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DevExpress .NET Application Framework

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When time to market matters and you need to deliver functional and easy-to-use business solutions that target both WinForms and ASP.NET, look no further than the award-winning eXpressApp Framework™ (XAF).

4.9 Star
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4 Star
by Fayasamd | October 26 2016

I had a situation to develop an application within a week , I was worried to build the business logics and data binding, Finally, I have found XAF, It is amazing. I was using trial version then I found most flexible with it.
I also recommend to my company.

5 Star
by FredyWenger | June 21 2016

We have searched an add-on for a windows forms application for a large customer project.
We have bought DE and were not disappointed…
The properties and events are not self-explaining / logical (for us) in every case, but we have found anything we need (and that’s the most important).
The XtraGrid is really stunning (and alone worth the price):
- Very fast
- Very complete functionality (everything that is needed is built in)
- Usable also fully dynamic (serve from code) without problems (set a datatable or a list as datasource and format it in code)
- All needed events are there
=> We use it on almost every form in the application (query forms but also administration forms)

Also the text editor with his masks saves a lot of time for plausibility checks.
The all-in-all look-and-feel (picture buttons, tab-control, checklistbox, and so on) behavior of the controls is an important success factor for the user acceptance.
Further, the DE support stuff is really stunning.
We develop since over 20 years - best support ever.

We only wished we had bought earlier as we can save a lot of time with it and reach a better user acceptance with it.

1 Star
by WPF USER | January 28 2016

There is no support for coded UI. Also any bugs found and reported have a standard response with " We do not support this" or "This is standard" when it is clearly not.

5 Star
by Hakan Çelik MK1 | June 02 2013


I've been using DevEpress Universal for more than 2 years. As an ISV we provide WebForms based multilingual enterprise level business applications. That's a very demanding customer base and we've managed to achieve a very high level of customer satisfaction.

I've been able to focus on business logic and project requirements; instead of wrestling with the components, HTML, etc. and trying to implement the infrastructure needed to support such applications from scratch.

ASP.NET components provided the nice UI (standard components, grid, pivot, chart, scheduler etc.) which works across all major browsers, XAF provided the business application infrastructure (security, business rules, audit, UI design, state machine etc.) and XPO provided the database infrastructure which works across major databases.

Also, their support is the best I've seen in a long time. There were cases I've got, not only a response but also the solution in 3-4 hours.

I really suggest you to take a serious and detailed look into DevExpress products whatever you do : Web, WinForms, WPF, Mobile etc.

5 Star
by Lang Michael | March 19 2013

The XAF-framework of DevExpress is the most powerful tool I ever programed with. All other DevExpress-tools are very good as well, but XAF is an outstanding product that every business application programmer makes his life very much easier.
The best thing about DevExpress is the support that is unparalleled in the software industry. It is staffed by people only that are in heart and mind in the matter they consider it as their duty to help the customer.

5 Star
by bobfox | October 04 2012

The DevExpress eXpressApp Framework (in short XAF) allows you to deliver cutting edge applications in a fraction of the time compared to conventional Winforms/Webforms development.
XAF will teach you best practices in separating DAL/BLL/GUI layers by using an MVC-like architecture.
And it comes with a lot of ready-to-use modules, like Security, Validation, Localization, Printing/Exporting, Reporting, Analysis, Workflow, Statemachine, Automatic Generation of Customizable UI (Winforms and ASP.NET), Functional Testing and full Visual Studio Integration.
Add to that the best-in-industry premium support delivered by DevExpress Support Center.

5 Star
by James S. K. Makumbi | September 14 2012

I came to Developer Express because I love ORMs I am a coder who likes to take complex business cases and encode them into tight beautiful routines that automate these processes to leave a user free to focus one creativity and "out of the box" problems. My short coming is I SUCK at UI design. I hate "drag and drop" design. With the DevExpress eXpressApp Framework or XAF (ex-Aff) you are free to focus on just the parts you are strong at. You can tear up your project into different pieces and work on them independently of others. When you add CodeRush, the work is faster and seamless.
The ability to target several deployment scenarios AT THE SAME TIME is also another plus. XAF not only teaches you best coding practices but it also supports "Cowboy Coding". With the excellent, fast and easy to access support at Devexpress, even as a Cowboy Developer, you are covered and in good hands.

5 Star
by Dario Cadei | September 11 2012

5 Star
by Jens Havelberg | May 31 2012

Best framework ever!!!!!

5 Star
by Robert Thomas123 | March 13 2012

The DevExpress XAF Framework has allowed us to deliver a cutting edge application in a fraction of the time compared to a normal development process. The best part about the framework is the unbeatable support delivered by Dennis at DevExpress and his support crew. You will not be disappointed if you base your future software projects on the DevExpress products!

5 Star
by Adam Stiskala | March 08 2012

Great framework for business apps. Lets our team focus on what's important (the business logic) while providing enough configuration and extensibility to handle those fringe cases where a little extra customization is required.

The support from DevExpress is amazing. Their documentation and online code library is extensive and helps me find the solution almost every time. Failing that, a ticket to their support team is ALWAYS answered in a timely manner, usually with detailed guidance and code samples. Couldn't ask for anything more than that.

5 Star
by stas_tristan | November 07 2011

XAF is a great product with excellent support. We are planning to write our SaaS-based applications with XAF.

5 Star
by Michael Proctor | November 05 2011

XAF is by far the most complete framework on the market, using DX's multi award winning components you can create and publish a great application with common functionality "before lunch". With very little code you can achieve alot of functionality which is even controllable by the end user (security depending) allowing for rapid and dynamic application development.

What makes XAF brilliant is the ability to control and extend all aspects of the framework via Controllers. This allows for not only the IT based junior developers to create powerful applications but also for senior professional developers to create powerful enterprise level results as well.

Highly recommend it.

5 Star
by Irish_Mr_T | November 05 2011

I run a small business and for years I had ideas for internal line of business applications which would make things so much better for us. However we just never had the time to create them - you have to keep focussed on the client projects to keep paying the bills.

I discovered XAF and I was stunned. It is incredible what you can achieve in just a few hours. Just incredible.

Now I have an idea on a Friday, I spend a few hours tinkering on a Saturday morning, and then I launch the new app to the team on a Monday morning.

Now our business is running like a well oiled machine, and a lot of the credit has to go to XAF.

The ability to make changes to the system and have the database update automatically is great for allowing apps to "Evolve" over time with the minimum of fuss.

I must mention the support team too. They are the best I've ever dealt with. Just post any question, even a bit of code you are working on, and they get right on it and come back with a detailed, helpful response. I've posted questions and had responses back on a Saturday morning when I'm trying something out. You just don't get that with other companies.

5 Star
by Vassilios Pallis | October 13 2011

There is simply nothing you can't do with XAF.
Every idea i have in mind, gets its implementation, fast, easy and with superb quality.
I am a professional programmer since 1994. I say all the time "I cannot live without XPO". Now i say "I cannot live without XPO and XAF".
Don't hesitate and go for it now. Every single penny worths the money.

5 Star
by meriloui | October 06 2011

Using DX frameworks and controls it is easy and pleasant to build business applications. XAF is the best business application framework. Support is excellent. DX makes our lives easier.

5 Star
by arispap | October 05 2011

This is the best business application framework I have ever seen. Because of its modular architecture, it helps you build highly configurable applications with the most convenient and maintainable way. Simply rules!

5 Star
by Nikos Baxevanis | October 05 2011

The best framework for rapid development of modern LOB applications with outstanding support services.

5 Star
by rothm | September 28 2011

A very good framework for application development; we use it extensively and are very content with it. Also great developer support.

5 Star
by jpoul | September 22 2011

One of it's kind. The application framework is the most extensible I have ever used. Excellent support, good releases, components that rock and a dedicated community - take a look at A developers dream-come-true kind of software.

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  • How much code should be written for sample apps?
    2 Posts | Last post October 20, 2011
      I am currently searching for a RAD tool.
      I would like to learn how much code should be written for sample apps that we see on pictures?
      It is being advertised liked "no code". And i want to believe in it :)
    • The screenshots are taken from our demos and they do have a small amount of code. However the code can be replaced by a declarative approach. I would suggest to download them and explore them by your self. XAF architecture is so genius that almost all of your code will end up in a reusable library. DevExpress code central has hundredths of ready to use samples and you can plug & play them in any project. As a proof you may consider to look our community open source project