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PostSharp boosts productivity, raises quality and eradicates boilerplate. PostSharp is a leading tool for design pattern automation, aspect-oriented programming and design enforcement.

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2013, 2012
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by Elvinho Rodrigues | Tue 12:41 PM

I use PostSharp for data logging and monitoring, it is just amazing, is one of the best AOP frameworks, recommend to all.

by LBeganyi | Mon 4:39 PM

PostSharp is powerful and simple to use.

by Ashish Somvanshi | Mon 1:21 PM

Best extension for AOP! Reduces code re-wirte and helps us focus on much important to-do code ! Adds value by increasing maintainability..Increases separation of concerns ! The increased presence of transaction can be of great hep in certain scenarios..All goodies of AOP follow along with a great, mature product !

by DoccyT | February 24 2015

This is a superb tool, worth it for the automatic implementation
of INotifyPropertyChanged alone. If you've ever developed for MVVM
under WPF, you won't believe how easy this makes it. You just decorate
your class with an attribute, and INotifyPropertyChanged is magically
implemented - it even takes care of dependencies between properties.

by Ulrich J. Proeller | February 19 2015

Recently I stumbled across PostSharp and was immediately thrilled. To be honest, I had the prejudice, that code injection would be complex, slow, error prone and difficult to debug.

To test PostSharp, I implemented a simple NotifyPropertyChanged aspect in 30 minutes and it was so simple and non-intrusive, that I nearly forgot that I used a code injection framework. Debugging the injected code is straigt forward and just as easy as with regular code.

I am working with .NET for 13 years now and I think that I am a quite experienced .NET developer. But I am sure that PostSharp will profoundly change my daily work from now on. And I am a bit angry at myself that I haven't realized earlier the enormous potential of PostSharp.

by Michael-DragonSpark | February 18 2015

AOP in Xamarin.Forms. Nuff' said!!!

by Robin Maben | February 16 2015

Another amazing tool that promotes clean, concise code as well as boosts productivity. Learned a lot of things just like I did from ReSharper. Mind = blown!

by gm_pmg | February 15 2015

One of the best extensions! This really lets developers focus on writing value-adding code. PostSharp has been a huge help in reducing the size of our codebase without sacrificing functionality - quite the opposite, our code has become simpler and more elegant while important aspects such as logging are implemented more consistent than ever before.

PostSharp provides a mature robust implementation of AOP for .Net. At a "black box" level, logging, contracts, thread safety and more can be implemented simply by adding a few "Attributes" to the code base. The necessity to add validation, try/catch blocks, and other boilerplate code then just goes away making your code minimal, simple, and maintainable.

Out of the box PostSharp provides a good library of attributes that can be used for common programming tasks. Attribute use is relatively straight forward.

Writing your own aspects/attributes is also possible. Indeed this is where the strength of PostSharp really comes into play. The learning curve here is a little higher but well worth the investment in time.

In terms of Visual Studio integration - you don't even realise PostSharp is a third party product. The integration is seamless and consistent with other Visual Studio visual cues and functionality.

I would unreservedly recommend the use of PostSharp for both green field .Net development projects, and as they say, for the ‘taming’ of existing .Net projects too.

by Elendu G. Uche | February 11 2015

Cool tool. Makes your code cleaner and elegant.

by gustavomick | February 10 2015

Postsharp is awesome. So many impressive and efficient features that i can't wait to launch my new apps. It keeps me and my partners motivated and focus in business matters, thats the important part .. in the end .. creating and evolving our ideas. Also, very supportive with freelancers community. Happy and grateful. (Thank you I.M.)

by Irina Kostina | February 05 2015

Cool thing, your code will looks more clean with it. Really like postsharp

And, they have discounts for bizspark members, students and freelancers ;)

by Sebastian De Gambe | February 04 2015

Best product for AOP

by Vasoli | February 03 2015

by Jin-the-coder | January 28 2015

As the description says, it's an awesome product for AOP. I mainly use it to capture exceptions and capture performance metrics.

by Piers Coleman | December 15 2014

Simplicity at it's best when you want detailed logging and performance counters and don't want to write much code.

by Stanley Lara | November 24 2014

Excellent Tool for AOP. Highly documented and useful code samples. 10/10.

by TedNyberg | November 12 2014

by Abdul-Rahman Ahmed | November 11 2014

PostSharp is a very powerful and effective tool , can make the applying of AOP very easy and the coding more controllable.
I like it and will use it forever.

by CyrusCurwood | October 18 2014

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  • ETW support for logging
    4 Posts | Last post Sun 12:56 PM
    • Do you have any plans to also support ETW ( as logging option in PostSharp (
    • There is no plan to implement support for ETW (we didn't exclude it) but we do plan to make it possible to write custom back-ends much more easily than before. This work is planned for the winter.
    • ok, thanks.
    • any progress about this?
  • Visual Studio "14"
    2 Posts | Last post October 13, 2014
    • What is the timeline for support of VS14?
    • Early November.
  • Licence
    4 Posts | Last post May 09, 2013
    • Is it allowed to use this extension in commercial projects?
    • Hello,
      In normal times you can use the extension in commercial projects.
      However, the current version is a pre-release and is governed by our Evaluation License, which does not allow for use in production. Please use our current stable release 2.1 ( for a version that can be use commercially today.
    • This has changed now, right?
    • Yes, PostSharp 3 is now RTM and can be used commercially.