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it underlines the colors in stylesheets and contains a color picker.

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2013, 2012, 2010
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5 Star
by Raúl Nuño | July 20 2015

Simple and useful, I have used it for years.

5 Star
by ACE秒杀 | November 17 2014

Why is there no version of the VS 2013

4 Star
by -jk-- | November 07 2014

Would be nice to underline values of colors even in quotations; for instance text on next line is not underlined at the moment:
some code "#AABBCC" some other code etc...

I use own JavaSctipts to apply color to some HTML elements by calling functions with string parameters like:
highlightRows("/webs/500/530/Lists/", "Active", "True", "#CCFFCC");

I should use ":#CCFFCC" values or something similar instead...

Thanks anyway for great tool ;-) #JK

3 Star
by LoCoSolay | October 01 2014

Can anyone please tell me how i can enable this tool in 2012??

5 Star
by mreed72 | February 27 2014

Best addon i've seen to date. Thanks for the hard work.

4 Star
by Adalberto Gardea | February 27 2014

When can we get the version for 2013?

5 Star
by napoleonss | February 20 2014

5 Star
by Noel Abrahams | December 06 2013

I've been using this for a while and just does what it says on the tin.

Also seems to work in VS 2013. You can get the installer working by doing the following:

- Rename the .vsix to .zip.
- Copy the manifest to another location.
- Edit the manifest and add version 12 (which is VS 2013)
- Copy the manifest back to the zip, replacing existing.
- Rename from .vsix to .zip
- Install.

5 Star
by crossinl | November 15 2013

love it
but when can i find it in vs2013?

5 Star
by electronik54 | October 08 2013

awesome tool

5 Star
by WhiteSeal | October 01 2013

Excellent tool

4 Star
by Never2Old | September 06 2013

Just started using it and so far looks pretty good. One thing I noticed is that it does the color underline on a string to be displayed for example, <p>Pledge of Allegiance by Red Skelton<p> the name Red is underlined in red, not a real problem, just letting you know.

3 Star
by jbengalito | August 10 2013

I noticed that when using VS 2012:
- collapsing text is a little slower than usual
- after text is collapsed the editor turns extremelly slow making editing very painfull.

I hope this note to be usefull because the addin is really nice.

5 Star
by oleronne13 | June 21 2013

Very nice and easy to use.

5 Star
by ant.tsal | May 31 2013

4 Star
by leospuds | January 23 2013

Neat idea, and works really well in CSS hence the 4* but doesn't work in .less files which is a shame as I don't use css at all these days if I can help it. Otherwise ace!

4 Star
by James Wilkins | January 21 2013

Very good! I'll give it 5 once .CS files are supported in VS 2012 (I can associate the files fine, but it loads the color from strings with the alpha in the wrong place [using the same format as XAML files]).

5 Star
by yfital | October 18 2012

Really made my life easier, thank you so much !

1 Star
by Cherven | October 18 2012

does not work in scss :(

Mario185 October 19 2012
| Edit |

have you read the Q&A "It does not work on SCSS or SASS files"
I would be glad if you rethink your 1 star rating

5 Star
by shioka | October 09 2012

Its a neat little tool!!! Thanks!

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  • Visual studio 2015
    2 Posts | Last post November 15, 2015
    • Hi, is there any option to have it in Visual studio Community 2015?
    • Seconded for VS2015 support.
  • VS2013???
    8 Posts | Last post January 05, 2015
    • Any plans to port it?
    • Do you need help to port it to VS2013? I will gladly help you with that
    • its a great helper, it would be nice to have it in VS2013 ...
    • Just Purchased VS2013 and first thing I did was search for devColor in Extensions. Shame it's not there. 
      Hope it gets a VS2013 update!
    • Can't wait to see this great extension available for 2013. This should be standard feature in the IDE. 
    • For all of you who want to use it in VisualStudio 2013.
      Just download the actual version. 
      Rename the .vsix to .zip .
      Extract the files in a folder.
      Open the file "extension.vsixmanifest" with notepad and add
            <VisualStudio Version="12.0">
      in the <SupportedProducts>
      Save the file.
      Make a zip with all files and rename it to .vsix
      and now you can install it on VS2013.
      Working great. Thanks Mario185
    • Working great on VS2013. Thanks for sharing this trick, imfloflo.
    • Ah, I see now :D - thanks a lot :D
  • Works with .aspx forms too!!!
    2 Posts | Last post January 05, 2015
    • I followed the earlier post and edited extension.vsixmanifest to get it to work in 2013 and voila! Ya have to use .zip NOT .rar
      It works for .aspx files also. Great extension but I hope its not hiding any lines of code on me like that DOCTYPE issue...
      I also notice the color picker adds or simplifies the hex values from my code that was a little disorienting. 
      Other than that I love it. now I don't have to load a large all in one solve everything extension .
      Thanks again for this.
    • Hi Mike,
      Can you tell us what you modified and where? Or maybe provide a modified package to use for 2013 version?
      Much appreciated,
  • bug - doc type line appears hidden
    1 Posts | Last post September 03, 2013
    • Hi. There's a bug in VS2012 where the doctype line is hidden when this extension is enabled.
      The doctype exists and you'll see it exists if you copy and paste the line into notepad, but it's just not visible in VS2012.
      Other than that it's a great extension! Thanks. 
  • XAML. Incorrect colors without transparency
    4 Posts | Last post August 26, 2013
    • Just compare these two screenshots:
    • Hi,
      i'am going to fix that.
    • Still not fixed ?!
    • yup...still not fixed
  • What about Winforms colour?
    1 Posts | Last post July 24, 2013
    • Only works on css files?
  • Purpose of anagram?
    2 Posts | Last post April 18, 2013
    • I understand how the anagram feature works, but I don't know *why* I would want this feature. Are they supposed to be aesthetically compatible with each other? Could you clarify? Thanks.
    • Hello,
      there is no deeper meaning but sometimes it helped me to find a nice color.
      So it's just there ;)
  • Error load _wpf.xaml
    1 Posts | Last post April 11, 2013
    • Error load _wpf.xaml
  • Bug or Feature? ... highlighting in code-behind
    3 Posts | Last post January 23, 2013
    • Great tool... thank you. It was good to see that the colour underline also works when editing web form code-behind files (i am using vb) - as well as normal html and css files.
      If we may be so bold we would like to make a request.
      When you collapse a method or region of code (in a .vb code-behind file), it underlines the collpased comment-style tag with what appears to be the last mentioned colour in the code.
      Is this an intentional feature? Could it possibly become optional if it is?
      Again - a great little tool thats speeding things up no end... many thanks for sharing it.
    • Hi,
      unfortunately it's no feature.
      I try to fix it, but currently i don't know how to spot if the text is collapsed, but i try to get it.
    • Hi mario, 
      did you ever fixed this? I love your tool. It simplyfies CSS very much. But since I work with regions in large CSS files, it's still a bit anoying that collapsed regions are underscored by the last color.
      Maybe I missed a setting?
  • VS2012
    10 Posts | Last post October 10, 2012
    • Any plans to make a version of this very useful tool for VS2012?
    • Hi, 
      currently not, because of the built in feature of VS2012.
      But if the built in feautre is crap i think i will make a 2012 version.
    • I hope you will. In the VS2012 RC I'm tinkering with the colour picker is very basic. I miss being able to save colours or get quick access to all the colours used in the document; two features in yours I frequently find very useful.
    • Hi Mario 
      Just installed VS2012 and I am missing your extension already! 
      (just so you know) :)
    • Mario185, please!
    • Hi,
      ok so i will try to port current version to VS2012.
      Maybe i need some beta tester, everyone who wants to help me please write me an e-mail to
    • I have updated the version for VS2012 but please don't give bad reviews if there are bugs in VS2012 with devColor but report them to me, thx.
    • devColor no longer works for me in CS or XAML files in VS2010 after update. No way to bring up devColor picker/config UI. A shame as I had grown dependent upon it.
    • hi bendenajones,
      so try to open devcolor with a css file and then there is an options tab. try adding cs file extension.
      But you have to reopen all open CS files after adding cs
    • mario,
      That works to get the popup to work for cs files. But I've still lost color highlighting of hex based colors. Highlighting works for Colors enumeration. 
      thanks for the tool!
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