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PostSharp boosts productivity, raises quality and eradicates boilerplate. PostSharp is a leading tool for design pattern automation, aspect-oriented programming and design enforcement.

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2015, 2013, 2012
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by Lance Larsen | May 16 2015

Very awesome set of tools that allow for a much better product! The less code I have to maintain and write - the better off the project is for future evolution... Well done PostSharp!

by Cyril Céra | April 29 2015

Incredible and useful AOP tool with great support.

by lampiclobe | April 29 2015

I am looking forward to use it in my most recent project. Aspect Oriented Programming is my favorite paradigm since I first saw a PostSharp code. Go ahead!

by emoreau | April 28 2015

This is a must have tool for anybody wanting to get cleaner code and more easily maintained (because of less code)

by Kavram Demircan | April 27 2015

Great tool for AOP.

by FCherepanov | April 27 2015

Very useful and necessary tool.

by Michael Baarz | April 23 2015

I'm using PostSharp since version 1. First, it is the only one which can do AOP very easy and is flexible enough for the use in professional and big projects. I have used it in 3 big projects, without any effort. If you need AOP in an extended way, you need PostSharp!

by DiogoOliveira23 | April 15 2015

Great tool. Very useful.

Used it for custom tracing / logging with great success.

by koraytaylan | April 14 2015

I think it is the next best thing ever happened to C# after LINQ.

Years after years of coding with the same language with using same things all over again and again slowly takes away all the joy and the feel of you actually creating something. Then I found about PostSharp at a point where I was considering to stop using C# all together and it simply amazed me as I realized how better and simpler I could have coded my years of effort if it existed from the beginning.

I even think Microsoft should acquire them and make it a fundamental part of the .NET framework.

by Adiel - Musibar | April 14 2015

I'm using this tool at my clients and is save me lot of time and money.
Worse every penny!

by leethomascook | April 08 2015

by Razor118 | April 08 2015

Great tool and amazing support. 5/5.

by Omar Elabd | March 25 2015

by Krzysztof Branicki | March 17 2015

Great post compiler for AOP.

by Jeppe KB | March 17 2015

Great tool and worth the money. You can quickly remove large amount of error prone boilerplate code when it comes to things like logging, exception handling, notification etc.

When you have mastered AOP and PostSharp you can then take your code even further. It really bridge a gap in object oriented programming.

by sargsyangugo | March 12 2015

Good product!
Its help write elegant code by using postsharp AOP framework.

by Elvinho Rodrigues | March 03 2015

I use PostSharp for data logging and monitoring, it is just amazing, is one of the best AOP frameworks, recommend to all.

by LBeganyi | March 02 2015

PostSharp is powerful and simple to use.

by Ashish Somvanshi | March 02 2015

Best extension for AOP! Reduces code re-wirte and helps us focus on much important to-do code ! Adds value by increasing maintainability..Increases separation of concerns ! The increased presence of transaction can be of great hep in certain scenarios..All goodies of AOP follow along with a great, mature product !

by DoccyT | February 24 2015

This is a superb tool, worth it for the automatic implementation
of INotifyPropertyChanged alone. If you've ever developed for MVVM
under WPF, you won't believe how easy this makes it. You just decorate
your class with an attribute, and INotifyPropertyChanged is magically
implemented - it even takes care of dependencies between properties.

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  • silent install
    5 Posts | Last post April 28, 2015
    • Hi, I need to deploy this extension on a farm of machine. Is there is a silent or unattended installation option?
      I tried /q but got a pop up command prompt instead.
    • If you're talking of a farm of build servers, then PostSharp does not need to be installed at all because it is deployed through NuGet.
      If you need to deploy the VS tooling to many desktop stations, the best is to ask all developers to install it manually on their machine. If you're a commercial customer please contact our support and we may be able to help automate the deployment, but there is no easy option.
    • If the official answer is that I can no longer have an unattended install option to my development environment, then I guess I'll have to look at one of the other Aspect-Oriented frameworks out there... Please don't let the answer be, "Install it manually..."
    • Could you please explain your deployment scenario? We generally don't get requests for unattended installation even from commercial teams of hundreds of users, so I would like to understand why it is so important to you.
      Thank you.
    • I work in an environment of about 60 developers where we try to automate every install we can... This allows us to pave a machine and then reinstall the complete development environment quickly and also ensures that the version of the Visual Studio extension stays the same across the environment. In the past, I've used the "vsixinstaller /q /a /i "" to install the extension into Visual Studio. We still use NuGet to handle the actual DLLs which is how the build servers get PostSharp and where the version of the PostSharp DLL is also project specific. The download link above now points to an EXE file instead of a VSIX file and the EXE appears to not have any way to script the install of the extension. My organization hasn't moved to this version yet and the older NuGet packages that we are using will install the extension relevant to the version of PostSharp used in the project so, for now, we’ll stick to that deployment method.
  • ETW support for logging
    5 Posts | Last post March 20, 2015
    • Do you have any plans to also support ETW ( as logging option in PostSharp (
    • There is no plan to implement support for ETW (we didn't exclude it) but we do plan to make it possible to write custom back-ends much more easily than before. This work is planned for the winter.
    • ok, thanks.
    • any progress about this?
    • This is planned for PostSharp 4.3 with first releases in late String 2015.
  • Enterprise Library Version
    2 Posts | Last post March 20, 2015
    • What versions of Enterprise library can be used with PostSharp's logging features? Only > 5.0?
    • Yes, we have a dependency to EnterpriseLibrary.Logging 5.0.505.1.
  • Visual Studio "14"
    2 Posts | Last post October 13, 2014
    • What is the timeline for support of VS14?
    • Early November.
  • Licence
    4 Posts | Last post May 09, 2013
    • Is it allowed to use this extension in commercial projects?
    • Hello,
      In normal times you can use the extension in commercial projects.
      However, the current version is a pre-release and is governed by our Evaluation License, which does not allow for use in production. Please use our current stable release 2.1 ( for a version that can be use commercially today.
    • This has changed now, right?
    • Yes, PostSharp 3 is now RTM and can be used commercially.