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PTVS is a free/OSS plugin from Microsoft that turns VS into a Python IDE (Express/Pro). Supports CPython, IronPython, Intellisense, mixed Python/C++ debug, remote linux/MacOS debugging, profiling, HPC clusters, multiple REPL’s, IPython, Django, flask, cloud computing, ...

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2013, 2012, 2010
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by Anton Vildyaev | December 28 2014

Great job everyone! :)
Love IPython integration

by jj995 | August 21 2014

Intellisense and the debugger don't work well for me. I work on a project with IronPython, C#, and C++.

With the debugger, I can't step into C++ code from IronPython (although I've heard this works from CPython instead of IronPython).

I don't particularly like the debugger for just IronPython files either because the stack entries show up as things like the following:

Snippets.debug.scripting!__main__$1.__main__(IronPython.Runtime.FunctionCode $functionCode) Line 176

Compare this to the integrated python pdb stack entry:

> d:\foo\<module>()

I prefer to not have all the "Snippet" like garbage cluttering the stack.

Intellisense fails to work for C# calls from IronPython.

Intellisense also fails to work from many of my imported IronPython modules.

Attempts to get help is difficult, since there is no PTVS mailing list nor IRC channel and it seems that there is a huge backlog of issues listed at .

It seems odd to me that all reviews I've found so far rave about the greatness of PTVS. I suspect that the rave reviewers are using PTVS with CPython and not IronPython.

HPCToolsGuy October 27 2014
| Edit |

hi jj995 - sorry about the problems :(. some clarifications:

1. there is no stepping from IronPython to C++. if you take a look at the docs, mixed mode debug is only available from CPython <-> C++.

2. there are a few debuggers/launchers at play. eg the .Net one (which allows IronPython/C# mixed mode), MMD (CPython/C++), and the regular Python one.

3. re isense w C#/IronPython - please file a bug so we can look. please include your particular scenario pls.

4. re help/IRC/etc. all our support is via the forum one the project's home page. we've generally been good about responding to all requests (despite being a small team). generally the dev who wrote the code will respond to your query (not PSS, etc).

5. it's true that CPyhton at this point has the best support. this partly reflect the user base (98% CPython). however, please file any bugs or feature requests and we'll try to adrs them as best possible. also note that we do take patches, so if youre a dev that would like to send us a pull request, we'd be delighted!



by Ed (DareDevil57) | August 14 2014

by mperga | June 06 2014

by Franklin_Banks | April 04 2014

Easily the best Python development tool out there.

by sk3141 | January 16 2014

by Hagai Akibayov | January 11 2014

by igetgames | October 31 2013

by boblewis | February 18 2013

by Arkady Shapkin | December 02 2012

by Dzmuh | April 14 2011

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