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Add support for mouse navigation buttons (back and forward).

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Visual Studio
2013, 2012, 2010, 14
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by Dylan Barrie | March 13 2015

Works exactly as described. Thanks!

by MichałF | February 06 2015


by esassaman | November 09 2014

Love it. I got a new Logitech mouse (formerly MS mouse) and for whatever reason the back/forward navigation stopped working. This extension got it working again! Thanks much.

by SOlson2012 | October 28 2014

So glad that the Back button now works with VS 2013, so I can use this extension again. Forward button still has some issues, but Back is what I use 90% of the time, so I'm good.

by ve1ik | October 22 2014

Very useful, thank you!

by Gameme | September 24 2014

Perfect ! couldn't ask for more.

by MillerL1te | June 27 2014

by rudalson Pak | February 27 2014

I've waited this for a long time. I'm used to this function in Source insight before. very good.

by PedroLagoa | October 28 2013

The plugin works fine until you use some commands, like "Go To Definition". After that, the plugin conflicts with VS owns navigation behavior, resulting in messy behavior. Thread:

Updated version (2.1.0): unfortunately, it still not working properly.

Reproduce error: Do some normal navigation, selected a method, click in Find all references, click at one of the find results, try to go back using mouse, messy behavior as result.

Updated version (2.2.0): Working fine now!

Its sad that VS separates "clicks to go" navigation, as search results clicks, from normal navigation. So, if you click at a search result, VS does not add this new position to the navigation, instead it adds to another button, called "Previous Definition, Declaration or Reference".

by ShareBuilder | April 01 2013

Please please add a 'Goto Definition' mouse binding to the middle click on the mouse wheel.

This existed in VS 2005 and once you have it you will never program again without it!

Great addin , five stars if this feature existed

Sam Harwell April 17 2013
| Edit |

Hi ShareBuilder. Unfortunately that feature is far beyond the scope of this extension. This extension is literally 30 lines of near-trivial code. The feature you describe would require the addition of a configuration page since not all users would want to enable that binding. I suggest looking for separate (hopefully also flyweight) extension providing that feature, where installing both would provide the complete behavior you're after.

by Nick Barrett | August 22 2012

I'm glad I found this =)

by peteristhegreat | August 06 2012

Does what it is supposed to do. It is just like how it behaves in Qt Creator.

by zhiwong | July 15 2012

Works as stated. I highly recommend it.

by Keith Hill MVP | April 01 2012

Simple but very effective. Now if Sam could just figure out how to do the same for all the Metro apps on Windows 8. :-)

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  • Mouse back still doesnt work after 'Go To Definition'
    3 Posts | Last post April 04, 2014
    • I installed this and when I try to right click on an object/variable and select  'Go To Definition,' the mouse back does not go back to where I was.  I installed version 2.2.0.  Is there something I need to change in VS 2012?
    • Hi Iguana775,
      Can you add this as an issue on the project issue tracker? Thanks!
    • Thanks.  I just did.
  • Administrator
    4 Posts | Last post March 19, 2014
    • If I launch VS2012 as an administrator I must also launch SetPoint (Logitech's mouse/keyboard preference tool) as an administrator.  I believe it has to do with the way Logitech's tool handles mouse input.  If you are in an elevated application the tool is unable to capture and modify input unless it is also elevated.
    • Hi Micah71381, This extension operates entirely within the Visual Studio process using Visual Studio-provided interfaces. Any software provided by Logitech is completely unrelated to this extension and obviously outside the scope of what we would need to test.
    • Thank for the Info!! Launching SetPoint as admin works great!
    • Launching SetPoint as admin works great!
  • "Double" click problem
    2 Posts | Last post October 24, 2013
    • Hi! Some times VS 2012 counts one mouse click as two ! It is really annoying, and it is not a mouse problem, because it works fine outside VS. Is seam that the mouse buttons is double linked to shortcuts.. Please help! :D
    • Hi PedroLagoa, This should be resolved in release 2.1.0.