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AnkhSVN - Subversion Support / SCC Provider

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AnkhSVN open source (free) Subversion SourceControl Provider.

4.4 Star
Visual Studio
2015, 2013, 2012, 2010, 2008, 2005
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4 Star
by AtulKaushikPB | October 20 2016

1 Star
by PitZh | September 13 2016

Why log not have extend description according special SVN server letters?

U: Working file was updated
G: Changes on the repo were automatically merged into the working copy
M: Working copy is modified
C: This file conflicts with the version in the repo
?: This file is not under version control
!: This file is under version control but is missing or incomplete
A: This file will be added to version control (after commit)
A+: This file will be moved (after commit)
D: This file will be deleted (after commit)
S: This signifies that the file or directory has been switched from the path of the rest of the working copy (using svn switch) to a branch
I: Ignored
X: External definition
~: Type changed
R: This file got replaced. Item has been replaced in your working copy. This means the file was scheduled for deletion, and then a new file with the same name was scheduled for addition in its place.
L : Item is locked
E: Item existed, as it would have been created, by an svn update.

Not have tree view in Pending changes. Very bad...

4 Star
by JohnCz | February 21 2016

Well, I generally like it. however If I run VS2010 as an administrator, Ankh refuses to connect and open the repository.
Unfortunately, I was not able to find any solution so far.
Has anybody had the sam peorblem?

5 Star
by Noel Carboni | December 16 2015

This is a serious development management tool that's very nicely integrated with Visual Studio.

The only thing I've wanted for is that handling deletions is a bit iffy, but that has never been a strong suit of Visual Studio in general. You'll want to have also a companion SVN access tool such as Tortoise SVN.

The ability of AnkhSVN to integrate with other 3rd party tools, such as Beyond Compare, is good.

All in all this is a must-have tool for Visual Studio users.


2 Star
by Opus The Krokus | September 15 2015

Does OK when it works. When it does not, good luck even submitting the error. Every avenue on their site prevents me from communicating with them. From trying to post to their forums, to trying to submit a ticket, to trying to contact their webmaster. Every single one of those erred out. The automated email that the application sends when reporting an error came back with a rejection message stating "We are sorry, but you do not have permission to post to this private discussion. For any questions, contact the discussion moderator." When there is that much of an issue even trying to report a problem, it makes me think that the company does not want to hear about it.

3 Star
by Dukhabandhu Sahoo | September 01 2015

I have been using the Ankh SVN for 3 years. It is one of the must have extensions for Visual Studio.

But Recently I am facing a hanging problem for Ankh SVN. When multiple developers are connected to a single code base(i.e multiple developers are working in a single project having a SubVersion SourceControl). When only one developer machine is used it is NOT hanging. It is only hanging when more than one VS are pointing to the same SubVersion URL!

5 Star
by Adah | July 17 2015

Free and good!

4 Star
by QuYong | April 11 2015

5 Star
by Tariq Haque | April 02 2015

Absolutely amazing plug-in, getting better with each release. I hop it continues to be free.

5 Star
by muratdincer | November 29 2014

It's just great

4 Star
by Altieri Pereira | November 18 2014

Integração funciona muito bem para quem utiliza o SVN como versionamento de fontes.

1 Star
by Mr. Javaman II | October 28 2014

This tool is a POS. I can't tell you how many times VS has been out-of-synch with SVN. Of course when that happens it's a herculean task to recover. Perhaps it's the version of SVN we are using or perhaps it's this tool, I'm not sure where the problem lay. But the least of a programmers worries should be in tracking if VS changes made it to the repository.

4 Star
by Andrea Dottor [MVP] | July 25 2014

5 Star
by Ntokozo Nkosi | June 04 2014

Its just awesome, simple and plain...

5 Star
by Bob Blork | May 30 2014

Wow i got the 100th review!! cool!

4 Star
by chriga | May 22 2014

It could have more features, like changing the color of the color bar to mark changed code that is not commited. But it is free and works very well.

5 Star
by Shreeharsh Ambli | April 17 2014

essential for all using SVN as SCC

5 Star
by jSeif | March 03 2014

Very useful!

4 Star
by Senthamil | January 15 2014

Good SCC tool. I use it a lot with SVN

5 Star
by SNallathambi | December 10 2013

Works well & Free.

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  • Extra columns chosen do not persist across invocations
    1 Posts | Last post August 31, 2016
    • If I select an additional column in the pending changes window (usually 'Modified' so I can find the files I changed most recently) I have to add this column each time I start Visual Studio.
      BTW Thanks for the plugin!
  • No Support for 'Dark' VS Color Theme in VS 2014
    11 Posts | Last post May 11, 2016
    • The Pending Changes window is still useless in VS with the 'Dark' theme.  Most all of the text is unreadable.  Please fix this!
    • Can you follow up on this on our mailinglist. Fixing 'is unusable' is not really actionable, while we can change things like specific colors bound to something easily if there is a detailed issue.
    • The colors are dark blue and purple on a black background. Impossible to see. See:  If we could adjust the colors in options|fonts and colors then it would be reasonable, but I can't find the entry to adjust.
    • Great extension!
      But please have a look at VS 2013/2015 with dark theme and see that the entries in the pending changes window e.g. are hardly readable because of dark background and dark blue and purple text colors. Please use light text colors in dark theme or give us an option to choose colors by ourself.
      Thank you!
    • Having the same problem with the dark theme and the pending changes window. Any hope for a fix?
    • We are working on a solution, but that might take some time. (The Win32 listview that we currently use doesn't provide enough customization options. We are currently re-implementing this control as WPF listview)
      Note that the text colors directly after switching to dark are not 100% the same as starting VS with the dark theme. Refreshing might help.
    • Still almost impossible to read in Dark Theme. The entries are purple/dark blue on black. Hopefully this is fixed soon! 
    • +1
    • For VS 2015, if you go to theme color of dark blue, make a copy, go to the copy, edit theme, then 'Show All Elements' button, then select 'Environment -> ToolWindowBackground', you can change it to a more agreeable color. For me it was a grey light enough to contrast against the blue. Problem with this is it changes the background color of a few other pullouts, like find/replace.
    • Still an issue in VS 2015...
    • Still an issue (hope not)?
  • VS Running as an administrator
    1 Posts | Last post February 21, 2016
    • When running VS 2010 as an administrator, Ankh is not able to connect and open repository, and that is annoying.
      Anybody with the same problem?
  • SSMS Integration
    2 Posts | Last post December 17, 2015
    • How to enable AnkhSVN plug-in in the MS SQL Server Management Studio (2005/2012/etc)?
      The plug-in is installed and is available in Visual Studio 2005 but doesn't available in SSMS.
    • I'd like to know if this is possible as well.
  • Error in VS 2015
    1 Posts | Last post September 15, 2015
    • Since I cannot get the message directly to the company/team (see my review):
      [ Please send this as plain text to allow automatic pre-processing ]
      Unable to compare binary files
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Differencing.Package.DiffPackage.DiffFiles(String leftFile, String rightFile, IVsWindowFrame& windowFrame, UInt32 options, String caption, String tooltip, String leftLabel, String rightLabel, String inlineLabel, String roles, Boolean packageIsLoading)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Differencing.Package.DiffPackage.<>c__DisplayClass17_0.<OpenComparisonWindow2>b__0()
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Shell.ThreadHelper.Invoke[TResult](Func`1 method)
         at Microsoft.VisualStudio.Differencing.Package.DiffPackage.OpenComparisonWindow2(String leftFile, String rightFile, String caption, String tooltip, String leftLabel, String rightLabel, String inlineLabel, String roles, UInt32 options)
         at Ankh.VS.Services.InternalDiff.RunDiff(AnkhDiffArgs args)
         at Ankh.Services.AnkhDiff.RunDiff(AnkhDiffArgs args)
         at Ankh.Commands.DiffLocalItem.OnExecute(CommandEventArgs e)
         at Ankh.Commands.CommandMapItem.OnExecute(CommandEventArgs e)
         at Ankh.Commands.CommandMapper.Execute(AnkhCommand command, CommandEventArgs e)
      [ Please send this as plain text to allow automatic pre-processing ]
  • AnkhSVN Hang Issue.
    1 Posts | Last post September 01, 2015
    • I have been using the Ankh SVN for 3 years. It is one of the must have extensions for Visual Studio.
      But Recently I am facing a hanging problem for Ankh SVN. When multiple developers are connected to a single code base(i.e multiple developers are  working in a single project having a SubVersion SourceControl). When only one developer machine is used it is NOT hanging. It is only hanging when more than one VS(2013) are pointing to the same SubVersion URL. 
      Can you please look into this issue?
      More Info: Tested when once machine is in Windows 8 and another in Windows 7. Both are using VS 2013 Professional version. The subversion URL is like
  • I want to display in Japanese
    1 Posts | Last post September 01, 2015
    • I language that you use often is Japanese.
      How can I display the menu in Japanese it?
  • AnkhGit?
    2 Posts | Last post January 14, 2015
    • Hello guys, Great Extension!
      We're thinking of moving to Git, and were wondering if you are considering a Git version of AnkhSVN. If you are, that'd be amazing.
    • Not announced yet, but we are working on Git support in the development version.
  • Update Project?
    3 Posts | Last post January 14, 2015
    • I have 2.4.12012.1 connected to a 1.7 server.
      If i use the current update to 2.5.12040 the complete project is shown that it would need an update, and therefore is not available for source control.
      I uninstalled 2.5.12040, installed 2.4.12012.1  and everythign is fine.
      Now I get an pending update for Ankh which I do not want to install for obvious reasons.
      How can I get rid of the update message, so that the VS tray notifier only shows other updates, if new ones are available? 
      Or do i need to uninstall ankh completly and go for another SCC?
    • Update Messages are crap. 
      actual Version: 2.4.12443 (newest for 1.7 according to ankh.colllab Webiste)
      newest Version: 2.5. ... (he, that is 1.8 - so not useful...)
    • When upgrading between minor versions of Subversion, all you need is an 'svn upgrade' per working copy. AnkhSVN offers to do this for you when it encounters such a working copy.
      This warning (instead of just automatic upgrade) is to avoid accidental upgrades when you share working copies with either different Subversion clients (TortoiseSVN?) or in some cases different users (Not recommended: network stored working copies)
      Note that the subversion server doesn't have to be upgraded at the same time, nor do any users who work on separate working copies need an upgrade. (See Subversion and AnkhSVN FAQs)
  • Opening solution from MRU doesn't get latest
    2 Posts | Last post January 14, 2015
    • I have VS pinned to my task bar and typically open solutions from the MRU that is displayed with a right mouse click. 
      When we used Visual SourceSafe I could set it to get the most recent version. This capability is gone with Subversion.
      Is there any way to get latest version when opening a local copy of the solution?
    • There is currently no such function. I would recommend adding an item on, to see if others would also want this.
      Personally I would recommend against enabling this as it makes it impossible to start a new Visual Studio instance to debug exactly the same case, when Visual Studio dies. (A common case when developing on Visual Studio itself ;-))
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