Keep track of task that need to be done from within VS2010 and VS2012.

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2012, 2010
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by petert1401 | June 30 2012

It's a nice idea, but I downloaded the 3.0.4465 beta and it won't even start up.
I installed it (never having installed the version 2 previously) and tried to access it from the Tools menu in VS2010.
All I get is a never-ending sequence of 2 dialog boxes :-

DBProvider.DBOpen: Unable to open the database file.
DBProvider.ExecuteNonQuery: The database is not open.

This is on Windows 7 x64 Ultimate.
Is there a step I missed? Shouldn't it have created a default database if it needed one?

by DaBue1990 | December 05 2011

It looks nice, but the most important feature (which VS already has) is the connection between TODO-Element and Sourcecode.
If i have a todo and do a doubleclicke on the entry I am in my Document and can start to Program. Here I see my TODOs but i have to search for, where it is.

So it is not useful to my claims. But still stable and useful for other programmers perhaps.

by cportwood | August 23 2011

Great extension!!! I use it daily.

by D_W_T | August 11 2011

Thanks for releasing this free, you have saved me a large job as I was going to write one myself.

Very good and stable and I would recomment to any single programmer.

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  • found this
    1 Posts | Last post April 28, 2014
  • VS2012
    1 Posts | Last post April 28, 2014
    • not installing in vs 2012 so unable to use, would love to use this in vs2012 ... works great for 2010 .. 
  • Visual Studio 2012 compatibility
    1 Posts | Last post July 11, 2013
    • I believe that the extension is now compatible with VS2012, if there are any problems please let me know!
  • Visual Studio 2012?
    2 Posts | Last post July 10, 2013
    • Are you willing to upgrade this to support Visual Studio 2012? I can provide support (or do it on your behalf) if you need a hand. 
    • I don't have VS2012 if you would be willing to work with me on it I would appreciate it.
      go to my site and leave a msg in forums as I don't want to advertise my email here.
  • Ali.Alikhani
    1 Posts | Last post June 17, 2013
    • Hi 
      I Cant Install On Vs 2012 Ultimate,
      For What ??? (O.o) Please I wan It :(
  • visual studio 2012
    1 Posts | Last post October 11, 2012
    • Are there any plans of support vs2012? i really love this extension!! :D
  • Where is the data held.
    3 Posts | Last post August 14, 2011
    • I am starting to use this extension and would like to be able to have the data across two machines.
      Is this possible?
      Or can I sync the data across the machines.
    • The current version uses an embedded DB as opposed to a DB Server such as SQL.  Further the DB file resides in your AppData folder so it would not be accessible from other machines.  I could provide an option where the user would like to locate the DB file in the event that the user would wish to do this, that would be a fairly easy fix.
    • That would be great.
      Thanks for your help.
  • Not working in VS2010
    2 Posts | Last post July 27, 2011
    • Unfortunately it will not work in VS2010 Premium at least here.  First attempt to open it gave an error message.  Now I am unable to start it at all.  After removing and re-installing I now get no response from clicking the To Do Manager menu item in Tools nor in Other Windows
    • What OS are you running?  The data file is located in the [VS Install] directory and needs to have write
      access.  This may be an issue.   There are a few fringe cases where the extension does not work but I  
      haven't gotten any feedback from anyone yet so I'm not sure whats going on.
      In the next version I would like to locate the data directory in the AppData directory structure and am 
      nearing completion of Version 1.1 so you may want to check back in a week or so.
      Sorry it isn't working for you, hope we can correct in the furture.