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Code Stash


CodeStash works hand in hand with the CodeStash website to provide the ability to save and retrieve snippets. The visibility of the snippets can be restricted to an individual, a team or so that everyone can see it. With powerful tagging and categorisation built in, Code Sta...

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Visual Studio
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5 Star
by David Logsdon | July 15 2012

I have found this extension very useful for sharing snippets across our team of developers. Thank You for sharing this!

5 Star
by BillW33 | March 30 2012

An execellent and very useful VS extension.

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  • Are you planning to support VS 2012 any soon?
    4 Posts | Last post February 28, 2013
    • Currently CodeStash plugin is not even visible in VS2012 gallery.
      Thank you!
    • Konstantin, once VS2012 is generally available, I will look to upgrade the extension. I am wary about doing too much work on it until the final version. Thanks for looking at the extension.
    • Pete: As the RTM of VS2012 has been released last August I'd like to remind you of the question regarding support and availability for VS2012.
    • Kai, I haven't forgotten about this question. I only upgraded to VS2012 at the end of January, and unfortunately I have no spare time until the middle of April. All my coding time is currently being spent on the Intel Ultimate Coder : Going Perceptual challenge. 
      Once that is finished, I will be getting back to CodeStash - I have a major upgrade in the works for the web site, and this will have an effect on the addin.
  • How do I use it?
    2 Posts | Last post April 16, 2012
    • I've installed the extension, but I'm not sure how to reveal any UI for it in VS.
    • Josh. First of all, you need to enter your CodeStash login details. Go to Tools > Options > CodeStash and enter your login details. Once you have done that, you can save a snippet by highlighting a piece of code in one of the code editors and right click. Choose CodeStash > Save Snippet. A dialog will appear in which you can enter your snippet details.
      If you want to insert a snippet, you just use the Insert Snippet option instead.
      The CodeStash website can be found at
  • So what's going on with the site itself?
    1 Posts | Last post April 11, 2012
    • Sacha and I have many ideas on how to continue to improve and add to CodeStash, so we've drawn up a list of things we want to put in, things that may never get put in, and way out there ideas. We have spoken to the good people at Code Projedt, and have discussed how we can work together to provide maximum value across both site streams.
      Saying that, what have we done since the initial release? Well, Sacha implemented the snippet rating, allowing users to rate snippets - we will monitor how this goes over time. We have also wrapped the site up in Chrome Frame so that it renders properly in IE. There is a lot more to do, but we think that we now have a solid start.
  • Apologies for having to reenter the login details.
    1 Posts | Last post April 09, 2012
    • Due to issues with the way that credentials were being stored, there was a very nasty bug that meant that your login details had to be recreated every time the project was updated. That has been fixed, so your credentials are persisted in a different way; meaning you don't have to do this every time.