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Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack Runtime

Microsoft Free

Runtime capabilities for extensions authored using the Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack.

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3 Star
by Santhosh Sivarajan- | November 09 2011

good job!

1 Star
by JayKD | July 11 2011

Doesn't seem to work for me on Win7 x86 either. Any attempt to drag items from the architecture explorer to the class diagram yield an icon indicating it won't work--and it doesn't.

1 Star
by Craig McMurtry | June 22 2011

I assume that this was tested on some version of Visual Studio 2010, on some operating system. I'm positive that it doesn't work properly with Visual Studio 2010 on Windows Server 2008 R2, however. Any attempt to drag classes from the architecture explorer onto the class design surface yields an icon indicating that the class cannot be dropped onto the surface. This experience is consistent with the rest of the experience of using the UML modeling tools in Visual Studio 2010. Dependencies can't be stereotyped except as extensions, for instance, despite having made sure that the necessary profiles are loaded. Back to Visio, it seems, for the time being, at least.

5 Star
by Ed Price - MSFT | June 03 2011

5 Star
by Mario Saccoia - Nova Tech Consulting (MSP) | August 09 2010


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  • why show me 'class does not exist'
    1 Posts | Last post August 23, 2011
    • when I intall the package and use the 'generate code' menu of the pop menu, a output message show:"class dose not exist', why? I don't know how to solve.
  • Type of file?
    3 Posts | Last post January 28, 2011
    • This download doesn't have an extension.  Is it supposed to be exe, dll, or ?
    • It is a .vsix file. All you do is double click on it and it is added to Visual Studio such that the Extension Manager ( under Tools->Extension Manager... ) can detect it and properly manage it inside Visual Studio.
    • in my Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, under Tools->Extension Manager, it can detect Visualization and Modeling Feature Pack Runtime. 
      I try below:
      On a class diagram or in UML Model Explorer, select elements from which you want to generate code. You can select one of the following:
      •	A specific set of elements.
      •	A package or the model, to generate code from its contents.
      •	The diagram, to select all the elements on the diagram.
      	Right-click a selected element, and then click Generate Code.
      However, I right click on a package, I cannot see any Generate Code button for me to perform it.