corrupts my .aspx page (html). i don't know why.?? Please resolve this issue.

thank you

Steve Cadwallader December 06 2014
| Edit |

I'm glad you love the plugin, and sorry that you're encountering a difficulty. If you can open an issue on GitHub with some more details (e.g. code sample before and after) then I can look into it further.

by ..walt | November 27 2014

It cleans, it organizes and it can call in the heavy movers (Resharper in my case). And Steve ... thanks for responding to so many people.

Steve Cadwallader November 27 2014
| Edit |

I'm glad you're enjoying it, thanks for the positive review. :)

by VikNet | November 22 2014

by MJ11235 | November 19 2014

I love it!

Steve Cadwallader November 19 2014
| Edit |

Wonderful! :)

by ian-craig | November 17 2014

by Rishikesh Parkhe | November 06 2014

Fantastic plugin to visual studio :-) 4 stars....

More customisation options will be handy... to format internal code (like if statements / style cop whining etc... )

Also if there is an option to re-organize selected files (just like cleanup selected files), it will be great.

Awesome stuff!

Steve Cadwallader November 08 2014
| Edit |

Thanks for the review and suggestions. :)

Some of the internal code details aren't available with the current VS API, but the new Roslyn compiler in VS14 will provide a lot more information that will make those kind of cleanups possible in the future. If you have specific requests check out the Roslyn list in the backlog:

I've also added a new card to the backlog for reorganizing selected files, great idea:

by Stevoisiak | November 02 2014

Awesome little program. Very helpful for cleaning up code.

Steve Cadwallader November 02 2014
| Edit |

Thank you, the positive feedback is a great booster. :)

by Josh Garverick | October 23 2014

I found this extension on a whim one day, and have to admit that it works quite well for tidying things up. I also like the method complexity analysis as well.

Steve Cadwallader October 26 2014
| Edit |

Thanks, glad you like it. :)

by Shockwaver One | August 27 2014

Saved my day, present and future ones, in a way you cannot even immagine XD.
Amazingly done, keep it up!


Steve Cadwallader August 28 2014
| Edit |

Fantastic, thanks! :)

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  • Ability to clean code from command line?
    2 Posts | Last post December 22, 2013
    • Did not see any indication of this in the docs, but I would like to run the cleanup routines from the command line.  Is this something that would be easy to do?
    • Hi Scott.  A few users have made that request, but no CodeMaid is currently heavily dependent upon Visual Studio's API and extension model so it is not accessible outside of the IDE.
  • Excluding a file type "Unrecognized escape sequence"
    2 Posts | Last post December 20, 2013
    • Not sure who else to ask, so might as well ask the Dev :) I'm trying to exclude file types that exist with in a folder named Generated. I tried .*\Generated\.cs. This seems to work initially. When I select a file inside one of these folders, the option to clean the file is gone, which is exactly what I would expect. However, I try to clean all code and I get an error from the parser that \g is an unrecognized escape sequence. How would I go about getting this to work? Thanks in advance.
    • Hi Derek -
      The exclusion expressions are fed through a regular expression matcher - have you tried escaping the back slash \\ ?
      If that doesn't do it, go ahead and vote up the backlog card here with your comments:
      Hope it helps, :)
      -Steve Cadwallader
  • uninstall/Remove code maid from computer
    2 Posts | Last post December 15, 2013
    • how to uninstall/Remove code maid from computer.
      please help me..
    • Through Visual Studio's extension manager, which is under the Tools menu.
  • Skip auto generated classes for WCF References
    3 Posts | Last post December 14, 2013
    • Is it possible to exclude the "References" folder when doing a cleanup all on a project that has web references? Since these generated classes can at times be large and cleanup serves no purpose on those files since they will never be edited but always regenerated automatically, ignoring those files would speed up the clean up all process dramatically.
    • You could add the Reference File to the Excluded file types in the cleaning options, like:
    • Thanks for the response Alexander, that's very helpful. :)
      Greg: There's also a backlog feature card to extend the exclusion rules to include files with specifically identified <auto-generated> tags in the header which would cover those as well.  If you'd like to vote it up it is located here:
  • Web support for Spade
    2 Posts | Last post December 14, 2013
    • Did the spade currently support .cshtml, .js and .css files?
    • No, not currently.  The VS API provides a code model for C# and C++ so those are the supported languages.  In the future when Roslyn is released I expect to be able to increase the number of supported languages.
  • Windows 8 Progress bar
    4 Posts | Last post December 11, 2013
    • Did the progress bar get changed in 0.7.0?  I just updated my Win 8.1/VS2010 machine to 0.7.0 and both the progress window and the task bar icon now use the somewhat useless Win 8 travelling progress bar that doesn't actually show any progress.
    • No, there have been no updates to the progress bar with the v0.7.0 release.  Some operations are indeterminate (e.g. building an individual project vs. the solution) but that hasn't changed since previous releases.
    • Well, that's strange. I rolled back to 0.6.2 and the progress bars worked properly.  To confirm the problem I upgraded to 0.7.0 again and, lo and behold, I still get the proper progress bars.  I don't know if the second upgrade fixed it or the multiple restarts of VS, but works now.
      The CodeMaid progress bars are a great feature, but they were rendered useless by the Win8 style progress bar.
    • Strange indeed, but glad to hear you're back in business.
  • CodeMaid disabled in VS 2010 Premium
    3 Posts | Last post December 04, 2013
    • This is my 1st time trying to use tools like code maid.  After i installed the app using NuGet, the nuget manager app indicates that CodeMaid is disabled - when I doublie click the disabled Enable button, the app is ready to uninstall from the machine.  Answer links present for a 'disabled' search on the QA page are broken.  
      Any help will be greatly beneficial.
      regards, Ravi.
    • My bad. Fixed it. My colleague helped me out. For folks who might need the solution: In Tools-->Option window, Under Environment, there is an option 'Extension and Updates'. In my problem, Load per user extension when running as adminstrator was NOT checked. I checked it (set the checkbox to true) and re-started vs 2013.
      thanks for your patience.
    • Hi Ravi -
      I'm glad that you figured out the source of the problem, and I appreciate you sharing it for anybody else who might encounter that setting having been changed.  Hope you enjoy the tool. :)
      -Steve Cadwallader
  • cleanup unavailable for html/cshtml files
    2 Posts | Last post November 12, 2013
    • Hi - the "Cleanup Code" menu option (and keyboard binding) are unavailable in my .html/.cshtml files. The command is available for .cs and .js files. I've gone through the configuration and the HTML checkbox is checked in the File Types section. Any ideas why this command is being disabled for these files? I'm using VS 2013.
    • There is a known issue with Visual Studio's devenv.exe.config file that I'm working with Microsoft to get resolved.  The net effect is that the cleanup commands invoked from the solution explorer will not work, but you should still be able to cleanup files that are open as document tabs.  Please follow through our BitBucket issue to track status and vote up the backing Microsoft connect issue, as well as view a workaround:
  • Bypass code-cleaning for some classes
    3 Posts | Last post November 11, 2013
    • Hello,
      Is there any way to bypass code cleaning for a class or a region?
      For example, in my DemoCode.cs, there are 3 classes: MyControl, MyEntity and MyHelper. I don't want  MyEntity to be sorted when doing code cleaning.
      Another example, in MyControl class, there are some functions in a #region block that I don't want them be sorted.
      Thank you for reply.
    • Hi Chris -
      No, currently reorganization runs on the entire file.  In the case of your three classes in one file I would recommend separating the classes each to their own file as good practice and an easy workaround.  However skipping a region would be a little trickier without utilizing partial classes.  Is it a standard region that you would always want to skip, or just a one-time example?  If you have some ideas about a feature request please start the conversation on the Trello backlog here:
      Hope it helps,
      -Steve Cadwallader
    • Yeah, partial class is a VERY good idea!
      And I'll separate classes into different files.
      Thank you very much!
  • Sorting rules for "usings"
    3 Posts | Last post October 28, 2013
    • Hello,
      In our team we made it mandatory to use CodeMaid, but the sorting order rules for using statements differ across team members. For some it is correct - System usings go first, but for others they get sorted alphabetically regardless being System imports or not. We didn't find any configuration setting that would affect this.
      Is this setting hidden in some config file?
      Thank you for reply.
    • Hi Maynard -
      I encountered that as well with my own team.  There is a setting for this within Visual Studio's Options under Text Editor->C#->Advanced->"Place 'System' directives first when sorting usings"
      This option used to be enabled by default in VS2010 and earlier, but Microsoft changed it to be disabled by default in VS2012 and later due to Windows Store apps using the Windows.* namespace.
      A couple useful links:
      Hope it helps, :)
      -Steve Cadwallader
    • Thank you, Steve. Changing this setting did the work ;).
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