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Web Standards Update for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1


Adds CSS3 support and updates the HTML5 intellisense and validation including new JavaScript API's

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5 Star
by TrezaWard | July 08 2016

Excellent. Solved the hassle of 100 warnings for not using css2.1 valid elements.

5 Star
by 阿基桑 | December 14 2014

0.0 中文版的可以用吗?

5 Star
by Ed (DareDevil57) | August 14 2014

1 Star
by John Suit | August 13 2014

Total crap. Avoid this. And Microsoft, please remove this fubar extension.

If you install this it will break Visual Studio's ability to open CSS files. Even if you create it brand new and it's empty, it won't open them.

Uninstalled and back to working again.

5 Star
by Bob Blork | May 30 2014

nice! very helpful!

1 Star
by Brajam | February 20 2014

Why the link doesn't work? It's fail

3 Star
by DKB | December 30 2013


5 Star
by CodeMonkeysR Us | March 28 2013

Works as designed for me. Nice to have it. Note I am installed in the default location for VS2010.

1 Star
by Chris Culver | February 21 2013

this thing made me want to punch my monitor

5 Star
by Waqas M | February 08 2013

Great to have this fix

3 Star
by Norseman4 | February 02 2013

Please let us know when this works, as per the channel9 video when the VS install directory is not drive C. (Boot [C] is a relatively small SSD, installs are in D, data is in E)

Mads, this looks like it would be great if it would work for me, but I've already spent a bunch of time dealing with the 'SP1 is required' issue, then seeing people reviewing about the problems with a typical, but apparently non-standard, installation location.

Since the video and hype is great, but the installation and usage has such issues, I've voted 3. It isn't crap or vaporware [1] and it isn't gold [5] (at least for me, get the installs fixed, then maybe).

5 Star
by Srigopal Chitrapu | January 11 2013

1 Star
by P. Verberne | December 11 2012

As you might see in the other reviews, some like some hate.
This software is not compatible. Unworthy.

3 Star
by Ralph Burleson | December 05 2012

1 Star
by Exe.Cute | October 31 2012


5 Star
by Ghukas | September 10 2012

It works perfectly. I had to reinstall this extension to be able to edit CSS files after installing security updates on SP1.

1 Star
by RWGr | July 26 2012

Unfortunately, I had to uninstall this. After installing I could no longer edit CSS files in Visual Studio getting the same "unspecified error" that others are mentioning. Once I uninstalled, I could edit CSS files again.

1 Star
by Felicemente | July 23 2012

Do NOT use this. After installing it, Visual Studio lost all ability to recognize CSS files, let alone have intellisense function. Uninstalling and trying to fix Visual Studio was a nightmare. Bad, bad, BAD extension.

5 Star
by Wahel Bouguesmia | July 11 2012

It works perfectly.

1 Star
by M. R. - Canada | June 19 2012

Do NOT install this!

1. Installed the new version, dated 6/4/2012
2. Once installed, I wasn't able to open a CSS file anymore...
3. Uninstalled it; waiting for the next version.

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  • Requires reinstall with MVC4 Beta
    1 Posts | Last post February 19, 2012
    • FYI -- MVC4 Beta installer does something to break CSS editing if Web Standards Update is already installed. I needed to reinstall Web Standards Update to get things back to functional.
  • Misleading product title leads to adoption of non-"standards"
    1 Posts | Last post November 23, 2011
    • Since there is no such thing as Web "standards", I understand that you mean W3C "Recommendations"; however, the vast majority of the technologies this update/tool supports are not recommendations yet--they are still drafts, or at best, *proposed* recommendations.
      I'm completely baffled by "standards" zealots, and browser makers, who so enthusiastically start using draft specifications.  You either want "standards-compliant" browsers or your don't.  You can't have it both ways.
      Read it and weep "standards" zealots!
  • CSS3 Intellisence
    3 Posts | Last post November 14, 2011
    • I get the HTML5 intellisence BUT not CSS3.  What do I need to do differently
    • I have this problem, too.  After install this update, I even cannot open CSS file editor to edit CSS files.  
    • Install either Web Standards update or CSS3 intellisense extension. They seem to be conflicting with each other somehow.
  • Web standards & CSS3 schema update extension
    1 Posts | Last post November 14, 2011
    • Seems like when installing CSS3 schema update extension side-by-side with Web Standards update Visual Studio displays "Unknown Error" dialog when opening CSS file.
  • Support for Opera prefix
    1 Posts | Last post November 01, 2011
    • I'd like support for the Opera prefix, -o, as well. Really like that the vendor specific css3's are supported and showed in intellisence, but I would like support for all top 5 browsers.
  • script still requires type tag
    1 Posts | Last post September 29, 2011
    • I get the JavaScript stuff like window.sessionStorage etc but the <script> tag still requires type! 
  • Unable to Open stylesheets/select CSS3 target
    7 Posts | Last post September 21, 2011
    • Did the Wouter fix to get it installed and past the SP1 is not installed bug. Then, when I open a stylesheet, CSS3 was in the target dropdown, but it would not actually select and I would get no intellisense for CSS3. I performed a "repair" and then I would not even be able to open a css file. The first time I tried to open the css file, it would throw an error like "could not locate that ..." If I tried to open the css file again it would throw "The operation could not be completed. Unspecified error." Had to uninstall it all. :-( Running Win7 on a 32-bit machine. Windows is on drive D, VS2010 and this update are on drive H.
    • Unable to open a stylesheet using the CSS editor. "The operation could not be completed. Unspecified error." Debugging an instance of devenv.exe did not provide any more clues, as it never stopped on an error when opening a css file. Removed older HTML 5 intellisense updates, and re-installed VS SP1, still got error. Had to uninstall
      W7 x64, system on c:, VS and this update on d:
    • Update to my post. A complete uninstall and re-install of Visual Studio, and the Web Standards Update for VS installed fine, and I can open css files. Glad I had some down time to do this!
    • Had the same problem, no need to reinstall, don't know why it just wasn't copying the files, so unpack msi with universal extractor go to vs dir\Common7\Packages and copy extracted schemas/css/css30.xml file from dir 1033 (or other as yours in vs) to the same dir in vs path, do this same with schemas\html replace all files and it is done, work for me.
    • I had used the Wouter vanEck trick below because VS2010 was installed on D:.  I found that it copied the files to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\Packages, which makes sense because that is where it was looking for Visual Studio.  I was able to copy the files from there rather than unpacking the msi.
    • Hey Mads,
      Just wanted to point out that yesterday's Windows Updates caused the not opening CSS bug again. Settings reset didn't work but had to repair the WebStandards sw, then reset VS settings in order to get the system up and running again...
    • Grr... I second Jochem's comment. Yesterday's Windows Update broke opening CSS files. :(
  • Not working after successful install
    3 Posts | Last post July 06, 2011
    • I was initially prompted to install SP1. After that, I installed the Web Standards Update successfully into the default folder (C:\Program Files\Web Tools\Web Standards Update for Visual Studio 2010 SP1\). I reopened VS2010 and even reinstalled it but it's still not working as I see no options for HTML5 or CSS3 within VS. Do I need to also do the Wouter fix? Thanks
    • Just to clarify, I do have SP1 installed. I also tried the Wouter fix and still no luck.
    • Update: Reinstalled SP1 with Windows Update and all is working fine! I had first installed SP1 with WPI, so that might have been the problem.
  • Is there a reason the XHTML5 and HTML5 validate inline to CSS 2.1?
    2 Posts | Last post July 05, 2011
    • While I can use intelisense to get border-radius in a style tag, it will then complain that the tag is not 2.1 compliant. The XHTML5 schema seems to be linked to CSS 2.1. Is this "by design"?
    • Same problem here. Hope the HTML 5 inline CSS code can be validated by CSS 3. css file is ok now.
  • Flat WSDLs?
    1 Posts | Last post June 30, 2011
    • By default the WSDL generated for a Web Service is hierarchical (and compliant), creating multiple files for a WSDL. However, older, non-Microsoft tools do not handle it well.
      How about a feature to make the WSDL flat without having to implement a set of classes to force the WSDL to be flattened as discussed here: and elsewhere.
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