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JScript Editor Extensions


Contains a number of extensions for the JScript editor in Visual Studio 2010.

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5 Star
by fokytapia | September 03 2014

5 Star
by Ed (DareDevil57) | August 14 2014

Thank you

1 Star
by J.Hines | June 27 2014

Why is this still not available for 2012 and up? Or better yet, why isn't brace completion and the like built-in?

4 Star
by Perunchithiran | December 26 2013

Really great extension which I'm looking for a long time. Thanks to Microsoft - Visual Studio Platform Team for creating such useful extension. I can easily manage my js files the way I maintaining C# files.

5 Star
by XySyst | November 15 2013

4 Star
by jheliker | November 01 2013

Love it! Wish CTRL+M+O worked for the entire document instead of just CTRL+M per section.

5 Star
by Ali.Alikhani | June 28 2013

5 Star
by tgosousa | May 31 2013

5 Star
by D. Chatterjee | May 20 2013

Works nice with 2010

1 Star
by The.Geoist | May 14 2013

Not available for 2012, get it together.

5 Star
by Xpert360 | March 17 2013

Getting back into HTML Javascript from C# this is a big help.

5 Star
by Hakan ALTINBAŞ | October 18 2012

5 Star
by Chanandco | October 10 2012

Great stuff. Can we tap into the context menu as an upgrade for outlining -> collapse to definition etc.?

Great work, keep it up.

5 Star
by Deepak Giri | October 03 2012

4 Star
by V.P.K | September 04 2012

Nice extension ! Exactly what i was looking for !

4 Star
by Sam Trimble | August 29 2012

Overall some very helpful extensions for working with JS.

It would be even better if the outlining remembered which blocks were open/closed. That way I wouldn't have to re-close everything I'm not working with each time the file is opened...

5 Star
by Nima Charkhgard | August 05 2012

Thanks for creating this program

5 Star
by SegaWang | July 26 2012

magic javascript plugin tool~

5 Star
by Mobilize Cloud | July 05 2012

Awesome plug in.

5 Star
by Sinto | April 03 2012

Very usefull. Really helps when work with large JavaScript file. Must have for Visual Studio 2010 JavaScript developers.

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  • What about VS 2013?
    2 Posts | Last post March 10, 2014
    • I have been using this on VS 2013. I was unable to install the same on VS 2013.   Why?
    • type. I have been using this on VS 2010. But, unable to install on VS 2013.
  • VS 2012
    2 Posts | Last post August 02, 2013
    • Is VS2012 supported too?
    • When I ran the installer it only found my VS2010 installation.  So it might if you can work around the installer.
  • collapse to definitions
    2 Posts | Last post April 29, 2013
    • Is there a way to collapse everything to their definitions? That would be great..
    • press control + M, L with the js file open in the editor
  • Custom collapsible regions
    4 Posts | Last post April 29, 2013
    • Like regular .Net languages, does this extension support custom collapsible code blocks, e.g.
      //#region My block
      Code here
      //region My Block
      Code here
    • Yes, it does.  It should be documented but it is not.
    • @rich: how does it work? I tried 
      //#region My block
      Code here
      //region My Block
      Code here
      I didn't have success with either one of these ... 
    • I made this account just to answer this question as I've had the same problem. So in case anybody else runs into this, this is my solution.
      Use javascript curly brackets to enclose your code and place a comment above to know what you are making collapsible.
      //My region
      //lines of code
      //lines of code
      //lines of code
      these will collapse and don't appear to affect anything else. javascript just treats this a simple compound statement.
  • Is this avaliable for Visual Studio 2012
    7 Posts | Last post April 19, 2013
    • I really like the jscript word highlighting extension. However it is not working in Visual Studio 2012. Will there be an updated version of the suite.
    • I second this. 
      Tried to force it into VS 2012 with no success. I feel crippled without it..
    • I'm with you guys. It's driving me a little nuts.
    • +1 for the 2012 support
    • Could really use this in 2012.
    • Yes, I'm waiting too for it to be available in Visual Studio 2012...
    • +1, really useful extension!
  • jQuery vsdoc generator is outdated
    2 Posts | Last post September 13, 2012
    • The last version of jQuery offered by that vsdoc generator ( is 1.6.2, which is two major revisions out of date.  I'd either find a new tool, incentivize that guy to update his tool, or just offer your own vsdoc file for the newest version of jQuery.
    • you can download the latest vsdocs here:
  • Link to source is invalid?
    1 Posts | Last post August 23, 2012
    • I'm looking to find the source code for the extension, but the link on the project home is invalid.
  • do u update vesion to support sth like this!
    1 Posts | Last post January 17, 2012
    • I want like this:/// <returns type="Array/Number" />
      <param name="a" type="String/undefined"></param>
  • Visual Web Developper 2010 Express
    1 Posts | Last post December 22, 2011
    • Doesn't seem to install on visual webdevelopper express 2010 (SP1).
      Error: This extension is not installable on any currently installed products.
  • If commentary has Chinese,you will see garbled if you reference!
    1 Posts | Last post November 16, 2011
      function $(tag) {
          /// <summary>
          /// return:ele
          /// </summary>
          /// <param name="tag" type="str">标签名</param>
          return document.getElementById(tag);
      /// <reference path="tools.js"/>
      Reference tools.js, the $ commentary has Chinese; Write $ ,you will see garbled;
      if tools.js is not utf-8,it`s wrong.Now I can not set 'utf-8' with tool.js
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