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Snippet Designer


Snippet Designer is a Visual Studio plug in which allows you to create and search for snippets inside the IDE

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Visual Studio
2017, 2015, 2013
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4 Star
by Manolo-IO | March 27 2015

Great tool for the management of snippet.
Would it be possible to add the type "SQL_SSDT" for T-SQL editor of VS2013?

Thank You

4 Star
by guayony | February 26 2015

4 Star
by cindyliao | February 15 2015

I download the source code of the plugin, but both my vs2012 and vs2013 said that the project SnippetDesigner and SnippetDesignerComponents are not compatible. I have no idea what's wrong here. My compiler are vs2012 ultimate and vs 2013 ultimate ,not professional ones.

Matthew Manela February 15 2015
| Edit |

Did you install the vs2012 sdk?

5 Star
by gmereckis | January 02 2015

Awesome tool, thank you! Makes creation and editing of snippets a breeze.

1 Star
by HalKang | December 19 2014

vs2013 update 3 cant run?

2 Star
by Michael A. Duncan | October 20 2014

Terribly buggy. Won't save on close window! Won't save if Properties window has focus! Won't open designer by default when double-clicking file.

Typing $$ then "abc" ends up creating 3 replacements!

Creating new snippet and attempting to open results in "The operation could not be completed"

Matthew Manela October 20 2014
| Edit |

I am sorry you ran into issue. Please file issues on so we can track these and hopefully fix them.

5 Star
by Cnikula | October 15 2014

Hello to those who are interested in reading what my opinion about this snippet designer is.
I have been using this snippet designer since May and I find this tool invaluable.
Here at our office we do not write snippets every day, so having a visual snippet designer tool
really simplifies the task. Not only that it really saves you a lot of time when it comes to your production code
and I find it invaluable when it comes to enforcing consistencies on how we
add comments and beginning and ending tags for code changes. By having this consistency
it makes it really easy if we have to look up some specific code that was added or modified
for a specific version or date time frame.

This tool works as advertised and I would like to thank the author personally for such a wonderful tool

my hat off to you.

5 Star
by Ed (DareDevil57) | August 14 2014

Thank you

5 Star
by Richard Kuhn | April 24 2014

Makes Snippet creation a breeze

5 Star
by Alexandre Junges | February 18 2014

Awesome extension!

5 Star
by Tribute 2 PanterA | October 08 2013

thanks a lot.

4 Star
by formspoint | August 22 2013

Will there be a VS 2013 version?

4 Star
by JoanComasFdz | June 05 2013

Very easy tool to create snippets.

Just had some weird behavior in VS 2012 Update 2: when modifying the snippet text inserting "$" characters, the DataGrid below started duplicating some items. Its not a big deal, though.

5 Star
by Yann Duran | May 24 2013

Great implementation of snippet designing. Thanks!

5 Star
by Dave Sexton | May 20 2013

1 Star
by Aman JIANG | April 04 2013

I installed version 1.4.2 on vs2010,
start vs2010 at blank environment, file->new->file->snippet designer->code snippet, vs2010 freezed.

Open a C++ project, file->new->file->snippet designer->code snippet,
open, "SnippetFile1.snippet" appears, Visual Basic, C#, XML, JavaScript, SQL and HTML in the Language list box, but there is no C++.

I've tried many times.

Matthew Manela April 14 2013
| Edit |

The 2010 version does not support C++ snippets since the VS feature was added in 2012.

Sorry you ran into problems. Could you file an issue on which details your environment setup and repro steps.

4 Star
by Coo Magic | March 29 2013

Very useful. Why this wouldn't come standard with VS is beyond me.

4 Star
by HDM1 | February 14 2013

Nice tool, but for new users it may be best to use in conjunction with MSDN code snippets page

5 Star
by Eyal Solnik | February 08 2013

Amazing! thank you.

4 Star
by simon.vandamme | September 26 2012

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