Selection Foreground


This extension allows the user to customize the selection foreground color.

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012, 2010
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by R Miles | June 07 2013

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Yes, the caps are justified. Perfect extension and exactly what I was looking for. Makes Find/Replace so, so, so much better now.

by kennyui | November 21 2012

Excellent. This really demonstrates how delicate and DIFFERENT people's tastes can be - and how we have to be soooo careful in our design. My coding was almost crippled with the new highlighting scheme, while others thought it was great.


by MarkLTX | March 20 2012

I use a "dark" color scheme to reduce eye fatigue, and the inability to control the foreground color of selected text was KILLING me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

by Darren M B | December 17 2010

This works great to compensate for the flaw in VS 2010

by afield | September 13 2010

"Unbelievable". It really is, isn't it? Just installed VS2010, I've spent a couple hours so far trying to find fixes for all the various horribly ugly things they did to make the UI a painful experience compared to 2008. Thanks for fixing this one!

by NoEgo | August 10 2010

Unbelievable that MS leaves us to use of an extension just to change a default color behavior! How did they just ignore this huge usability issue?

by freedumb87 | May 18 2010

Thank you very much. This new "feature" in VS 2010 may be nice for those who use the default color scheme, but there is no way possible for this to have worked for every background/foreground combo out there. Nice fix!

by Les_NZ | April 15 2010

Very handy - thank you! I can't imagine how anyone could put up with the default non-contrast foreground colour.

Suggestion for future version: Ability to enable/disable WPF-controlled alpha transparency of selected background color.

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  • Visual Studio 2015 Support
    1 Posts | Last post August 07, 2015
    • Please update your wonderful extension to support Visual studio 2015.
      Been using it for 2010 edition until now.
      I'm not sure who at Microsoft thinks that every developer has perfect vision but your extension is a godsend for someone who has any eye issues. There default "merged" highlight color simply does not stand enough for the visually impaired when using find and the highlight move to indicate what you found (you can't find a small word). With the amount of Font and Color customization available this is a massive gap in there options.
      Darren B.