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Telerik UI for WPF

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Telerik UI for WPF is a comprehensive industry-leading suite of more than 110 UI controls optimized for rapid component-based UI development. UI for WPF are designed with enterprise scenarios in mind and provide high performance, rich styling, and ease-of-use.

5 Star
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2017, 2015, 2013, 2012, 2010
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5 Star
by interwanderer | September 06 2013

I recently got Telerik RadControls for WPF and it's Simply 5 out of 5 stars. Next to the beautifully designed Controls, Charts and easy to use GridView, A major strength of Telerik RadControls for WPF, in comparison with other Third party controls, is that MVVM is fully supported, while with many other third party controls I had to do a lot of grunt work myself and everyone who is serious about WPF will appreciate this.

5 Star
by SSDevelop | January 03 2013

I've been using RadControls (WPF) for over 3 months now in several of my projects and i am surprised about the amount of controls present in the package and the versatility of those controls. Also the great integration with MVVM design principals and MVVM tools like Caliburn Micro makes Telerik Controls worth every cent compared to the competitors. I'm sticking with Telerik for the future!

5 Star
by soonia | August 20 2012

We’ve tried both RadControls for Silverlilght and for WPF in our photo application.
The list of controls is very complete : RadDocking, RadButtons, RadTreeView,RadGridView, RadSlider, RadTabControl, RadExpander ... We found all what we needed to do a designed and easy to use user interfaces. We won many times by using RadControls . More over, Telerik Support Team is also very available : we receive all the answers to our questions. It is also easy to find webinars documentation.

5 Star
by Legoless | July 05 2012

Telerik's Rad Controls for WPF are a MUST HAVE control suite for every developer doing Windows Presentation Foundation applications. They contain controls that provide you powerful API to create user interfaces like you never imagined. If you need Gauges, Charts, HeatMaps, virtualized GridViews for displaying billion records of data, Gantt diagrams or even diagramming framework, Telerik Rad Controls for WPF have it all. All controls are fully customizable and themeable, Telerik even provide you with 9 different themes including Metro and Expression Dark. Controls have detailed documentation with samples and video screencasts, which will help you learn how to use the controls in less than a day. And if you still do not know how to visualize certain data, go ahead and ask on their forums. The development team and customer service will help you right away.

5 Star
by Anarela | June 30 2011

This WPF's controls makes your life, as a programmer and not as a designer, much easier!! You can change the appearence of the windows in a really short time and is totally incredible! The skins are beautiful, the functionality is robust and easy to learn, the final user will be very satisfied with the results!

5 Star
by brianbruff | June 16 2011

I've used telerik wpf in many applications now, the robust set of controls and associated skins, always makes my apps POP. If find the product support is second to none with a vast amount of resources like screencasts etc. strongly advise you don't let this one pass you by.

5 Star
by raynebair | June 15 2011

Very easy to use and customize. Great themes that allow you to create a look and feel that users are already familiar with. Makes development much quicker because I don't have to come up with my own control to get all the functionality I need. RadControls come with all that functionality built in. I wouldn't think of developing another WPF app without RadControls.

5 Star
by Bill Gantelt | June 15 2011

Lots of complete and fast WPF controls.
Many skins are available and easy to use.

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