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PostSharp is the #1 pattern-aware extension to C# and VB. It allows developers to eradicate boilerplate by offloading repeating work from humans to machines. PostSharp contains ready-made implementations of the most common patterns and gives you the tools to build au

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2015, 2013, 2012
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by Abdul-Rahman Ahmad | Mon 2:03 PM

When I used PostSharp first time,I was looked to it as secondary tool,
But now it is an essential part of my projects, because PostSharp lets me focus on business logic, while it is interested in other things like pattern model or logging or any cross tasks.

Thank a lot for PostSharp team.

by ALeblond | Sun 4:45 PM

PostSharp is a great tool! It works very well! AOP makes development so much faster with less boilerplate code.

by Mike James Miles | October 07 2015

The key developers tool for every day use - 10 out of 10

by Richard.Urwin | September 11 2015

Incredibly useful, specifically OnMethodBoundaryAspect.OnException(...) for catching exceptions and sending to reporting infrastructure.

by Andrew Stanton | August 03 2015

P# is very useful. I do wish they would publish updates less frequently, it feels like every time I open up VS, there is another update needed.

by Bruno Sonnino | July 13 2015

PostSharp is a great tool for implementing AOP. With it, it's easy to add boilerplate code and implement repetitive code without messing with your main code

by Ricardo Peres | July 10 2015

The de facto standard for post-build AOP in the .NET world!

by RVHelden | July 08 2015

Postsharp works really well, I really like the logging and threading features that it provides.
Its easy to apply Aspects to the code and to create aspects yourself if the provided aspects don't fit your situation.

by Jaffi | July 08 2015

Simple, strong and reduce a lot of coding... A tool that every developer should have in his tool box.

by Ted.Huang.TKU | June 29 2015

It felt amazing!

by Kjetil Tonstad | June 24 2015

Great tool!

by Alejandro Pi | June 22 2015

by WallyJR2001 | June 02 2015

Very simple to use and quite intuitive.

by Erik Reisig - otodata | June 01 2015

by wgw4 | May 29 2015

Tutorials are provided out of the box, the built-in controls for automatically applying various OOB aspects to your code are remarkably helpful and when you're just trying to implement something on your own, their documentation (and the aforementioned tutorials) are remarkably helpful. This is definitely quite a useful tool and highly recommended for any serious development.

by Jan Pluskal | May 27 2015

Very nice solution providing a faster development approach with cleaner code. Rapid upgrades of PostSharp it self guarantees continues development and reliability. I wish that there were more tools like this.

by Lance Larsen | May 16 2015

Very awesome set of tools that allow for a much better product! The less code I have to maintain and write - the better off the project is for future evolution... Well done PostSharp!

by Cyril Céra | April 29 2015

Incredible and useful AOP tool with great support.

by lampiclobe | April 29 2015

I am looking forward to use it in my most recent project. Aspect Oriented Programming is my favorite paradigm since I first saw a PostSharp code. Go ahead!

by emoreau | April 29 2015

This is a must have tool for anybody wanting to get cleaner code and more easily maintained (because of less code)

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  • Alex G
    2 Posts | Last post Thu 3:33 PM
    • Hi guys, I tried to install PostSharp for VS 2015 under Windows 10 and I've got unexpected error, can you help me with that?:
      ---> PostSharp.Sdk.UserException: Could not start VsixInstaller.exe: The VSIX installer process failed with exit code -532462766. ---> PostSharp.Sdk.UserException: The VSIX installer process failed with exit code -532462766.
         в PostSharp.HQ.Vsx.VsxProcess.InstallVsxTask.ExecuteVsix(String vsixPath, Boolean elevated) в c:\src\PostSharp-4.1\UserInterface\PostSharp.HQ\Vsx\VsxProcess.cs:строка 428
         --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
         в PostSharp.HQ.Vsx.VsxProcess.InstallVsxTask.ExecuteVsix(String vsixPath, Boolean elevated) в c:\src\PostSharp-4.1\UserInterface\PostSharp.HQ\Vsx\VsxProcess.cs:строка 433
         в PostSharp.HQ.Vsx.VsxProcess.InstallVsxTask.Execute() в c:\src\PostSharp-4.1\UserInterface\PostSharp.HQ\Vsx\VsxProcess.cs:строка 401
         в System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()
    • -532462766 is general exit code for unhandled exception. This usually happens when the installer is executed with insufficient rights. We are going to address these kind of issues soon. In the mean time please, could you try to run the installer as administrator? If it doesn't help, please could you report this issue to our forum ( and attach a VSIXInstaller_*.log file that is created during installation in %temp% folder?
  • silent install
    6 Posts | Last post August 21, 2015
    • Hi, I need to deploy this extension on a farm of machine. Is there is a silent or unattended installation option?
      I tried /q but got a pop up command prompt instead.
    • If you're talking of a farm of build servers, then PostSharp does not need to be installed at all because it is deployed through NuGet.
      If you need to deploy the VS tooling to many desktop stations, the best is to ask all developers to install it manually on their machine. If you're a commercial customer please contact our support and we may be able to help automate the deployment, but there is no easy option.
    • If the official answer is that I can no longer have an unattended install option to my development environment, then I guess I'll have to look at one of the other Aspect-Oriented frameworks out there... Please don't let the answer be, "Install it manually..."
    • Could you please explain your deployment scenario? We generally don't get requests for unattended installation even from commercial teams of hundreds of users, so I would like to understand why it is so important to you.
      Thank you.
    • I work in an environment of about 60 developers where we try to automate every install we can... This allows us to pave a machine and then reinstall the complete development environment quickly and also ensures that the version of the Visual Studio extension stays the same across the environment. In the past, I've used the "vsixinstaller /q /a /i "" to install the extension into Visual Studio. We still use NuGet to handle the actual DLLs which is how the build servers get PostSharp and where the version of the PostSharp DLL is also project specific. The download link above now points to an EXE file instead of a VSIX file and the EXE appears to not have any way to script the install of the extension. My organization hasn't moved to this version yet and the older NuGet packages that we are using will install the extension relevant to the version of PostSharp used in the project so, for now, we’ll stick to that deployment method.
    • Sorry for late answer, I did not notice your reply.
      You can download the exe file from VS Gallery and unpack it with 7-zip. You will find two VSIX files inside, one for VS 2012 and one for VS 2015. From there you can use VSIXInstaller.
      I hope this helps.
  • Cannot installed on VS 2015 Enterprise
    2 Posts | Last post August 20, 2015
    • I can't install the PostSharp's extension on VS 2015 Enterprise, when I trying to install it, it says "Install 'PostSharp Tools for Visual Studio 2012-2013', at the end its installed on VS 2013 that I also have installed but no in VS 2015. I'm running on Windows 10 x64 Enterprise.
    • I've notice that it was previously installed, but for some reason I was enable but no available. I just uninstalled and re-installed and everything is working pretty fine.
  • Extension version VS DLL version
    2 Posts | Last post August 13, 2015
    • How important is it that the extension version matches the referenced dll version?
    • Not very important. There is no need to keep exact match between dll and the extension. If the extension is much older than the dll, then the extension could add some code (e.g. via code actions) that is not compatible with the new dll.
  • Version 4.1.14 disables build tab in C# project
    3 Posts | Last post June 24, 2015
    • Version 4.1.14 disables the "build" tab ( in C# projects. Can we get a ix for it?
    • The issue has been reported in our support forum ( We will follow up there.
    • ok, I've updated to 4.1.15 and the issue is fixed.
  • ETW support for logging
    6 Posts | Last post June 06, 2015
    • Do you have any plans to also support ETW ( as logging option in PostSharp (
    • There is no plan to implement support for ETW (we didn't exclude it) but we do plan to make it possible to write custom back-ends much more easily than before. This work is planned for the winter.
    • ok, thanks.
    • any progress about this?
    • This is planned for PostSharp 4.3 with first releases in late String 2015.
    • ok, thanks for the information.
  • Enterprise Library Version
    2 Posts | Last post March 20, 2015
    • What versions of Enterprise library can be used with PostSharp's logging features? Only > 5.0?
    • Yes, we have a dependency to EnterpriseLibrary.Logging 5.0.505.1.
  • Visual Studio "14"
    2 Posts | Last post October 13, 2014
    • What is the timeline for support of VS14?
    • Early November.
  • Licence
    4 Posts | Last post May 09, 2013
    • Is it allowed to use this extension in commercial projects?
    • Hello,
      In normal times you can use the extension in commercial projects.
      However, the current version is a pre-release and is governed by our Evaluation License, which does not allow for use in production. Please use our current stable release 2.1 ( for a version that can be use commercially today.
    • This has changed now, right?
    • Yes, PostSharp 3 is now RTM and can be used commercially.