Vsi Builder 2010


Generate old-style .Vsi packages to deploy add-ins (not extensions) and code snippets for Visual Studio 2010

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Visual Studio
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  • About VSI Tool
    2 Posts | Last post March 08, 2011
    • Hey,
      I'm now using your tool and I think it very nice. However I find (perhaps I do not know very well) that I cannot use it to pack multiple packages of templates). Would you mind telling me about that?
      Any anyway, If necessary, you can do a UI for use to edit *.vscontent easily to builder templates in different folders
    • Hi, thanks for your feedback and sorry for the delay!
      With Vsi Builder 2010 you cannot package project and item templates. This is "by design" and the reason is that the new extensibility model in VS 2010 allows packaging templates into .Vsix files, so in theroy you would need .Vsi packages to distribute templates only in VS 2005 and 2008 but these are not intended to be covered within a tool that targets VS 2010.
      About the UI proposal for .vscontent, I will consider this for next versions. So far I did not consider it necessary since the goal of the tool is automating the generation of a .vscontent as well but I realize that in some circumstances it would be useful.