Visual Studio 2012 Tools for Unity

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Write and debug your Unity 3D games inside Microsoft Visual Studio.

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by RPolyano | March 06 2015

I remember this having inline documentation for the Unity APIs, but it seems to have disappeared in a recent version. Any chance you guys could bring it back?

Otherwise this is a fantastic tool.

Sebastien Lebreton March 06 2015
| Edit |

No the feature is still there.

You can access it from Help menu, Unity API Reference, or by using the CTRL-ALT-M, CTRL-H shortcut.

In the next version you will even be able to launch the internal VS browser or your preferred external browser.


by ZacharyWang | February 05 2015

This is so good before it cost my whole day when i use a version of Chinese VS version. After I changed to English version it works! Great!

by rainpuzzle | January 20 2015

I like this tool but latest version is keep crashing

Mac OS 10.9.5
Windows 7 (VMware 5)
Unity Version 4.5.5p5
Visual Studo Profesional 2012 (Version 11.0.50727.1 RTMREL)
.NET Framework (Ver 4.5.50709)

by RCEstes | December 03 2014

Giving this 3 stars for the moment as after upgrading to the new version I keep experiencing Crashes in Unity. If I downgrade and install the 1.8.2 it is fine. If this can get resolved I will change to 5 stars as all the new features are fantastic. I really like being able to start debugging right from VS and having it start the project in the Unity Editor (as long as it doesn't hang).

The hang seems to happen after you have started the project once and then you are trying to start it a second time.

EDIT: After the update all seems to be well. Not getting any hangs any longer and 0 crashes. Sorry would have updated earlier but have been extremely busy with work and multiple projects for clients. Good problems to have.

by AnotherDayAnotherSegFault | December 02 2014

After spending two days (on and off) failing to read the manual I could not figure out how to attach. Then I did, and all is good with the world.

Many thanks for this.

Hoping this becomes a go-to tool for unity.

by netice0101 | October 30 2014

Why I can't download, the download speed is very slow. Can you provide a new download address?

by QFord | October 28 2014

It's better developping in vs than mono.

by jetplane-chen | September 20 2014

I can't download.Why?

by Wentell Sun | September 19 2014

could it support unity5.0 beta version?

Sebastien Lebreton September 19 2014
| Edit |

We are working on it, if you have specific requests or remarks about Unity 5, please drop us a mail at vstusp[at]


by Oniki Kay | August 30 2014

It just does not work with Standard Assets (Image Effects). The generated project does not include js files so all classes defined in those files are unknown to the visual studio project.

Sebastien Lebreton September 19 2014
| Edit |

As announced for the 1.9.0 release, C# being the predominant language in the Unity ecosystem (the new Sample Assets are in C#, the Unity documentation will default to C#), we removed our basic support for UnityScript and Boo to better focus on the C# experience. As a result, VSTU solutions are now C# only.

That's being said, you can have breakpoints in your C# files, then step into .js files and still be able to inspect variables.

by Ed (DareDevil57) | August 14 2014

by Paam1 | August 13 2014

This new version give me a lot of regression.

Actually, i can't debug everything in a loop like a "for", Visual Studio tell me "The identifier 'i' is not in the scope", the same for the other variable declared inside the for loop.

Of course everything is alright in reality, but not for Visual Studio deugger...I don't remind having this type of problems on the previous version.

Please Microsoft, post an update...Thanks...

Sebastien Lebreton September 19 2014
| Edit |

Please, can you post a repro on the Microsoft Connect website, so we can can fix that.


EDIT: this was fixed in 1.9.1

by AbstractedPixel | August 05 2014

Thanks Microsoft and SyntaxTree - We really needed this. I feel so much more productive.

Its pretty easy to use. Follow instructions for setup Then instead of "Attach to Process" use "Attach to Unity Debugger" under Debug menu.

by Joris D | July 31 2014

I've owned the tools for a well over a year now, worth every penny! Now that they're free, there's nothing stopping a wider audience from enjoying the same. Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see what the next releases will bring...

by EliteCompiler | July 30 2014

Awesome,great work syntaxtree and microsoft

by halftone1860 | July 30 2014

So happy. Thanks, Microsoft.

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  • Error message.
    2 Posts | Last post March 06, 2015
      InvalidOperationException: Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object
      System.Linq.Enumerable.First[CompilationUnit(IEnumerable'1 source, System.Func'2 predicate, Fallback fallback)
      I got this error message when I try to generate Project files. I searched reason and I found something.
      I guess, Other plugin(NOT vs-tool) has 'editor' folder as child, Unity3d shown error message and If i change folder name (of other plugin) to another name (such as Editor2.. anything). Error message is gone.
      And there is another conditions. there is no error on version 1.9.0 and 1.9.1.
      However on lastest versions .. happens this error.  
    • Hi,
      We also found this potential issue, and we already fixed it. The patch will be available in our next release.
  • Attaching Unity to Visual Studio crash Unity
    4 Posts | Last post October 10, 2014
    • I just downloaded and installed the version of UnityVS. Now, i just can't debug anymore, the debugging process seem very instable.
      What occur very often is that the debugging functionnality work the first time when you launch Unity and Visual Studio. Then if you try to attach a second time Visual Studio for debugging, Attach will succeed but if i press play in Unity, Unity will totally crash, with the Fatal Error Submitting window on the screen.
      Since, i can't debug my code anymore.
      I reversed back to Everything work like before, but it seem that i can't use the Android Debugging functionnality now on ( was working to detect that).
      I'm using Unity 4.5.3.
      Thanks in advance for your support.
    • We have found a potential issue with 1.9.1, and we have now a fix for that in the next release.
    • Do you have any information about the release date ? Approximatively of course.
      Thanks !
    • Released :p
  • 1.91.0 made my project files incompatible
    2 Posts | Last post September 29, 2014
    • Everything was working fine until today when I allowed VS to upgrade the UnityVS extension to ( I assume that was the update ) and all my project files in the solution became incompatible.
      "UnityVS.FallingLetters.CSharp.csproj: The application which this project type is based on was not found"
      I have uninstalled UnityVS and re-installed plus removed it from my Unity project with the same result.  ( and deleted all the project files )
      I'm currently installing VS2013 to see if it works there but I'd prefer to have it working in all verisons
    • Can you delete all UnityVS* files (*.suo, *.csproj, *.sln) from the root folder of your Unity project, and recreate them from Unity (using the menu Visual Studio Tools -> Generate Project Files) ? Hopefully that should fix it.
  • could it support unity5.0 beta version?
    3 Posts | Last post September 25, 2014
    • since unity5.0 beta is out, seems it doesn't work on that (could not add unityvs package to project).
    • We are working on it, if you have specific requests or remarks about Unity 5, please drop us a mail at vstusp[at]
    • Thanks, I'll look forward to it.
  • Update VSTU for Unity 4.6 beta
    2 Posts | Last post September 15, 2014
    • Hello!
      I'm using the VSTU with the new Unity 4.6 beta. There are now a new DLL to be deployed to UnityAssemblies folder: UnityEngine.UI.Dll. Without it, there will be a reference error in the generated VS project.
      I was able to fix this manually (getting the missing dll from [Unity install folder]\Editor\Data\UnityExtensions\Unity\GUISystem\4.6.0\Standalone) and copying it to ([Unity project folder]\Library\UnityAssemblies) but it will be awesome if you could release an updated version of this extension.
      Frederico Zveiter
    • You are right. We fixed this issue in the upcoming 1.9.1 release.
  • UnityVS 1.9 is broken
    2 Posts | Last post August 21, 2014
    • I've updated to 1.9 and it seems pretty unstable compared to 1.8.2. I've seen some of the reviews commenting the same thing and one of the responses is to report bugs at the Connect website, but that website doesn't seem to work for me (at least on Chrome)
      The three main broken pieces I've found so far:
      1) attaching to already playing instance will lockup Unity
      2) setting a breakpoint while player is running will block in VS
      3) watch is broken
      There are also several bugs that I've previously reported from earlier versions that are still not fixed. Some of these I thought would be fixed in 1.9, but they are not, and not sure what the ETA is. Also, there was an interchange of ideas resulting in good solutions for these, but I don't know if that's been lost in the acquisition.
      4) console logging does not work
      5) [DebuggerDisplay] does not work
      6) Project Inclusions/Exclusions are not user friendly
      What can we do to get the stability issues addressed, and to resolve some of the older defects and suggestions?
    • Hi 
      Connect is the preferred way, but you can also send this as an email to vstusp AT
      We already fixed some issues in the upcoming 1.9.1. But i want to check more about "3-watch is broken".